Top 8 Crateful Quotes

#1. Odorous as a crateful of bad eggs with the miasma of original sin.

Anthony Burgess

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#2. A design that doesn't take change into account risks major redesign in the future.

Erich Gamma

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#3. Never give up on walking right. Something you have to remember is that God's fulfilled promises take patience and faith! Having faith believes in not what you SEE but what you BELIEVE.

Chloe M. Gooden

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#4. I messed my pants, he said.

James Lee Burke

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#5. Rich men have dreams. Poor men die to make them come true.

Glen Cook

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#6. Affliction teacheth a wicked person sometime to pray; prosperity never.

Ben Jonson

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#7. You only believe that it is a relationship. It is a conflict, it is enmity, it is jealousy, it is aggression, it is domination, it is possession, and many things - but not relationship. How can you relate with two egos there? When there are two egos, then there are four persons.


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#8. Only the eyes give him away his equilibrium. He looks like a man who has seen too much

Simon Hattenstone

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