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Any Relationship to any historical fact WHATSOEVER is entirely coincidental. You have been WARNED - Author: Cressida Cowell
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#2. The characters and events depicted in the damn bible are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. - Author: James Madison
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#3. The tongues of God's people are meant to be set ablaze by the holy fire of heaven, achieving that which glorifies God. But a sanctified mouth is too unnatural to ever be coincidental. If we want it, we need to pursue it regularly and cooperate with God to receive it. - Author: Beth Moore
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#4. The close relationship between politics and economics is neither neutral nor coincidental. Large governments evolve through history in order to protect large accumulations of property and wealth. - Author: Michael Parenti
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#5. It is said that men condemned to death are subject to sudden moments of elation; as if, like moths in the fire, their destruction were coincidental with attainment. - Author: John Le Carre
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#6. If memory serves, the last time we met there were also exploding starships," I said, to Wilson. "That's odd," Lowen said. "The last time I saw Harry, there were exploding starships, too." "It's coincidental," Wilson said, looking at Lowen and then at me. - Author: John Scalzi
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#7. It's just coincidental that the acting took off first over everything else. - Author: Nichelle Nichols
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#8. It was not coincidental that we chose what's left If the universe has a will I think we are part of it Tender and precious How many times have I searched for something Found and lost it Since then? - Author: Ayumi Hamasaki
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#9. The advance of our technology is coincidental with the loss of our appetite for ethical questions that ought to attend the implications of these new powers. . . In the name of diversity, any idea is regarded as worthy as any other; any nonsense is entitled to a forum, a full hearing, and equal time. - Author: Thomas Lynch
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#10. If one can connect and build up enough energy, then coincidental events begin to happen consistently. - Author: James Redfield
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#11. I feel awed by the mystery of being both so finite and yet so infinite, so much and so little, so conscious and yet, so coincidental. - Author: Warren Farrell
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#12. How was it that destruction could be so beautiful? Was there something in the scale of it? Was there some shadow in people, lusting for it? Or was it just a coincidental combination of the elements, the final proof that beauty has no moral dimension? - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
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#13. Or dead is coincidental. Copyright 2010 by Karen Fraunfelder Cantwell Chapter - Author: Karen Cantwell
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#14. All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental. - Author: Kurt Vonnegut
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#15. Whenever and wherever societies have flourished and prospered rather than stagnated and decayed, creative and workable cities have been at the core of the phenomenon. Decaying cities, declining economies, and mounting social troubles travel together. The combination is not coincidental. - Author: Jane Jacobs
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#16. Any resemblance to the names and characters of actual persons is entirely coincidental and unintended, unless you think otherwise. - Author: K. Ceakou
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#17. Coincidental to my leaving the company, I would like to make one request: that Nintendo give birth to wholly new ideas and create hardware which reflects that ideal. - Author: Hiroshi Yamauchi
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#18. That was more or less coincidental in the sense that my parents wanted me to come back to New York because that's the center of musical activity still to this day, more or less, and so I auditioned for the Metropolitan Opera. - Author: Gunther Schuller
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#19. I can see how everything relates to everything else when I think that nothing is merely coincidental. If everything that happens is inevitable, then the world is connected and whole. - Author: Hideo Kojima
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#20. organizations is entirely coincidental. - Author: Jennifer Ashley
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#21. Do the right thing by whoever crosses your path. Those coincidental people are your people. - Author: Maxine Hong Kingston
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#22. Love is something that is beyond us. We can't anticipate love. When, where and with whom we fall in love is coincidental and wonderful for the same reason. - Author: Santonu Kumar Dhar
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#23. He thought back over the extraordinarily coincidental chain of events that had brought him here, at this particular time, and then left him marooned, so that he had no choice but to stay. With hindsight, it seemed as though it had all been carefully mapped out by fate. - Author: Rosamunde Pilcher
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#24. Any resemblance to real events, actual persons, or reality in general is entirely coincidental. - Author: Scott Michael Decker
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#25. It's strictly coincidental that Pluto of course was named for the god of the underworld and we're describing these Halloween moons - Author: Alan Stern
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#26. I do love irony. It's so ... complicated and coincidental. - Author: Cassandra Kemper
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#27. A lot of the kinship that people notice is not coincidental. I was very impressionable and trying to find my role models when I was twelve or thirteen. - Author: Adrian Tomine
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#28. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. - Author: Shannon Hale
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#29. The characters and plot in this book are pure fiction. Any similarity to real persons living or dead, elected, convicted, or merely toppled from power, is entirely coincidental. - Author: Thomas Gately Briody
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#30. It is not the least bit coincidental that adults who commit suicide with firearms nearly always shoot themselves in ... the head. And the truth is that most of these suicides are actually dead long before they pull the trigger. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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