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#1. I wanted to reinvent horror comics. I felt like it was my mission to open people's eyes to the fact that horror comics could be so much more than the popular perception of them. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#2. Tyrant will eat whatever the fuck is available. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#3. The same thing as you, the same as she. The same as anyone who has ever been doubted or told to go away. To prove myself better. - Author: Matthew Pearl
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#4. Observe a method in the distribution of your time. Every hour will then know its proper employment, and no time will be lost - Author: George Horne
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#5. I'm a professional. I don't want people to read something about me in the tabloids going out with celebrities or whatever. It might be a bit boring but I have to give values to my children. - Author: Jens Lehmann
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#6. There who'll take advantage. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#7. I had thought comics could only be one thing, and that was what mainstream comics were selling us. And the undergrounders proved anything you had in your head, as long as you had the skill to put it down on paper, was fair game. And I started filling sketchbooks with my own comics. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#8. When you're making your living as a writer or an artist or a musician, you kind of live in a trance. You're sort of in the day-to-day world, you're certainly there for your day-to-day relationships with people, and so on. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#9. The places I visit in any given week are my home, so when I'm somewhere that feels good to me, it's a real game changer. If a place causes me to have a strong reaction, be it positive or negative, it'll often find its way into my music. - Author: Ron Pope
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#10. If you prosecute a CEO or other senior executive and send him or her to jail for committing a crime, the deterrent effect in my view vastly outweighs even the best compliance program you can put in place. - Author: Jed S. Rakoff
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#11. If we can't get more John Rovnaks in this world, let's all support the John Rovnak we've got ... - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#12. Horror is one of the few genres - romance and comedy are the other two that come to mind - that's all emotion-driven. It's not a rational genre, like science fiction is. It's irrational by nature. And it is capable of exploring all aspects of human experience. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#13. I hate superheroes. I always hated superheroes. From the time I was a little kid, I could believe in a 50-foot gorilla trashing New York City before I could believe a guy would put on long tights and bat ears and go and fight crime. Like, the fantasy never made sense to me, on a basic level. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#14. The American success formula is first to get a home of your own, then to get a car of your own so you don't have to stay in that home of your own. - Author: Sam Levenson
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#15. When the government goes into the business of destroying trust, it goes into the business of destroying itself. - Author: Arthur Miller
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#16. Seven shots ring out like the ocean's pounding roar, there's seven people dead on a South Dakota farm. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#17. I get called Jacqueline Bissette in America. In France, I get called Jackie Bisset. And actually, it is Jacqueline Bisset, which is not that easy to say. - Author: Jacqueline Bisset
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#18. If you have birds, or if you're a herpetologist and raise reptiles - you look in those eyes, and there is nothing there that's human. I mean, they don't think like us, they don't see the world like us. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#19. We always tend to keep within ourselves threshold reactions such as a little doubt, or a little impulse not to do something. If the impulses are not very strong we are inclined to put them aside in a one-sided way and by this we have hurt an animal or a spirit within us. - Author: Marie-Louise Von Franz
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#20. The power of monsters is, it is a way of giving almost tangible substance to fears, beliefs, things that aren't real. You can coalesce it and draw it, or describe it, and it's a monster. - Author: Stephen R. Bissette
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#21. It's easy, after all, not to be a writer. Most people aren't writers, and very little harm comes to them. - Author: Julian Barnes
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#22. You know, I'm fan of women in general. I don't want to discriminate. - Author: Joseph Morgan
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#23. The rest of the population ought to be deprived of any form of organization, because organization just causes trouble. People have to be atomized and segregated and alone. They're not supposed to organize, because then they might be something beyond spectators of action. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#24. I could have reached him in three quick strides and slipped my blade into his spine before he had the chance to fart. - Author: Oliver Bowden
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