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#1. The fault in our stars was the best story book it was amazing

John Green

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#2. I always want readers to lose themselves completely in a story and feel something, whatever the book invites them to feel. That experience is the best takeaway any book can offer.

Julie Berry

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#3. I Never Liked You. I think that's my best book. I think it works the best as a story, and I like the drawing. It works on both levels, for me at least.

Chester Brown

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#4. No man is equal to his book. All the best products of his mental activity go into his book, where they come separated from the mass of inferior products with which they are mingled in his daily talk.

Herbert Spencer

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#5. It's all still about having a good story. You have to have a good story as your anchor, as your main focus. So for me, personally, I just like to concentrate on writing the best book I can, and if there's other stuff that goes along with it, that's awesome, as long as the story is central.

Rick Riordan

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#6. Book is the best friend, have no demand, no complain

Avi Salmon

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#7. We have never heard the devil's side of the story, God wrote all the book.

Anatole France

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#8. I don't want anyone reading my writing to think about style. I just want them to be in the story.

Willa Cather

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#9. David could tell, by looking at her face as she read, whether or not the story contained in the book was living inside her, and she in it, and he would recall again all that she had told him about stories and tales and the power that they wield over us, and that we in turn wield over them.

John Connolly

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#10. Many people think of the Bible as a book of moral teachings with stories sprinkled through to illustrate the teachings. But it's a lot BETTER THAN THAT ... the Bible is a single true story with teachings sprinkled through to illustrate the story.

Timothy Keller

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#11. When you close the book, does the story end? No! That's such a bland way to read. Every story goes on forever in our imaginations, and its characters live on.

Mizuki Nomura

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#12. What I love about 'The Walking Dead' is it's a human story, which is to me what makes the comic book so good, but once you jump from the pages of the book to the screen, the gore and the zombies have to look great.

Scott Ian

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#13. The images in a picture book are the driving forces that tell the story. The words tell only what the pictures can't.

Dan Yaccarino

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#14. After you finish a book, the story still goes on in your mind. You can never change the beginning. But you can always change the end.

Sarah Addison Allen

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#15. Authors have to write for their characters, for who they are, that's the strength of books. Don't worry about censors. Just write the story you need to tell and the rewards will come.

Ellen Hopkins

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#16. I don't want to go slumming in somebody else's pain just to write a book. I want to go into those darker places to shine a light on that experience and come out with a story that validates the human spirit.

Patricia McCormick

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#17. Some things work better as a book, some things work better as a story, some things works better as a film.

Jonathan Nolan

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#18. The story grew, got way bigger than the contest rules called for, and next thing I knew I had a book.

Leslie Banks

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#19. This is my life ... my story ... my book. I will no longer let anyone else write it; nor will I apologize for the edits I make.

Steve Maraboli

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#20. While my favorite book of short stories is Fredrick Brown's 'Nightmares and Geezenstacks,' my favorite single story is 'Sound of Thunder,' by Ray Bradbury.

James Luceno

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#21. We should all live as though someone is writing a book about us.

J.R. Rim

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#22. When you're reading a novel, I think the reason you care about how any given plot turns out is that you take it as a data point in the big story of how the world works. Does such-and-such a kind of guy get the girl in the end? Does adultery ever bring happiness? How do winners become winners?

Elif Batuman

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#23. Remember: A best-selling book usually follows a simple rule, It's a wonderful story, wonderfully told; not, It's a wonderfully told story.

Nicholas Sparks

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#24. I've allowed some of these points to stand, because this is a book of memory, and memory has its own story to tell. But I have done my best to make it tell a truthful story.

Tobias Wolff

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#25. In the end I decided to hold onto the book, my thought being that his story was a unique one, and so best to keep his words aboveground where they might be shared and admired.

Patrick DeWitt

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#26. If you wish to avoid an unpleasant story you had best put this book down

Lemony Snicket

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#27. Exhaustively researched and beautifully written, Cronkite is a classic. Douglas Brinkley has written his best book yet. This is a fascinating story that will be read for years to come.

Debby Applegate

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#28. THREE DAYS TO DEAD is one of the best books I've read. Ever. Evy Stone is a heroine's heroine, and I rooted for her from the moment I met her. Kelly Meding has written a phenomenal story, one that's fast-paced, gritty, and utterly addictive. Brava! More! More! More!

Jackie Morse Kessler

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#29. I feel like you can't judge a book by its cover, that's always been the story of my life. I can walk into any restaurant and people would be floored to learn that I know what I do about wine, let alone that I ran one of the best wine programs in the world.

Andre Hueston Mack

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#30. I think my books talk about kids learning to like and respect themselves and each other. You can't write a message book; you just tell the best story you know how to tell.

Paula Danziger

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#31. Sin in the Second City is a masterful history lesson, a harrowing biography, and - best of all - a superfun read. The Everleigh story closely follows the turns of American history like a little sister. I can't recommend this book loudly enough.

Darin Strauss

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#32. A book is a collaboration between the one who reads and what is read and, at its best, that coming together is a love story like any other.

Siri Hustvedt

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#33. That was how the heroine of a book would play it and Diana was still writing her own story the best heroines she'd always believed took their fate into their own hands.

Anna Godbersen

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#34. I invited Onyx to be my plus one. Of course she was all in when I added that Grandma A had a massive swimming pool and was within a short driving distance to a two-story bookstore.

K.R. Grace

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#35. Sometimes a soldier returns home and all he can do is share his story in the hopes that somehow, in some way, it helps another soldier make sense of things. And although the stories may not be perfect, sometimes just sharing is enough to make a difference.

Michael Anthony

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#36. Short stories are great start, but if they are true that's the best start so far in about 222 short stories I have viewed and I have already shared them in the book series Reddit Collection.

Deyth Banger

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#37. He was a lawyer and he knew that it would be best to trust his journalist friend, but not to tell his own lawyer


Best Story Book Quotes #918830
#38. My Cuddle Time Bible Story Book
Sleeping with Jesus
Baby Bibles: Tall Tales for Tiny tots
Everybody Poops (Except God)

Dave Eggers

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#39. I've read pretty broadly on the Holocaust - both fiction and non-fiction - and to me, 'The Lost Wife' is one of the best. The horrors of war serve as a backdrop to a love affair that spans a lifetime, and that love story stayed with me long after I put down the book.

Lauren Weisberger

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#40. The best stories will come from jail, the people which are in the prison, also and from the victims.

Deyth Banger

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#41. I have no idea whether beginning with my accident was the best decision, as I've never written a book before. Truth be told, I started with the crash because I wanted to catch your interest and drag you into the story. You're still reading, so it seems to have worked.

Andrew Davidson

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#42. I was told at first that being different was a bad thing. Everywhere I went, it was just, 'You're too different' ... And it turned out that being different was the best thing that ever happened to my career. It is why people travel to my shows. It's why people want to hear my story and buy my book.

Lindsey Stirling

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#43. Not counting 'Small Steps,' I think 'Holes' is my best book, in terms of plot, and setting, and the way the story revealed itself. It hasn't changed my life, other than that I have more money than I did before I wrote it. I'm still too close to 'Small Steps' to compare it to 'Holes.'

Louis Sachar

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#44. Stephen Schlesinger's Act of Creation tells a dazzling story of the dramatic events that have shaped the world in which we live. Never has a book been more relevant to present dangers and future hopes.

James Chace

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#45. Most people, in fact, will not take the trouble in finding out the truth, but are much more inclined to accept the first story they hear.


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#46. I haven't thought about writing so much as potentially producing and finding my own projects to get into production. I want to be able to buy the rights to a story that I have read or a book that I have read.

Mandy Moore

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#47. Wish my life were inside a book
So I could turn to the ending,
See if it is a love story
Or a gothic disaster.

Stasia Ward Kehoe

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#48. When I start, I have a feeling for the characters, and maybe the shape of the story. Sometimes I might even have the last sentence in mind. But, no book I've ever written has ever ended the way I thought it would. Characters disappear, others come forward. Once you start writing, everything changes.

Paul Auster

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#49. We take it for granted we know the whole story - We judge a book by its cover and read what we want between selected lines.

Axl Rose

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#50. In a sense, the artwork is the most important thing in getting somebody to buy a book. The person probably won't buy a book if he doesn't like the artwork. Once you buy it for the artwork, you hope that the story will also be good.

Stan Lee

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#51. I encourage anyone who has gone through hardships to look back through their life's chapters and see what can be turned into a book. For you never know what heartache God, one day, can turn into a redemptive story.

Jolina Petersheim

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#52. Read a short story every day. By the end of the week you would have read volumes of stories.

Lailah Gifty Akita

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#53. I was immediately swept up in Ariane's story. Equal parts thrill-ride and love story, The Rules is intense and emotional. This book stays with you long after you finish.

Sophie Jordan

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#54. I hate SF books that think all you need to make a book is cool technology and mind-bending ideas without a decent plot or characters. And I hate when fantasy books are allowed to ramble off into five hundred page diatribes which don't advance the story one bit.

Chris Wooding

Best Story Book Quotes #17468
#55. Warning: This book is short and right to the point - like the kind of story that gives you whiplash. If you enjoy unbelievable plots, and insta-everything going on, you may enjoy this dirty little read.

Jenika Snow

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#56. It's like reading a good book. The kind where you don't want to skip pages to see what happens at the end. Each moment is a story in itself.

Renee Carlino

Best Story Book Quotes #11476
#57. She ate toast in bed, then reread a favorite book, taking comfort from a story where she knew the outcome would be good and just and right.

Sarah Mayberry

Best Story Book Quotes #10469
#58. I started on the opening page of my own book.
'I am a cheating, weak-spined, women-fearing coward, and i am the hero of your story. Because the woman I cheated on - my wife, Amy Elliott Dunne - is a sociopath and a murderer.'
Yes. I'd read that.

Gillian Flynn

Best Story Book Quotes #10364
#59. 'Push' had a story, 'The Paperboy' story you could just throw up in the air and shoot holes through the book because the story wasn't as strong. But I felt the characters were stronger in 'The Paperboy'; they were vivid.

Lee Daniels

Best Story Book Quotes #8239
#60. When writing a book what is more important? Grammar and spelling or telling a great story? I know which I would choose.

Samuel Colbran

Best Story Book Quotes #8043
#61. He is a blind man and I am his book of braille. His breath against my collarbone raises goosebumps on my arm as I let him read my story.

Alanna Rusnak

Best Story Book Quotes #3884
#62. I'm excited about how books work in a digital age. When you read a book, unlike a film, you are decoding symbols in order to 'see' the story, so it is collaborative in a way that a film can never be.

Steven Hall

Best Story Book Quotes #2344
#63. Our story opens in the mind of Luther L. (L for LeRoy) Fliegler, who is lying in his bed, not thinking of anything, but just aware of sounds, conscious of his own breathing, and sensitive to his own heartbeats. Lying beside him is his wife, lying on her right side and enjoying her sleep.

John O'Hara

Best Story Book Quotes #2251
#64. Can I ask what you're reading?" ... She turned the book so the cover faced me. Wuthering Heights. "Have you read it?" She said. I nodded. I could feel the pulsating beat of my heart behind my eyes. "It's a sad story." "Sad stories make good books," She said. "They do.

Khaled Hosseini

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#65. A story can only be contained in a book.

Andrzej Sapkowski

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#66. Some Day Someone is going to pick up this book (The Bible) and believe it, and put us all to shame.

Leonard Ravenhill

Best Story Book Quotes #89063
#67. But how do you know?" "Because it's our book, Cassie. Yours and mine. This is our story, and I'll be damned if I let it end badly." I

Max Monroe

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#68. Robert Mapplethorpe asked me to write our story the day before he died. I had never written a book of nonfiction, and so it took me almost two decades to write that book.

Patti Smith

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#69. Don't compare your story to a movie or a book because it is written by a script writer and yours by God


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#70. One of my book-reading friends used the term "our story unfolds" when describing a paper he was writing. He became somewhat less of a friend right at that moment.

Tommy Greenwald

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#71. A recurrent theme of this book is that luck plays a large role in every story of success;

Daniel Kahneman

Best Story Book Quotes #80836
#72. Any real, beautiful thing in this world shouldn't be tamed or claimed or broken. It should be allowed to be, worked with, not against, appreciated. Don't be afraid of the wild she has left. It makes her special.

Carly Kade

Best Story Book Quotes #78865
#73. I began to be impressed by what made a good book-how you needed to have a sensible story, a plot that developed, with a beginning, a middle, and an end that would tie everything together.

Dorothy Fields

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#74. The American biblical scholar Bart Ehrman, in a book whose subtitle is The Story Behind Who Changed the New Testament and Why, unfolds the huge uncertainty befogging the New Testament texts.

Richard Dawkins

Best Story Book Quotes #71453
#75. That first meeting - the one where the hero and heroine start the slow burn that takes the whole story to turn into true love - is the single most important part of the whole book. Nail it, and you've won yourself readers.

Sarah MacLean

Best Story Book Quotes #95842
#76. Where you read a book and when and with whom can make a big difference.

Robert Coles

Best Story Book Quotes #69668
#77. The White Queen in many ways it is representative of the sort of drama that I'm talking about. The books by Philippa Gregory were best sellers and they specifically told the story of history from the point of view of women.

Colin Callender

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#78. When kids don't learn about their own heritage in school, they just don't care about school ... But you won't see it in the history books unless we get the power to write our own history and tell our story ourselves.

Miles Davis

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#79. You write a book and you finish the book. That's your job done, right? You win the Booker and you have a whole new job. You have to be the thing, right? So instead of writing the story, you somehow are the story. And that I found that sort of terrible.

Anne Enright

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#80. Love is the connection between souls synchronized through heart beats.
Quote from my upcoming book 'Always Be MINE

Neha Daraad

Best Story Book Quotes #57113
#81. The book is not the important part. The book is the delivery system. The important part is the story and the talent.

Stephen King

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#82. They have a book of locations, and we would do a story about the Sahara Desert for instance, and in the California book you would find a comparable location, to match that location in California.

Robert Stack

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#83. God is the Master Author of your life. He has written every page of your life story in His eternal book. It's up to you to turn up the pages and move on with the next chapter or just get yourself stuck in the same content over and over again.- Elizabeth's Quotes

Elizabeth E. Castillo

Best Story Book Quotes #51448
#84. 'Britain's Royal Families' became my first published book, in 1989, from The Bodley Head, and the rest of the story is - dare I say it? - history!

Alison Weir

Best Story Book Quotes #44726

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