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Top 48 Change Your Priorities Quotes

#1. People expect you to change when you become a mother, and of course my priorities changed when I had Violet. She's number one in my life and the best thing that ever happened to me, but I still have fun. I am still myself, but that is made out to seem like I am rebelling against motherhood. - Author: Imelda May
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#2. Things fucking change, dude! Life changes. Priorities change. Pre-fucking-conceived notions change. You have to adjust and change with them or your ass gets left behind. - Author: K. Bromberg
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#3. I'm willing to engage or indulge real ideas, but if we don't do something [about global warming], we're all going to die! What's it going to take, a big f
ing disaster with all kinds of people dying? We need to change our priorities fast. - Author: James Cameron
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#4. In a world where shows have to keep going while the priorities change, I have to stay flexible. - Author: Betsy Beers
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#5. Nothing won't change, until the choice is placed first. And until when choice is given a chance. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#6. If you're at zero backlog, it's a whole lot easier to change priorities. - Author: David Allen
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#7. Change according to the Spirit all your priorities, and then joy is your own. - Author: Nirmala Srivastava
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#8. The best way to check what you want is to first imagine that you have nothing and then check if the thing you want really matters to you. Your priorities would change; your wishes would change for sure. - Author: Vikrmn
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#9. You're going to have to change the priorities of your life, if you love this planet. - Author: Helen Caldicott
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#10. The United States is in the midst of many spirited political debates about national priorities and public spending ... However, we have found that science is an area where both political parties can find common ground, and in which political change does not necessarily create discontinuities. - Author: John Gibbons
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#11. Where do we begin this process of reevaluation of values? It makes sense to begin with our mind, which is the tool we use to evaluate. Once we make sure it is functioning as it should, we can feel confident in using it to think about our beliefs and priorities. - Author: Ilchi Lee
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#12. The game of business used to be like football: size mattered. Then it changed to basketball: speed and agility. Today, business is more like chess. Customer priorities change continually, and the signals given by these changes are vital clues to the next cycle of growth ... - Author: Adrian Slywotzky
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#13. The moral principles that have priority in each model appear in the other model, but with lesser priorities. Those lesser priorities drastically change the effect of those principles. - Author: George Lakoff
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#14. I'm still disturbed if a chord isn't together, but your priorities change as you get older. - Author: Esa-Pekka Salonen
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#15. Climate change should be seen as the greatest challenge to face man and treated as a much bigger priority in the United Kingdom. - Author: Prince Charles
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#16. Goals are simply tools to focus your energy in positive directions, these can be changed as your priorities change, new one added, and others dropped. - Author: Christopher Columbus
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#17. Our reactions reflect our repentance. Our practices reveal our priorities. Changed lives change lives. - Author: Dillon Burroughs
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#18. Time kills essence! Don't give people reasons to say you wasted your time! Use your time well now! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#19. The dreams that were buried the deepest were the hardest to get rid of. - Author: Michelle M. Pillow
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#20. We should be treating, I think, the whole issue of climate change and global warming with a far greater degree of priority than I think is happening now. - Author: Prince Charles
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#21. Want to be successful?
Change your priorities! - Author: Himmilicious
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#22. But the dismal finances of geriatrics are only a symptom of a deeper reality: people have not insisted on a change in priorities. - Author: Atul Gawande
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#23. Like it or not, the world evolves, priorities change and so do you. - Author: Marilu Henner
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#24. It's weird how you think you've got your life sussed and then it flips over and all your priorities change. - Author: Kate Le Vann
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#25. That's a deep change in priorities. People are much less political today. They have found other values of life. We are developing normal attitudes, a normal set of priorities. We are growing out of our childhood. - Author: Tom Segev
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#26. After marriage, most women keep aside their aspirations and dreams as their priorities change. - Author: Manju Warrier
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#27. In simple terms, I realised that food is the most fundamental need for a person. In difficult economic times, people's priorities change, and they might be willing to do something that secures for them the lowest possible weekly food bill. - Author: Stelios Haji-Ioannou
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#28. Begin each day with God. It will change your priorities. - Author: Elizabeth George
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#29. If we can change our priorities, achieve balance and understanding in our roles as human beings in a complex world, the coming era can well be that of a richer civilization, not its end. - Author: Sigurd F. Olson
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#30. To be embraced, a change effort must be socially constructed in a process that gives everyone the right to set priorities, diagnose barriers , and generate options. - Author: Gary Hamel
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#31. Everything you now do is something you have chosen to do. Some people don't want to believe that. But if you're over age twenty-one, your life is what you're making of it. To change your life, you need to change your priorities - Author: John C. Maxwell
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#32. We live in a changing world, but we need to be reminded that the important things have not changed, and the important things will not change if we keep our priorities in proper order. - Author: S. Truett Cathy
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#33. I have to say, you know, I've seen so many people go through the cycle and become famous and not famous anymore and, you know, want - have their priorities change and want different things. - Author: Rashida Jones
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#34. How does anybody change from the time that they're 18 till they're 25? Everything kind of changes. You see the world much differently, and you get your priorities in order a little bit more. - Author: James Lafferty
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#35. I think the barrier for a lot of people to actual, real, lasting love is the fantasy. The problem is that we think in "happily ever after" love, but real love grows over time, and priorities change. - Author: Marti Noxon
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#36. Things change when you have children; your priorities change. - Author: Joe Namath
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#37. I am running for president as a Democrat. And if elected, not only do I hope to bring forth a major change in national priorities, but let me be frank, I do want to see major changes in the Democratic Party. - Author: Bernie Sanders
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#38. Living the rest of your life for the glory of God will require a change in your priorities, your schedule, your relationships, and everything else. - Author: Rick Warren
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#39. When Christ- followers act from a place of godly character - when they keep the big picture in mind, when they put others' needs ahead of their own, when they order lives according to kingdom priorities - things change. Big things change. - Author: Bill Hybels
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#40. Priorities need to change at different stages of our life if we want to grow and evolve. - Author: Apurva Purohit
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#41. Sometimes when a new piece of knowledge comes along you suddenly change your priorities and focus on something completely different instead. - Author: John Hartford
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#42. It is our duty as states, citizens, and industry leaders to make the energy transition a reality with the ultimate aim of reconciling two major priorities: to meet ever-increasing demand and to confront the complex issue of climate change. - Author: Christophe De Margerie
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#43. People grow up, after all, and people's priorities change (...) It's not like things could still (be) the same, no matter how much you want them to - Author: Cassandra Javier
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#44. The single most important change you can make in your working habits is to switch to creative work first, reactive work second. This means blocking off a large chunk of time every day for creative work on your own priorities, with the phone and e-mail off. - Author: Jocelyn K. Glei
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#45. People don't expect government to solve all their problems. But they sense, deep in their bones, that with just a slight change in priorities, we can make sure that every child in America has a decent shot at life, and that the doors of opportunity remain open to all. They know we can do better. - Author: Barack Obama
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#46. He's going to jail. He can't see. He can't hear. He can't take a leak that lasts under fifteen minutes. But he has an erection and all the other problems are small change. Next time around I'm coming back as a man. Priorities are clearly defined. Life is simple. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#47. It's really hard to change the world when your first priority is making sure that the little world around yourself doesn't change. - Author: Tim DeChristopher
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#48. When I was young, I thought I was a god. Now, I just basically work on staying humble. My priorities changed. Just to be able to try to change them - that was frightening to me. - Author: Mike Tyson
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