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#1. I want to soothe him, want to stroke his cheek and run my fingers through his hair. I want to pull his head to my breast and whisper soft words, and I want to make love to him slowly and sweetly until the shadows of the night are gone and the morning light bathes us in color. - Author: J. Kenner
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#2. In Dragon's Tail, Andrew Charlton explores the supercharged rise of China and considers Australia's future as the Chinese dragon stirs and shifts. - Author: Andrew Charlton
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#3. The Eucharist bathes the tormented soul in light and love. Then the soul appreciates these words, 'Come all you who are sick, I will restore your health.' - Author: Bernadette Soubirous
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#4. Youth is in a grand flush, like the hot days of ending summer; and pleasant dreams thrall your spirit, like the smoky atmosphere that bathes the landscape of an August day. - Author: Donald G. Mitchell
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#5. Does not heed to the dark
With its shimmering light,
Moon quietly bathes the ocean - Author: Somali K Chakrabarti
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#6. Our work is before us. It cannot be passed to future legislatures and must not be passed to future generations. May we boldly seize the moment with singular unity. And may we build a Texas of unlimited possibility. - Author: Rick Perry
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#7. Every skillful writer foregrounds notable aspects of experience, details that might otherwise be lost in the mass of data that continuously bathes our senses - and in so doing prompts us to find and savour those in the world around us. - Author: Alain De Botton
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#8. Humor, warm and all-embracing as the sunshine, bathes its objects in a genial and abiding light. - Author: Edwin Percy Whipple
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#9. Owning a dog is like having a demanding manner-less friend who never bathes themselves but which somehow ends up spending every single night on your couch. - Author: Matte Resist
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#10. One didn't stop to talk with creatures from one's nightmares. - Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
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#11. And soon I'll return to the white rose of Yorkshire, where the sky bathes my soul with a watering can. - Author: Carrie Firestone
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#12. Who cares about tomorrow?
What more is tomorrow,
than another day?
(-The Avett Brothers, "Swept Away") - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#13. She looks like she bathes. Maybe in a tub of puppies' tears, though. - Jayke Wolff - Author: Shawn Keenan
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#14. When I look on you a moment, then I can speak no more, but my tongue falls silent, and at once a delicate flame courses beneath my skin, and with my eyes I see nothing, and my ears hum, and a wet sweat bathes me and a trembling seizes me all over. - Author: Sappho
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#15. Robert Downey Jr. doesn't work out like us regular folks. Adulation bathes him from the moment he arrives at his Los Angeles martial arts studio. - Author: Stephen Rodrick
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#16. There are some beings, whom fate seems to select on whom to pour, in unmeasured portion, the vials of her wrath, and whom she bathes even to the lips in misery. - Author: Mary Shelley
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#17. A poet is a poet, whether he rides in a Ford or on a donkey; a sage is a sage, whether he plays golf in New Jersey or bathes in the Ganges, or prays in the desert; and a fool is a fool, whether he be a maharaja or a president of a post-war republic. - Author: Ameen Rihani
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#18. What art makes us see, and therefore gives to us in the form of 'seeing', 'perceiving' and 'feeling' (which is not the form of knowing,) is the ideology from which it is born, in which it bathes, from which it detaches itself as art, and which it alludes. - Author: Louis Althusser
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#19. Mystery is like a kind of atmosphere which bathes the greatest works of the masters. - Author: Auguste Rodin
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#20. Water is the formless potential out of which creation emerged. It is the ocean of unconsciousness enveloping the islands of consciousness. Water bathes us at birth and again at death, and in between it washes away sin. It is by turns the elixir of life or the renewing rain or the devastating flood. - Author: Scott Sanders
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#21. A man in whom religion is an inspiration, who has surrendered his being to its power, who drinks it, breathes it, bathes in it, cannot speak otherwise than religiously. - Author: J.G. Holland
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#22. And if he bathes her in sections, will the parts hold? - Author: Toni Morrison
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#23. The adult ought never to mold the child after himself, but should leave him alone and work always from the deepest comprehension of the child himself. - Author: Maria Montessori
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#24. The adept may reach one of those rare moments that spell illumination
aware of the light of the consciousness that illumines our consciousness as the sun dawns on the sleeping earth and bathes it in effulgence. - Author: Vilayat Inayat Khan
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#25. Who bathes in worldly joys, swims in a world of fears. - Author: Phineas Fletcher
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#26. Nature will not be conquered, but gives herself freely to her true lover - to him who revels with her, bathes in her seas, sails her rivers, camps in her woods, and with no mercenary ends, accepts all. - Author: John Burroughs
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#27. To be cursed by a god is to be touched by a god. To be touched by any god is to share divinity in some small measure. When the high priest leaves the sanctuary he strips off his clothing and bathes. Did you know that? His clothing is burned. I - Author: Gene Wolfe
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