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#1. People are like, 'Well, she doesn't know the Sex Pistols.' Why would I know that stuff? Look how young I am. That stuff's old, right? - Author: Avril Lavigne
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#2. I do love comedy, and when it's a comedy moment and you can make people laugh, of course it is wonderful. - Author: Maggie Smith
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#3. People don't dislike change, they dislike being changed. - Author: Dean Ornish
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#4. I have a feeling of reverence about my father being in his 80s - a feeling that I want to whisper, take soft steps, not intrude too much. He's like a stately old cathedral to me now. - Author: Patti Davis
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#5. We need to have business leaders who live by deep, strong principles. - Author: Stephen Covey
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#6. As children, we come into the world with a natural desire to both speak and draw. Society makes sure that we learn language properly, right from the beginning, but art is treated as a gift of innate genius, something we either have or don't. - Author: Charles De Lint
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#7. Islands in the streams, that is what we are. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#8. Do you want me to shoot thee, ingles? ... quieres? it is nothing. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#9. I have a lifelong devotion to public service. - Author: Caroline Kennedy
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#10. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly. - Author: Richard Bach
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#11. Some issues lend themselves to grassroots campaigns - homeschooling works well - but others require contrivance and connivance to whip up support. Often, lobbyists will hire vendors to dispatch blast emails and robocalls in the hopes of bombarding Congressional offices with citizen fury. - Author: Jack Abramoff
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#12. One country, one constitution, one destiny. - Author: Daniel Webster
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#13. three guys with RPGs taking aim at us - Author: Chris Kyle
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#14. Communists must always go into the why's and wherefore's of anything, use their own heads and carefully think over whether or not it corresponds to reality and is really well founded; on no account should they follow blindly and encourage slavishness. - Author: Mao Zedong
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#15. Our acts of kindness we reserve for our friends, our bounties for our dependants, our riches for our children and relations, our praises for those who appear worthy of them, our time we give all to the world; we expose it, I may say, a prey to all mankind. - Author: Jean Baptiste Massillon
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