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#1. There was a time there when I thought going out was so fun. I don't know how it happens, but suddenly that's not a priority anymore.

Lisa Kudrow

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#2. I may or may not
have once tossed a guy out of her store for flirting
with her.Total douchebag. Wore a
scarf indoors. -Nick

Julie James

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#3. You thought I was writing The Truth? Honey, I don't even know what The Truth means.

Hugh Elliot

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#4. It would be one of those evenings when lady luck showed the bitchy streak in her nature

Tennessee Williams

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#5. There we go, that's it. I just hold my hand in this position for the next couple of hours.

Bill Bailey

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#6. He had created a solution where it had never before existed, or even been imagined.

Terry Goodkind

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#7. Amish children are usually named after aunts or uncles or some other relation. Keeps the family names going.

Sarah Price

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#8. There is a need in every generation to study the past, to absorb its spirit, to preserve its messages ... it's a collaboration of ourselves and our ancestors, the result is a deeper understanding for individuals and in consequence, a broader culture for the nation.

Christopher Tunnard

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#9. Getting tired of sitting, staring at my computer screen, day after day, where everyone is two-dimensional, reduced to an avatar photo, status updates, or maybe some carefully curated vacation photos. There's something exhausting about that after a while. I found myself wanting to hear voices.

Brad Listi

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#10. Minimize expectations to avoid being disappointed.

Michael Reaves

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#11. Little Bird, our love has been hard-earned from the very beginning. It is more precious to me than anything on earth. I can't just let go of it. And I won't stop fighting for it." ~ Ian

Willow Aster

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#12. There is nothing more inimical to writing than the spirit of fundamentalism. Fundamentalism abhors the play of signs, the endlessness of writing. Fundamentalism means nothing more or less than going back to an origin and staying there. It stands for one founding book and, thereafter, no more books.

J.M. Coetzee

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#13. The truth is that you are afraid.'
'Afraid? I do not know all the words in the Parisian jargon, and I know not what you mean.

Alexandre Dumas

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#14. When you look at how American national freight systems are connected, it's a bit of a patchwork. When you look at how even road systems and rail systems work across state lines, it's a bit of a patchwork.

Anthony Foxx

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