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#1. One could reasonably argue that the Turkish pogrom against the Armenians during World War I qualifies as a crime against humanity, as does the United States' ethnic cleansing of Native Americans. - Author: Sebastian Junger
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#2. The first picture of his I ever saw was during a lecture at the Rhyl camera club. I was 16 and the speaker was Emrys Jones. He projected the picture upside down. Deliberately, to disregard the subject matter to reveal the composition. It's a lesson I've never forgotten. - Author: Philip Jones Griffiths
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#3. It had occurred to Pecola some time ago that if her eyes, those eyes that held the pictures, and knew the sights - if those eyes of hers were different, that is to say, beautiful, she herself would be different. - Author: Toni Morrison
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#4. Grace, like water, flows to the lowest part. - Author: Philip Yancey
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#5. Is that vodka?' Margarita asked weakly. The cat jumped up from its chair in indignation. 'Excuse me, your majesty,' he squeaked, 'do you think I would give vodka to a lady? That is pure spirit! - Author: Mihail Bulhakov
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#6. The Constitution I uphold and defend is the one I carry in my pocket all the time, the U.S. Constitution. I don't know what Constitution that other members of Congress uphold, but it's not this one. I think the only Constitution that Barack Obama upholds is the Soviet constitution, not this one. - Author: Paul Broun
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#7. If I stopped dyeing my hair everyone would know that my golden hair is actually gray, and my long American youth would be over - and then what? - Author: Marie Howe
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#8. Our emotions can lie to us, and we need to counter our emotions with truth. - Author: Billy Graham
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#9. Love has no charm
when Love is swept to earth:
you'd make a lop-winged god,
frozen and contrite,
of god up-darting,
winged for passionate flight. - Author: Hilda Doolittle
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#10. But, darling, I need you to know, you loving me will not heal me. Please realize, I already know that. And I do not expect it to. - Author: R. YS Perez
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#11. He scampered out of the house, like a scolded dog with his tail between his legs with no chance of getting back in-between hers. - Author: Jill Thrussell
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#12. There are things that will not have themselves buried and put out of sight, as though they had never been. - Author: Anthony Trollope
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#13. Nature itself is the best physician. - Author: Hippocrates
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#14. Either you are a good Virgo or a crazy Virgo! The good Virgo side of me is educating and raising the children - being there for them. - Author: Carine Roitfeld
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