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Top 20 Best Mike Stud Quotes

#1. Young, wild, and free, my whole life ahead of me. So I'm drinking heavily, steadily making memories.

Mike Stud

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#2. Wow. What'd he do to deserve that? Rescue orphans from a burning building? If so, you might want to make sure he didn't set the building on fire in the first place.

Richelle Mead

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#3. I'm legitimately having more fun doing music, but at the same time I worked my whole life for baseball. If I had to pick, I would probably pick music. I just connect more with the fact that other people connect with that I'm doing so much. It's a much cooler thing than being good at sports.

Mike Stud

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#4. I didn't have musical upbringing. I never listened to music growing up, thinking "I want to make my own music". I just listened to music for pleasure.

Mike Stud

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#5. My music is basically all about witty punchlines and lyric progression that is aimed to make you laugh or say "Woah."

Mike Stud

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#6. It's time for the US to widen its circle of learning, not to circle its wagons against hostile ideas in education reform.

Andy Hargreaves

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#7. Clearly, any issues about breaching of expenses rules should be properly investigated.

Nicola Sturgeon

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#8. That's what happened to my parents' barn? A dinosaur stepped on it?
- Dak

Matt De La Pena

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#9. As I have continued to make music and progress as an artist, I think I am steadily getting better at expanding my lyrical content and defining who I am as an artist.

Mike Stud

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#10. To be honest, I was unaware of the huge frat-rap scene that was taking over the blogosphere until I found myself right in the middle of it. But there are really a ton of talented dudes out there doing this, and I'm just having a great time making music and being a part of it all.

Mike Stud

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#11. Silent is an anagram of listen.

Johnny Rich

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#12. Don't lose your happiness on the pursuit for more

Mike Stud

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#13. Songs will always become a story in some way. I think it's my strongpoint as a writer musically. I don't shy away from it. It's not really an effort. It's how I write songs.

Mike Stud

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#14. Portsmouth has the honor, I believe, of establishing the first recorded pauper workhouse - though not in connection with her poets, as might naturally be supposed.

Thomas Bailey Aldrich

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#15. The things I'm saying in my records are always me. I write about things in my life that I'm experiencing. When you hear the personal meaningful records that aren't about partying, they stem from my life.

Mike Stud

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#16. I basically try not to waste any lines in any of my songs, and I think the witty phrases and funny lyrics I have bring a smarter sound to college hip-hop.

Mike Stud

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#17. was a glorious catastrophe.

Jess Walter

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#18. With my art, it's the one thing that I know will outlive me and outlive my feelings. It will outlive my depressive seasons.

Frank Ocean

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#19. My music started out as a complete joke, so really all I was doing was going for witty punchlines to make all of my buddies laugh.

Mike Stud

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#20. That's why your middle finger close to your ring, coz it's either love or hate there ain't no in-between

Mike Stud

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