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#1. Manye chapeleyns arn chaste, ac charite is aweye; Are none hardere than hii whan hii ben avaunced: Unkynde to hire kyn and to alle Cristene, Chewen hire charite and chiden after moore - Swich chastite withouten charite worth cheyned in helle.

William Langland

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#2. I know that many ailments can be healed with food by nourishing your body instead of taking drugs.

Laura Prepon

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#3. You're good with the words, I'll give you that."
"I'm good with my hands. Will you let me give you that?

Samantha Young

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#4. There's no substitute for guts.

Paul Bryant

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#5. Any actual parts of me, anything real, anything human, anything honest, I kept to myself. I was a very good girl. I did what everyone needed me to do. And

Shonda Rhimes

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#6. One of the great attractions of patriotism - it fulfills our worst wishes. In the person of our nation we are able, vicariously, to bully and cheat. Bully and cheat, what's more, with a feeling that we are profoundly virtuous.

Aldous Huxley

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#7. The origins of your superiority complex lies less in how you can elevate your own self-worth & more in how you can dedicate your abilities to lower someone else's.

David Self

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#8. Masai and elephants. The rest is dust.

Alastair Reynolds

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#9. I don't want anybody to panic. I'm not pitching. I'm just throwing out the first ball.

Phil Niekro

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#10. Some people can't leave school because they're carrying it around like a snail and his shell. They live there, still. School became an ingrown, hard part of them. They still define themselves by their school failures and successes.

Sandra Dodd

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#11. Mum and Dad always wanted me to do whatever I was happy doing. I nearly went to art college at 16, but decided to do a BTEC in performing arts.

Stephen Graham

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#12. There should be a study of a house directly elected by the people of the world to whom the nations are accountable.

Ernest Bevin

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#13. Why do you guys all think girls with long hair are the classiest, the sweetest, the most feminine? I mean, I myself know at least two hundred and fifty unclassy girls with long hair.

Haruki Murakami

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#14. He told her about the small officers' library, too, from which he sometimes stole books. 'They're the only good thing about the whole place. I sleep with a dictionary under my pillow, sometimes. Just to remind me that there are more words in the world than 'Come here, boy.

Katherine Rundell

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