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#1. Long cold nights mark November's return, grey rains fall, wind walks in the bronze oak leaves.

Gladys Taber

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#2. You have to be very deep to be dead, he thought, and I'm not. He began to have some concept of forever, and his mind shivered as his body had when he had wakened in the cold nights and thrust his hands between his thighs to keep warm. It will be a long night, he thought.

Peter S. Beagle

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#3. A simple leather jacket ... has gotten me through cocktail parties in New York and cold nights in Afghanistan.

Ronan Farrow

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#4. A woman makes for a better wife if she's got memories stored up of how her man courted her. On cold nights when the babies are sick and the money's tight, a gal needs to harken back to her sweetheart days when her man promised he'd stand by her side through thick and thin.

Cathy Marie Hake

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#5. He remembered the cold nights in their Arkansas cabin when he was a boy - how his mother piled quilts on top of him and his brothers, how peaceful it seemed under the quilts. Then it seemed like sleep was one of the most wonderful things in life.

Larry McMurtry

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#6. And when, on the still cold nights, he pointed his nose at a star and howled long and wolflike, it was his ancestors, dead and dust, pointing nose at star and howling down through the centuries and through him.

Jack London

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#7. Eli: Thank you lord for a warm bed to sleep on, thank you for the food we are about to eat, thank you for a roof over our heads on cold nights such as this, thank you for companionship in hard times like these, Amen.

Book Of Eli Movie

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#8. Since I found you no more cold nights and no more lonely days. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I will have and hold you for as long as I live.

Jean Moore

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#9. There is no stillness like the quiet of the first cold nights in the fall.

Carson McCullers

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#10. Last night was one of the best nights of my life."

"Sleeping in between the toilet an the tub on a cold, hard tile floor with a vomiting idiot was one of our best nights? That's sad, Trav.

Jamie McGuire

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#11. Whilst the wolflets bayed,
A grave was made,
And then with the strokes of a silver spade,
It was filled to make a mound.
And for two cold days and three long nights,
The father tended that holy plot;
And stayed by where his wife was laid, In the grave within the ground.

Roman Payne

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#12. Too many cold, hungry nights had taught her a special kind of practicality, but in that moment, she believed in his magic.

Laura Trentham

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#13. In Minnesota it's so cold some nights you have to wear two condoms.

Bruce Lansky

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#14. Nothing. Where all was burnt to ash before them no fires were to be had and the nights were long and dark and cold beyond anything they'd yet encountered. Cold to crack the stones. To take your life. He held the boy shivering against him and counted each frail breath in the blackness.

Cormac McCarthy

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#15. Nights're cold now. Nights g'cold, y'get sick. S'what happens.

Erin Hunter

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#16. As winter approaches - bringing cold weather and family drama - we crave page-turners, books made for long nights and tryptophan-induced sloth.

Sarah MacLean

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#17. We have conversations most nights, Sylvia Plath and me. On these cold wintry nights with our coffee mugs in hand, we talk for hours and hours, Sylvia Plath and me!

Avijeet Das

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#18. The scarf could go on and on and on and on, and it could be the harlot-red banner of shame that wrapped him up and kept him warm when the nights grew lonely and cold.

Amy Lane

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#19. And on cold wintry nights she loves listening to Elvis croon "Are you lonesome tonight?" just as I do.

Avijeet Das

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#20. ...It is only now that memory works both ways. Which of us dreamed it - those from the country of nights five times as warm and as cold, or those who turned away and woke?

Angele Ellis

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#21. I like misty autumn mornings,
and cold snowy winter nights.
Rainstorms bring me innerpeace,
thunder sets my soul alight.

I care not for summer,
days too long, the heavy heat.
Give me candlelight evenings,
early darkness, a silent street.


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#22. Some nights, valor and cold purpose aren't enough.

Janet Morris

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#23. MIDWINTER IS THE DREARIEST of the year. Days are short, nights are long, and both are cold and wet with no immediate prospect of relief. Winter's Tail is what the old wives call it, dragging filth at winter's ass.

Ellen Kushner

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#24. When he woke in the woods in the dark and the cold of the night he'd reach out to touch the child sleeping beside him. Nights dark beyond darkness and the days more gray each one than what had gone before. Like the onset of some cold glaucoma dimming away the world.

Cormac McCarthy

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#25. She's like cold coffee in the morning
I'm drunk off last nights whisky and coke
She'll make me shiver without warning
And make me laugh as if I'm in on the joke

Ed Sheeran

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#26. Death's life should have listened to the moonly whispers of breathing in the coldest nights

Munia Khan

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#27. They were in good spirits, scrubbed and combed, clean shirts all. Each foreseeing a night of drink, perhaps of love. How many youths have come home cold and dead from just such nights and just such plans.

Cormac McCarthy

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#28. It was as if this night were only one of thousands of nights, world without end, night curving into night to make a great arching line of which I couldn't see the end, a night in which I roamed alone under cold, mindless stars.

Anne Rice

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#29. When Love and Life first meet, a radiant thing is born, without a shade. When the roads begin to roughen, when the shades begin to darken, when the days are hard, and the nights cold and long - then it begins to change.

Olive Schreiner

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#30. I love Calgary. It's a great city. I enjoyed my time there, quite a bit. Shooting and filming in that cold could be very difficult, at times. When you're shooting nights, and it's 3 in the morning and minus 35 degrees, that's hard to work in.

Colin Hanks

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#31. Too many codeine pills,
Too many nights of cold chills
Too many weak-handed deals
Too many lives, the addict steals

Phil Volatile

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#32. But think of me fondly right till the end. Think of me always as your brother's friend. Think of me whenever you see an Amrood tree. Think of me on cold winter nights.'
('Left from Dhakeshwari')

Kunal Sen

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#33. Fate. As a child, that word was often my only companion. It whispered to me from dark corners during lonely nights. It was the song of the birds in spring and the call of the wind through bare branches on a cold winter afternoon. Fate. Both my anguish and my solace. My escort and my cage.

Leslye Walton

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#34. The days are cold, the nights are long, The North wind sings a doleful song; Then hush again upon my breast; All merry things are now at rest, Save thee, my pretty love!

Dorothy Wordsworth

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#35. It was one of those Hobart spring nights, cold as charity, snow coming down hard on the mountain, the harbour a lather, sleet slapping and scratching at windows and tin roofs like a wild drunk who's been locked out.

Richard Flanagan

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#36. On fine nights when the cold and the drumtaps, and the hooting of the owls, and the moonlight, have got into their wild, woodland blood and made it even wilder, they will dance till daybreak.

C.S. Lewis

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#37. Summer nights, washing my neck and back in the yard. The rope of cold water you pumped into the metal pail, scattering into brilliant jewels as you splashed it over my sweat-gummed skin. Remember how you laughed, watching me shudder and oooh.

Han Kang

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#38. Since I retired to Cold Mountain I've lived by eating mountain fruits What is there to worry about? Life passes according to karma The months pass like a flowing stream Days and nights like sparks from flint Heaven and earth endlessly change While I sit happily among these cliffs


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#39. The sides are steep and the nights are long and cold down in the hole, light and love and the world above mean nothing to the mole.

James Taylor

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#40. He'd been numb a long time, years. All his nights down Ninsei, his nights with Linda, numb in bed and numb at the cold sweating center of every drug deal. But now he'd found this warm thing, this chip of murder. Meat, some part of him said. It's the meat talking, ignore it.

William Gibson

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#41. Impossible for anyone to conceive the torments of his nights in bed with his beloved one and estranged from her. That turning of backs, that cold space between their two unhappy bodies.

Elizabeth Von Arnim

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#42. The nights were blinding cold and casket black and the long reach of the morning had a terrible silence to it.

Cormac McCarthy

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#43. They [potatoes] are good for boys cold fingers at suppertime on winter nights.

Mary Virginia Terhune

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#44. Those nights lying alone are not discontinuous with this cold hectic dawn. It is who I am.

Anne Carson

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#45. This was a townscape raised in the teeth of cold winds from the east; a city of winding cobbled streets and haughty pillars; a city of dark nights and candlelight, and intellect.

Alexander McCall Smith

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#46. And the golden rays of your love made me warm on cold, wintry nights.

Avijeet Das

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#47. Nights are long when it's cold and you're waiting for a train.

Jean-Marie G. Le Clezio

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#48. It's spring giving way to summer, balmy air smelling of roses, hot skin meeting the cold shock of the ocean, starry nights as warm as kisses.

Sarah McCarry

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#49. Even if one is doing nothing more than eating Chinese food with one's Muslim and Jewish friends (don't order the pork lo mein), being together on the longest nights of the year, as the cold sets into the ground and makes it crunch, the warmth inside is infectious and transcendent.

Thomm Quackenbush

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#50. Where all was burnt to ash before them no fires were to be had and the nights were long and dark and cold beyond anything they'd yet encountered. Cold to crack the stones. To take your life.

Cormac McCarthy

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#51. Round about the cauldron go; In the poison'd entrails throw. Toad, that under cold stone Days and nights has thirty-one Swelter'd venom sleeping got, Boil thou first i' the charmed pot.

William Shakespeare

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