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#1. Why does everything eventually become terrible? - Author: Gabby Bess
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#2. For a long time I would go to bed early.
[Fr., Longtemps, je me suis couche de bonne heure.] - Author: Marcel Proust
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#3. A corporation's responsibility is to the shareholders, not its retirees and employees. Companies are doing everything they can to get rid of pension plans and they will succeed. - Author: Ben Stein
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#4. Because enough talking. It was time for the goddamned kissing, hard and fast and smooth and slow and any and every way in between, until Tommy was humping his thigh. - Author: S.E. Jakes
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#5. I was listening to all those lyrics and trying to take in everything that was happening. I was completely excited. It was one of the greatest times that I had listening to music. - Author: Jay McShann
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#6. Congratulations to Thierry Henry on a truly wonderful career. One of the great footballers of our time and a top bloke. Bonne chance. - Author: Gary Lineker
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#7. A good memory is needed once we have lied.
[Fr., Il faut bonne memoire apres qu'on a menti.] - Author: Pierre Corneille
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#8. Children are most impressed with the importance of a moment when they witness a parent breaking the parents' own rule. - Author: John Irving
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#9. students, eh, you can love them or hate them, but you're not allowed to hit them with a shovel - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#10. I'm told he takes after our father - a sweet-talker he is not. His mouth sees more feet than a treadmill at a crowded gym. - Author: Robin Kaye
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#11. Poetry is supposed to be musical. But people don't understand prose. They're so used to reading journalism - clunky, functional sentences that convey factual information - facts, more than just the surfaces of things. - Author: Jonathan Lethem
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#12. The No.1 thing people can do to increase their wealth is to start a part-time business. - Author: Robert Kiyosaki
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#13. As believers we have no need to fear death. Christ himself assures us of a safe arrival home in heaven! - Author: Paul P. Enns
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#14. A second later the door opened and Murphy glared up at me, blue eyes bright and cold. "Get more away. I've been fighting this computer all day long. I swear, if you blow out my hard drive again, I'm taking it out of your ass."
"Why would your hard drive be in my ass?" I said. - Author: Jim Butcher
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#15. It is one of man's curious idiosyncrasies to create difficulties for the pleasure of resolving them. - Author: Joseph De Maistre
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