Top 100 Chairman's Quotes

#1. Soon, all that was permitted to be taught was the chairman's Little Red Book. Chairman Mao's quotes were treated like the words of God.

Liao Yiwu

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#2. I know as a manager you have to abide by the chairman's decisions. But his decisions were this team, that team, this player, that player. The chairman is a control freak.

Paul Gascoigne

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#3. We get ourselves in trouble because it's a cheap way to get attention. Trouble is a faux form of fame. It's easier to get busted in the bedroom with the faculty chairman's wife than it is to finish that dissertation on the metaphysics of motley in the novellas of Joseph Conrad.

Steven Pressfield

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#4. And the maestro surely wielded the chairman's baton with extraordinary skill. His stellar record suggests that the only right answer to the age-old question of whether it is better to be lucky or good may be: both.

Alan Blinder

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#5. You break the legs of your leadership chair when you chase after other people's assignments instead of pursing yours!

Israelmore Ayivor

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#6. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology had been replaced by Fundamentals of Industry and Agriculture, because of Chairman Mao's instruction to "combine education with practical experience.

Ji-li Jiang

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#7. But it's still a coach's game. Make no mistake. You start at the top. If you don't have a good one at the top, you don't have a cut dog's chance. If you do, the rest falls into place. You have to have good assistants, and a lot of things, but first you have to have the chairman of the board.

Bear Bryant

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#8. With all deference to Chairman Mao and other authors whose quotations derive from longer works, it seemed that I was becoming the world's first writer of self-contained ready-made quotations.

Ashleigh Brilliant

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#9. As my other obligations are beginning to take an inordinate amount of time, I have asked to step down as WMG's board chairman, effective January 31, 2012. However, I will remain a director of the company and in that way, continue my association with Warner Music and its extraordinary people.

Edgar Bronfman Jr.

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#10. Now let's sincerely and wholeheartedly wish long life to our great leader, great teacher, great commander, and great helmsman, Chairman Mao." Her

Ji-li Jiang

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#11. My girlfriend's dad runs the Prostate Centre on Wimpole St. in London, and he's chairman of Prostate U.K., which I think is the second-largest prostate cancer charity in Britain.

Christian Cooke

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#12. QUORUM, n. A sufficient number of members of a deliberative body to have their own way and their own way of having it. In the U.S. Senate a quorum consists of the chairman of the Committee on Finance and a messenger from the White House.

Ambrose Bierce

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#13. Here is the opportunity for you to help Chairman Mao's revolution. Who can win the most honor by telling us first?

Ji-li Jiang

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#14. North Carolina precinct chairman and GOP executive committee member Don Yelton thinks his state's new voting restrictions are just fine.

Aasif Mandvi

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#15. The Chairman ignores the individual personalities of his workers and uses them like cattle or horses. That's the basic principle of capitalism, you know.

Tetsu Kariya

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#16. It's much easier to wear a Chairman Mao button and shake your fists in the air and all that, then to actually read the Communist manifesto and things like that and actually become involved in politics.

Lester Bangs

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#17. Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That's why it's so hard.
(Interview with NEH chairman Bruce Cole, Humanities, July/Aug. 2002, Vol. 23/No. 4)

David McCullough

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#18. I don't understand the United Nations. They have selected Iran to sit on the U.N.'s women's rights panel. Iran! Also on the panel - Ben Roethlisberger, Chris Brown, Phil Spector, Robert Blake and committee chairman O.J. Simpson.

Jay Leno

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#19. During my time we had two chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, at different times of course, on the bridge, both of whom asked my permission to sit on the captain's chair.

Patrick Stewart

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#20. I am chairman of the Pakistan People's Party.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

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#21. It's said the FA chairman (Keith Wiseman) would travel 200 miles to open a biscuit tin. Why?

Ken Bates

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#22. My main regret about my years in football was keeping my mouth shut like a little mouse, not daring to speak out because I was told you left the managers to get on with the job and that the chairman must never interfere with the manager's decisions or the performance of his team.

Alan Sugar

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#23. Our great leader, Chairman Mao, has taught us, 'Every reactionary is the same; if you do not hit him, he will not fall. This is also like sweeping the floor; as a rule, where the broom does not reach, the dust will not vanish by itself.'" Her

Ji-li Jiang

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#24. Most people don't know who Ken Mehlman is. He's the chairman of the Republican Party, obviously, but what he's doing that Howard Dean isn't doing is spending a lot of time on the nuts and bolts of putting the party together.

Susan Estrich

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#25. The responsiveness of a firm to the consumer is directly proportionate to the distance on the organization chart from the consumer to the chairman of the board.

Virginia Knauer

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#26. One word from Chairman Mao is worth ten thousand from others. His every statement is truth. We must carry out those we that understand as well as those we don't.

Lin Biao

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#27. But not all Jews were victims- look at Chairman Rumkowski, who sat safe with his new wife in his cushy home making lists, with the blood of my family on his hands. And not all Germans were murderers. Look at Herr Fassbinder, who had saved so many children on the night that children were taken away.

Jodi Picoult

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#28. It's not that I place less value on Palestinian lives, but that Chairman Arafat and his chums in Hamas do.

Mark Steyn

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#29. How important is failure - yes, failure - to the health of a thriving, innovative business? So important that Ratan Tata, chairman of India's largest corporation, gives an annual award to the employee who comes up with the best idea that failed.

Naveen Jain

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#30. I started working at Bravo in 2005, when I was offered a job by Lauren Zalaznick, the network's chairman. She encouraged me to start a blog. I wrote behind-the-scenes gossip about 'Battle of the Network Reality Stars,' the first show I took on as head of current programming.

Andy Cohen

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#31. Governor Kempthorne of Idaho, our chairman of the National Governors Association, is doing a great job bringing all of the nation's governors together to work as partners with the federal government.

James Douglas

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#32. I think the thing that impressed me is (AT&T CEO Michael) Armstrong's strategic vision and the fact that he's got John Malone (TCI's chairman) to go along. There's a real commitment to build a new AT&T.

William Morris

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#33. I've just been fired over the phone by Yahoo's chairman of the board

Carol Bartz

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#34. By the time I stepped down as Xerox's CEO in 2009 - and as chairman in January 2010 - Xerox had become the vibrant, profitable and revitalized company that it still is today. What made the difference was a strong turnaround plan, dedicated people and a firm commitment from company leaders.

Anne M. Mulcahy

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#35. Study Chairman Mao's writings, follow his teachings and act according to his instructions.

Lin Biao

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#36. Critics have noted Schwarzenegger's only previous government experience was serving under President Bush senior as Chairman of the Council of Physical Fitness, a largely symbolic office, where Schwarzenegger's only responsibility was doing hundreds of jumping jacks he was going to do anyway.

Jon Stewart

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#37. My mother is chairman of a bank called the Indo-Zambia Bank. It's a joint venture between Zambia and India. My father runs Integrity Foundation, an anticorruption organization.

Dambisa Moyo

Chairman's Quotes #1533219
#38. There's no doubt that it's still a dangerous place, Afghanistan. The fortunate thing is that the United States was helping to provide security for Chairman Karzai. And it shows that the United States is committed to that regime.

Condoleezza Rice

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#39. President Obama's FCC Chairman, Julius Genachowski, has a reputation in D.C. of being a 'tepid' regulator. From reports of his net neutrality proposal, he's living up to that reputation.

Marvin Ammori

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#40. Still, even after the black winger John Barnes scored his solo goal to beat Brazil in Rio in 1984, the Football Association's chairman was harangued by England fans on the flight back home: "You fucking wanker, you prefer sambos to us.

Simon Kuper

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#41. When it comes to meetings and preparing for that, it doesn't matter if it's a meeting with the U.N.; with a large operator, CEO, or chairman; or if I have an internal meeting - in all cases, I know that the energy and the engagement in every discussion is extremely important.

Hans Vestberg

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#42. What does Everton chairman Bill Kenwright think he will get for £6m? Andy Johnson's trainers?

Simon Jordan

Chairman's Quotes #1459242
#43. Let's Talk is a practical guide that will greatly help young
adults at the workplace to navigate through unforeseen and
vulnerable social situations. Harsh Goenka

Mukta Mahajani

Chairman's Quotes #1426363
#44. If you're running for president, you've got to do a lot of things to line up a candidacy. I've not done any of those things. It's not my plan. My plan is to be a good chairman of the House Budget Committee and fight for the fiscal sanity of this nation.

Paul Ryan

Chairman's Quotes #1418002
#45. You hear entertainers all the time, saying, 'If I couldn't get paid for this, I'd do it for free.' When's the last time you ever heard a business person say, 'If I couldn't get paid for being chairman of British Petroleum, I'd do it for free'?

Dick Gregory

Chairman's Quotes #1347280
#46. He is racist, he's homophobic, he's xenophobic and he's a sexist. He's the perfect Republican candidate. [California Democratic Party chairman about Pat Buchanan.]

Bill Press

Chairman's Quotes #1275598
#47. Pell grants are the foundation of Federal student aid. As someone who attended college with the help of Pell grants and as chairman of the Pell Grant Caucus, I know how important they are for our Nation's low-income students.

Ric Keller

Chairman's Quotes #1256240
#48. The dome of the U.S. Capitol has fallen into severe disrepair ... As the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, which oversees matters of the Capitol's physical plant, I have serious concerns about the consequences of omitting this funding from the stopgap spending measure.

Chuck Schumer

Chairman's Quotes #1201581
#49. Mr. Chairman, I think the record should show that for the first time since McKinley, we have a Republican president worth shooting, and I think that's a good sign.

James Johnson

Chairman's Quotes #1156768
#50. John W. Snow was paid more than $50 million in salary, bonus and stock in his nearly 12 years as chairman of the CSX Corporation, the railroad company. During that period, the company's profits fell, and its stock rose a bit more than half as much as that of the average big company.

Alex Berenson

Chairman's Quotes #1097420
#51. The current FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, is highly regarded, but some distrust him because he is the former head lobbyist of both the cable and wireless phone industries. He's also made some statements suggesting he doesn't understand or opposes network neutrality.

Marvin Ammori

Chairman's Quotes #1032031
#52. I didn't want to look distinguished; I wanted to look fun, and also to fade into the street, into the King's Road. If I don't fade into a room at White's, that's fine. My father was chairman of Brooks' and the Beefsteak, and I was brought up in that life, and it bores me rigid.

Nicholas Haslam

Chairman's Quotes #1023970
#53. The Democrats current crudeness is a function of their desperation, and the imminent ratification of Howard Dean, the least charming presidential candidate in recent memory, as their party chairman only serves to punctuate the problem.

Joe Klein

Chairman's Quotes #107129
#54. When one loves another without considering marriage as the goal, it's sexual harassment.

Chairman Mao

Chairman's Quotes #203399
#55. The TSA's airport body scanners have been shown to be so ineffective, the Homeland Security chairman suggested using traditional metal detectors. While LaGuardia will continue to just have a scarecrow dressed as a cop.

Jimmy Fallon

Chairman's Quotes #200010
#56. Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve (1979-87): The worst financial investment I ever made was spending so much time in government. The most satisfying personal investment I ever made was spending so much time in government, frustrating as it could be.


Chairman's Quotes #170691
#57. In September 1993, President Clinton presided over a handshake between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat on the White House lawn - the climax of a 'day of awe,' as the press described it.

Noam Chomsky

Chairman's Quotes #167938
#58. I was the deputy Chairman of the Democratic Union of the Pacific, and we started at 8 I think and I was called to the telephone and to be told there's a coup, the government has been overthrown - it was round about 9, 10 when the Parliament sat they had done then.

Kamisese Mara

Chairman's Quotes #160352
#59. I soon discovered, after I became chairman of the NEH, that, for a number of academics, the truth was not merely irrelevant - it no longer existed.

Lynne Cheney

Chairman's Quotes #153206
#60. My transactions are above board: I do not have money deposited in other accounts and have transparently declared all assets. My real wealth is, however, my experience as cofounder of Infosys and as Aadhar Chairman, which gave away 60,000 crore identity cards to people of India as promised.

Nandan Nilekani

Chairman's Quotes #147006
#61. Texaco's chairman, the Hitler-admiring Torkild Rieber, was using the company's tankers to smuggle oil to the rebels in defiance of a specific request from President Roosevelt.

Ken Follett

Chairman's Quotes #146764
#62. Ken Lay, the disgraced former chairman of Enron, found a way to escape his legal problems: He died after being convicted of fraud and conspiracy charges.

Robert Kiyosaki

Chairman's Quotes #135339
#63. The reason I've been able to maintain my position of chairman of CBS in addition to all the Viacom stuff is my team.

Leslie Moonves

Chairman's Quotes #130101
#64. Chairman Greenspan is, of course, a master.

Ben Bernanke

Chairman's Quotes #126216
#65. Well, Mark, I led the charge for five or six years to get reforms for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I was chairman of an organization called 'FM Policy Focus.' What we were saying was, if there was blip in the housing market, Fannie and Freddie would destabilize the greatest economy in the world.

J. C. Watts

Chairman's Quotes #212140
#66. You, your grandmother, the chairman----YOU'RE ALL ABUNCH OF FRIGGIN' IDIOTS!!!"


Bisco Hatori

Chairman's Quotes #99050
#67. We do, in former chairman Lee Atwater's words, offer the party as a big tent, and therefore that message has to be clear. How we do that within the platform, the preamble to the platform or whatnot, that remains to be seen. But that message will have to be articulated with great clarity.

Dan Quayle

Chairman's Quotes #90571
#68. When the Securities & Exchange Commission settled securities-fraud charges against Richard Harriton, former chairman of the clearing subsidiary of Bear, Stearns & Co., there were smiles all around. The SEC was happy. Harriton was happy. Bear Stearns was happy.

Gary Weiss

Chairman's Quotes #78691
#69. Mr. Chairman, delegates. I accept your nomination for President of the United States of America. I do so with humility, deeply moved by the trust you have placed in me. It is a great honor. It is an even greater responsibility.

Mitt Romney

Chairman's Quotes #64468
#70. Even though I am Chairman of Dole Food Company, I do most of my own grocery shopping.

David H. Murdock

Chairman's Quotes #62353
#71. I am the daughter of the Chairman of the Board and thus, was raised with great music.

Nancy Sinatra

Chairman's Quotes #51147
#72. I was the chairman of the House Budget Committee and one of the chief architects the last time we balanced a budget, and it was the first time we had done it since man walked on the moon. We had a $5 trillion surplus and we cut taxes.

John Kasich

Chairman's Quotes #39910
#73. I agree with what the Chairman Greenspan said whatever it is that he did say.

Robert Rubin

Chairman's Quotes #20291
#74. So, when there is a strife of tongues, at some meeting, the chairman, to obtain unity, suggests that every one shall speak in French. Perhaps it is bad French; French may not contain the words that express the speaker's thoughts; nevertheless speaking French imposes some order, some uniformity.

Virginia Woolf

Chairman's Quotes #11038
#75. [ ... ] we drank each other up with so much yearning and need that afterward I felt myself drained of all the things the Chairman had taken from me, and yet filled with all that I had taken from him.

Arthur Golden

Chairman's Quotes #10394
#76. I'm chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

Bob McDonnell

Chairman's Quotes #7051
#77. Abby Johnson has agreed to become Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity, reflecting a further step forward in our leadership succession plan. Abby will retain her role of President, and I will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board.

Edward Johnson, III

Chairman's Quotes #366260
#78. PRINT the ticket, take the ride!

Chairman Kingmaker

Chairman's Quotes #433991
#79. Professional societies are sooner or later fractured by the ego of their leaders. Everyone wants to be president, chairman, CEO; no one wants to be a mere follower.

F. Sionil Jose

Chairman's Quotes #432703
#80. Be as polite to the custodian as you are to the chairman of the board.

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Chairman's Quotes #424068
#81. I was Chairman Mao's dog. I bit whomever he asked me to bite,

Jiang Qing

Chairman's Quotes #420601
#82. It's hard to overstate how utterly mad it is for a Fed chairman in the age of the global economy to claim that a weak currency only affects tourists. It's a little bit like saying a forest fire only really sucks if you're a woodpecker.

Matt Taibbi

Chairman's Quotes #415296
#83. I read slave narratives, books like Bullwhip Days, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. [The Root's chairman] Henry Louis Gates has an amazing documentary called Many Rivers to Cross - really, his whole writings; he's such a wealth of knowledge.

Jurnee Smollett

Chairman's Quotes #412419
#84. I am honoured and excited to be taking on the role of chairman of the British Fashion Council.

Natalie Massenet

Chairman's Quotes #407310
#85. I have decided to quit as I.P.L. Chairman. It is a decision which I was pondering over for some time.

Rajeev Shukla

Chairman's Quotes #396262
#86. Mr. Chairman, obviously a $60 million cut in the National Endowment for the Arts would be a disaster.

Norm Dicks

Chairman's Quotes #384810
#87. Playing music well is difficult, yet the world has an abundance of fine performers. Explaining a little about music is easier, yet few do it well. Those who can do both supremely form a tiny club, whose honorary chairman is the conductor Michael Tilson Thomas.

Justin Davidson

Chairman's Quotes #380940
#88. If children were brought up to become non-conformists it would only ruin their lives. So parents all over China who loved their children told them to do as Chairman Mao said. It was not possible to tell them anything else.

Jung Chang

Chairman's Quotes #367121
#89. Remember the words of Chairman Mao: 'It's always darkest before it's totally black.'.

John McCain

Chairman's Quotes #434666
#90. I was scheduled to give my first official press conference that morning anyway, 'cause I was chairman of the Governors Energy Council and I was making a press conference with regard to energy policy.

William Scranton

Chairman's Quotes #358805
#91. Chairman Mao has never seen a greater show of red strength.

Bill Shankly

Chairman's Quotes #315961
#92. And, as a matter of fact, I am the chairman of the Amadou Diallo Foundation.

David Dinkins

Chairman's Quotes #315470
#93. Even when [Federal Reserve Chairman Ben] Bernanke said the recession was over ... you think that would have been a bigger boom somewhere, but it seems we just take everything in stride.

Bill Maher

Chairman's Quotes #313607
#94. There's no other job in public life that is like chairman of the Fed.

Alan Greenspan

Chairman's Quotes #287933
#95. I was Chairman Mao's dog. What he said to bite, I bit.

Jiang Qing

Chairman's Quotes #282521
#96. I am the first African-American chairman of any major conservation organization in history. That's a big step.

Jerome Ringo

Chairman's Quotes #275304
#97. We commend the commission, under the leadership of Chairman Martin, for recognizing the reality of today's communications marketplace and for fostering an environment where there will be greater choice in communications services and providers.

Edward Whitacre Jr.

Chairman's Quotes #263598
#98. Sayings from Chairman Jobs." 1. Real artists ship. 2. It's better to be a pirate than join the navy. 3. Mac in a book by 1986.

Andy Hertzfeld

Chairman's Quotes #233899
#99. When I was in China, Mao was Chairman, and parents were terrified to tell their children anything that differed from the party line in case the children repeated it and endangered the whole family.

Jung Chang

Chairman's Quotes #218782
#100. Basically no, I mean I think that it's very easy to like I say, smoke a joint or even to wear a Chairman Mao button, or do a lot of these things with out knowing what's behind it, and what it really means.

Lester Bangs

Chairman's Quotes #215479

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