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#1. I'm not a 'strong warrior queen' like people think. I spend most of my day cooking and doing things with my sons. - Author: Kola Boof
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#2. I constantly make lists and itineraries and then can't stick to any of them. - Author: Freema Agyeman
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#3. I was already tired of talking, and I'd said very little. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#4. But of course we don't notice the descent until we're rocketing along at high velocity. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#5. It is needless to say that women make the most patient as well as the most dangerous pickpockets. - Author: Harry Houdini
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#6. Insanity hovered close at hand, like an eager waiter at an expensive restaurant. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#7. Patterns that Arthur knew, rough blobby shapes that were as familiar to him as the shapes of words, part of the furniture of his mind. For a few seconds he sat in stunned silence as the images rushed around his mind and tried to find somewhere to settle down and make sense ... - Author: Douglas Adams
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#8. Corporations are not legal "persons" with constitutional rights and freedoms of their own, but legal fictions that we created and must therefore control. - Author: Kalle Lasn
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#9. Every day the eye is subject to a thousand tiny shocks as a thousand industries compete for the eye-kick, the visual hook that will lock the consumer into product for that crucial second where the tiny - or not so tiny - leap of the imagination is made. - Author: Graham Joyce
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#10. A kid just couldn't see the difference. It was like being color-blind or something, or preferring Frazetta to all those blobby old paintings of haystacks and French people in rowboats. - Author: Tim Powers
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#11. It's definitely team work with my fashion career. The trick is to surround yourself with the best people, those whose opinions you really trust and value. - Author: Suki Waterhouse
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