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Top 14 Boffo's Quotes

#1. I found climbing to be a very tactile sport. There's no ball that is zipping through the air ready to crack you in the head. It is just you and the rock base. - Author: Erik Weihenmayer
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#2. As for hearing, the sloth is not so much deaf as uninterested in sound. - Author: Yann Martel
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#3. Difficult times require difficult decisions. But supporting this bill shouldn't be a difficult decision. - Author: Jim Bunning
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#4. The modern corporation must manufacture not only goods but the desire for the goods it manufactures. - Author: John Kenneth Galbraith
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#5. Every atom in your body is the same quark in different places at the same moment in time. - Author: David Eagleman
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#6. The stool of repentance and the foot of the cross are the favorite positions of instructed Christians. - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#7. I look up. Raffe and the others are frozen in the middle of their fight. Everyone is staring at us. A human girl. Killing a warrior angel. In a sword fight. Impossible. - Author: Susan Ee
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#8. Once a man began thinking with his body, intelligent decisions came few and far between. - Author: Tanya Huff
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#9. I stand for judgment: answer: shall I have it? - Author: William Shakespeare
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#10. If falling into desperation worked to make things better, then I would say, 'Let's all jump into despair.' But it doesn't help. The only way to truly find meaning and fulfillment is to look at the disaster, the pain, the difficulty, and know with complete certainty that good can come from this. - Author: Yehuda Berg
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#11. It's more important you learn what to make movies about than how to make movies - Author: J.J. Abrams
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#12. In Boffo's Novelty and Joke Emporium in Ankh-Morpork, all the whoopee cushions trumpeted in a doleful harmony; - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#13. The day of the week changes, but one day in the week I eat vegetarian. - Author: Jean-Georges Vongerichten
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#14. It's easier in some ways being on the life raft and the other guy's in the boat and you can row alongside and be supportive. In some ways, that's an easier role. - Author: Kyra Sedgwick
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