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#1. To be awesome, never forget to smile. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#2. I thrive best hermit style.
with a beard and a pipe. - Author: Bjork
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#3. I believe that gay people are different, uniquely gifted with the insights and brilliance that stepping outside the heterosexual norm has given us. That is exactly the source of our power. - Author: Amber L. Hollibaugh
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#4. Until this moment, I didn't know it was possible to love my husband even more than I have for the past five years. I didn't know this kind of love existed, the kind that can both make you whole and shatter you to pieces. - Author: Nina Lane
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#5. Chihaya, however, looked at her in surprise. "Why should I be sorry? Morning Star is here, and so are you." Saya was somewhat relieved, although a little annoyed that he put his horse before her. - Author: Noriko Ogiwara
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#6. For women who turn to welfare, Big Brother becomes Husband. - Author: Tammy Bruce
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#7. Life is an unpleasant business. I have resolved to spend it reflecting on it. - Author: Joris-Karl Huysmans
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#8. Have you ever been in love? For real?"
"You know I haven't. Don't you think I would have mentioned it?"
"But how can you know for sure, if you don't know what it would feel like? Maybe you have without even realizing it. Maybe you're holding out for something you already have. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#9. I do see myself as aiming to foment some kind of revolution. - Author: Martin Firrell
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#10. I am a prisoner of love. - Author: Alex Flinn
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#11. Even though he saw an entire field covered with flowers, Chihaya never thought to pick them. Instead, he took me to see the place where they were blooming. - Author: Noriko Ogiwara
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