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#1. She put the steaming mutton down in front and he smacked his lips 'they taught you something where you came from, anyway,' he said. 'I always say there's two things women ought to do by instinct, and cookin's one of 'em.

Daphne Du Maurier

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#2. Eating is our earliest metaphor, preceding our consciousness of gender difference, race, nationality, and language. We eat before we talk.

Margaret Atwood

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#3. Mr. Good Lookin' Is Cookin'." I read the message on the apron.

Cynthia Sax

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#4. The food I've liked in my time is American country cookin'.

Colonel Sanders

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#5. Back in 2004, Kellie Overbey handed me her play 'Girl Talk' to read. I fell in love with her brutally delicious humor and the fearlessly deft way in which she drew her characters. They jumped off the page and begged me to give them a space in which to stomp around.

Carrie Preston

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#6. It's all been satirized for your protection.

Bill Maher

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#7. Mistakes are lessons in disguise and accurate reflections of your true state. Maybe you need to slow down. Maybe your initial expectation was actually what was wrong. Maybe you need to draw more often.

Danny Gregory

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#8. Supporting the definition of marriage as one man and one woman is not anti-gay: it is pro-traditional marriage. And if support for traditional marriage is bigotry, then Barack Obama was a bigot until just before the 2012 election.

Marco Rubio

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#9. Individuals we consider happy commonly seem complete in the present and we see them constantly in their wholeness: attentive, cheerful, open rather than closed to events, integral in the moment rather than distended across time by regret or anxiety.

Robert Grudin

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#10. Well, I'm a standing on a cornerIn Winslow, ArizonaAnd such a fine sight to see,It's a girl, my lord, in a flatbed FordSlowin' down to have a look at me.

Jackson Browne

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#11. If ya' smell what The Rock is cookin'!

Dwayne Johnson

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#12. While the boys are in the back, laughin' and jokin', the Dream's out back. cookin and smokin'!

Dusty Rhodes

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#13. I love gas," he said, and turned on one of the burners. Blue flame popped into life and he adjusted it down to a faint glow with a delicate touch. "I like to be able to see the flame you're cookin with. You see where all the surface burner switches are?

Stephen King

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#14. You got stuck in a wall?" she said. "For how long?"
"A few minutes. Half an hour. An hour at the most. Maybe two. Or a day. Remember that day I called Valkyrie and told her to take the afternoon off? Yeah, I was stuck in a wall.

Derek Landy

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#15. The great thing, if one can, is to stop regarding all the unpleasant things as interruptions of one's 'own,' or 'real' life. The truth is of course that what one calls the interruptions are precisely one's real life
the life God is sending one day by day.

C.S. Lewis

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#16. Between the mouth and the morsel many things may happen.

Cato The Elder

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#17. Chef cookin for me They say my shoe game crazy The mental asylum lookin for me

Nicki Minaj

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#18. Death is not big thing, what is important is God's service.

Radhanath Swami

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#19. It's drones over Brooklyn, you blink, you could get tooken,
And now you're understanding the definition of 'Crooklyn.'
Pigs on parade, but bacon fryin' and cookin',
Cause kids' tired of dyin' and walkin' round like they shooken.

Killer Mike

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#20. You can't blame anyone for being cynical about politicians.

Peter Capaldi

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