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Top 12 Best Vanellope Quotes

#1. The law has been perverted through the influence of two very different causes-naked greed and misconceived philanthropy.

Frederic Bastiat

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#2. Unions don't create jobs. People create jobs.

Richard Shelby

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#3. I have a kind heart, I'm in love. It gets deeper with every kiss and every hug.

Delano Johnson

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#4. I designed the miniskirt that caused so much havoc in the Sixties - the miniskirt that was such fun but has travelled well to today.

Mary Quant

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#5. I cuss like a sailor; I smoked cigarettes for many years but quit and have never looked back; also, I ride a motorcycle ... in Los Angeles ... so there ya go.

Keith Coogan

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#6. What would it be like when I was fifty, sixty, older? I'd be no more than a jumble of organs in slow decomposition.

Michel Houellebecq

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#7. I feel the best after a workout - I'm sweaty and exhausted, but it also gives me an energy I really like.

Hilary Rhoda

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#8. Lizzing is a combination of laughing and whizzing.


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#9. Sorry to disappoint you, parents - but when your kids come out as gay, bi or transgender, it is not about you.

Christina Engela

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#10. You've got to realize. In the western world, regardless of what color you are, what title the music is, it's all played by the same notes.

Ornette Coleman

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#11. Man cannot bear to be in the wrong. As soon as he feels guilt or remorse, he bends his ethics to suit himself. Actions do not flow from ethics, but ethics from actions, and it is by refining our actions that we refine our ethics.

Neel Burton

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#12. I can't help but smile as I swipe a lone tear trailing down my cheek. How can I not be crazy in love with this guy? Time away from him didn't change anything. I can't deny him another chance. That would be denying myself.

Simone Elkeles

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