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Top 21 Breath Mint Quotes

#1. Behind me, Ingrid made a sort of muffled snorting sound. I can only assume she was choking on a breath mint. I shot her a look, hoping she hadn't heard anything, and saw she was wearing a poker face, which could only mean she'd heard everything. - Author: Daniel O'Malley
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#2. The mint from your breath, the milk from your breast, the best of your mind, now in its worst state of condition. From the womb to the tomb, as a mild flower, you break your petals upon blossom, and seize death openly. Leaving your fragrance to spin and dance, one last time before being blown away. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#3. To love is to return to a home we never left, to remember who we are. - Author: Sam Keen
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#4. Tic Tacs are the maracas of breath mints. - Author: Demetri Martin
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#5. Yinzer: DAMN!! I wish I had your balls! Tucker:I wish you had a breath mint, but I guess we don't always get what we wish for. - Author: Tucker Max
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#6. Everybody is fighting a hard battle that you know nothing about, never give up with yours. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#7. There's nothing that sweetens the breath like a cedar toothpick, unless it's mint. And mint don't grow in these parts. - Author: Larry McMurtry
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#8. One day I'm going to write a book about osprey . It has really gotten deep into my bloodstream. So when you ask what else I do, I feel like this is part of what I do ... is to watch these birds. - Author: Alan Lightman
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#9. Never pass up the opportunity to go to the bathroom, and never refuse a breath mint. - Author: Valeri Kathleen Paxton-Steele
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#10. I have to have an emotional connection to what I am ultimately selling because it is emotion, whether you are selling religion, politics, even a breath mint. - Author: Gene Simmons
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#11. You're a kaleidoscope, you change every time I look away. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#12. A friend hipped me to hypoglycemia, which an article I read calls 'a disease for a nation of sugar junkies.' Who knows how many people in this country have it? - Author: Phoebe Snow
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#13. Pointed firs coming out against the pink sky- and that white orchard and the old Snow Queen. Isn't the breath of the mint delicious? And that tea rose- why, it's a song and a hope and a prayer all in one. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#14. Ugh, my friend, you really need a breath mint," I told him, sending a pulse of glamour into the brambly monster above me. "Let's see what we can do about that doggie breath. - Author: Julie Kagawa
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#15. Wealth, a friend, a wife, and a kingdom may be regained; but this body when lost may never be acquired again. - Author: Chanakya
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#16. At moments like this, he was lost to himself, lost in the shadows that hid beneath his heart. Rarely did he let himself go and when he did it was only with her. - Author: Tiffany Reisz
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#17. If someone offers you a breath mint, accept it. - Author: H. Jackson Brown Jr.
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#18. My debt to you, Beloved, is one I cannot pay, in any coin of any realm, on any reckoning day. - Author: Jessie B. Rittenhouse
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#19. Your packmate?
Ren lowered his head. My second
I'm sorry. My father rested his muzzle on Ren's shoulder.
Ren whimpered softly, leaning into my father. - Author: Andrea Cremer
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#20. Shove it up your ass and make a breath mint out of it! - Author: Kim Harrison
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#21. I thought about it a lot (losing the 2002 NLCS). It's something you have to go home and wrap it up because if you keep thinking about it, you're going to take that to Spring Training and you're not going to be able to concentrate on your work. - Author: Albert Pujols
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