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#1. (What band does the necromancer dance to? Boney M.) - Author: Charles Stross
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#2. A good friend of ours has three cats in her studio apartment and asked me, "Can you tell that I have cats?" I replied, "No, but I can tell you have a box of turds in your living room. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#3. Boney Stokes was this oldtime acquaintance of Henry's and figured the best way to pass the time of day was by gradually dying. - Author: Ken Kesey
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#4. Yes, I'm fine. That song is just - " Stanton stopped himself for a moment, but then he laughed. "Out of all the songs in all the world, you had to pick that one? - Author: Brad Boney
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#5. I always wanted to eat with a Negro," Grandma said.
Yeah, well I always wanted to eat with a boney-assed old white woman," Lula said. "So I guess this works out good. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#6. He can neither read nor write and in him broods already a taste for mindless violence. All history present in that visage, the child the father of the man. - Author: Cormac McCarthy
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#7. Because sometimes, and this is really important, the worst possible thing imaginable leads you to the place you were meant to be all along. Even in the most dire of times, life gives you a reason to give thanks. - Author: Brad Boney
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#8. When my editor sent me the first two images of Joker's daughter, I was struck by how confident she looked despite her boney appearance and horribly scarred face. So I starting thinking, how did Duela gain such confidence in a world that prizes beauty? - Author: Ann Nocenti
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#9. After a few minutes there was a click on the line and a voice said in Farsi,"Goh Benares roo gahbret."
This roughly translated as: "May shit rain down upon your grave."
"Goozidam too chesmet," Tom replied.
"I fart in your eye. - Author: Mark Mills
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#10. The family is like the forest: if you are outside it is dense; if you are inside you see that each tree has its own position. - Author: Yaa Gyasi
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#11. Likewise every true thought contains in itself a proof of its truth. This proof is its vivifying effect upon the heart; - Author: John Of Kronstadt
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#12. Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. - Author: Brad Boney
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#13. A thin yellow curtain hung in front of the corner window as boney tree limbs tapped on the glass like an unwelcome visitor. Despite the tiny buds on the trees outside, the branch at this particular window was still bare. - Author: Abby Slovin
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#14. He said he don't like em boney, he want something he can grab - Author: Nicki Minaj
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#15. I love to dance to Robyn, Nicki Minaj and Boney M. - Author: Nomi Ruiz
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#16. Sometimes you have to loose the life you have to gain the one you're meant to live. - Author: Brad Boney
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#17. Work your fingers to the bone - whadda ya get?
--------- boney fingers - boney fingers...
- Author: Hoyt Axton
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#18. In four of five generations, sexual orientation will disappear and we'll just fall in love with people - Author: Brad Boney
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#19. Ancient Chinese proverb," he said, heading toward the kitchen.
"He who butt-fucks all night wakes up with sore asshole. - Author: Brad Boney
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#20. Work your fingers to the bone and what do you get? Boney fingers. - Author: Hoyt Axton
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#21. Sediments of stones scatter as the ego hath crushed, weather of life changes every form , be it rock or a human! - Author: Soumya V.
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#22. Mr. Feeder, B.A. (who was in the habit of shaving his head for coolness, and had nothing but little bristles on it), gave him a boney hand, and told him he was glad to see him - which Paul would have been very glad to have told him, if he could have done so with the least sincerity. Then - Author: Charles Dickens
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#23. Personally, I think every guy who calls himself straight should take a hike on the gay Appalachian Trail at least once in his life. - Author: Brad Boney
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