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Top 15 Beaudine Quotes

#1. If there's even one person who might be hurt by a decision, you should never make it. - Author: Penelope Fitzgerald
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#2. Possible things aren't worth much, it's those crazy impossible things that keep us passionate and alive. - Author: Bob Beaudine
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#3. There isn't much in the way of pure communist spirit, because the whole nation seems to be engaged in capitalistic enterprises. Much of the country still operates under government control. - Author: Iris Chang
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#4. Go where youre celebrated - not just tolerated. - Author: Bob Beaudine
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#5. You'll never succeed with people who devalue you! - Author: Bob Beaudine
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#6. Travel is a set of corrective lenses that helps focus the planet's blurred reality. - Author: Andrew Solomon
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#7. Bob Beaudine challenges you to think differently. His unique approach to life and business has helped elevate many careers. - Author: Roger Goodell
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#8. Pain Can Come to you through the ones You Love - Author: Todd Johnson
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#9. It had all seemed as inevitable as sunset. Instead it was the beauty of the sun glinting upon the scythe. - Author: Suzanne Finnamore
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#10. I was raised by just my mom. See, my father died when I was eight years old. At least, that's what he told us in the letter.. - Author: Drew Carey
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#11. Inconsistency itself breeds vitality. - Author: Kenzo Tange
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#12. Satan knows your name but he calls you by your sin. - Author: Bob Beaudine
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#13. I did not have a van, or wear Birkenstocks and tie-dyes. - Author: Rachel Zoe
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#14. Bipartisanship isn't an option anymore; it is a requirement. The American people have divided responsibility for leadership right down the middle. - Author: Tom Daschle
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#15. The Hollywood model is to develop scripts for 10 years, sell them, transfer them, attach this actor, then attach a director. This isn't what I'm about. I'm much more of a creator and a doer. - Author: Mike Birbiglia
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