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Top 16 Bernardine Quotes

#1. The year end brings no greater pleasure then the opportunity to express to you season's greetings and good wishes. May your holidays and new year be filled with joy. - Author: Charles Dickens
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#2. I always thought the joy of reading a book is not knowing what happens next. (Leonard Shelby, Memento) - Author: Christopher Nolan
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#3. There was no difference between the behavior of a god and the operations of pure chance. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#4. Killing a cop just because he's a cop, that'll happen. And that should happen. And there's nothing inhuman about it at all. It's survival. It's the most human thing in the world. - Author: Bernardine Dohrn
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#5. I only suggest to you: Will you dwell on killing this man? You wish for revenge? If you do, he has already killed you by slow poison. So, let it go. Why waste your time? His life will see to his death. - Author: Lloyd Alexander
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#6. The real terrorist is the American government, state terrorism unleashed against the world. - Author: Bernardine Dohrn
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#7. His nose holes are opening and closing," Piper responded, making a gross face. - Author: Beth Ehemann
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#8. To leave a whisper of myself in the world, my ghost, a magna opera of words. - Author: Bernardine Evaristo
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#9. She came out of her reverie with a deep sigh and looked at him with a dreamy gaze of a soul that had been wandering afar, star-led. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#10. This tendency to consider only bombings or picking up the gun as revolutionary, with the glorification of the heavier the better,we've called the military error. - Author: Bernardine Dohrn
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#11. People are getting patents on things that are too general. - Author: Jerry Yang
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#12. I certainly wasn't born with creative writing. Maybe there's a certain amount of learning and then it's up to the person. I think in the end it's your favourite books that are the best teachers. That's the way I've learned the most, by far. - Author: Markus Zusak
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#13. Improving the outlook for U.S workers isn't about creating millions of minimum-wage jobs. It is about creating sustainable, skilled employment that allows Americans to earn a fair wage with benefits that allows them to pay for housing and food on the table and sustain a middle-class lifestyle. - Author: James P. Hoffa
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#14. The white man will never be alone. Let him be just, and deal kindly with my people. For the dead are not powerless. - Author: Chief Seattle
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#15. Freaks are revolutionaries, and revolutionaries are freaks - Author: Bernardine Dohrn
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#16. At St. Bernardine's the nuns never liked me. Especially Sister Mary Bitch-and-a-Half. I think that was her biblical name. - Author: Kathy Griffin
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