Top 100 Art Paintings Quotes

#1. 'The Bradshaws' is the appropriately inappropriate English title given to an enigma - some hundreds of thousands of mysterious rock art paintings scattered through the wilds of the Kimberley, an area larger than Germany in the remote, scarcely populated northwest of Australia.

Richard Flanagan

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#2. There is tragic evidence to show that the paintings at the French prehistoric art sites are deteriorating.

Louis Leakey

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#3. I also take pleasure in the so-called negative power in Grotjahn's work. That is, I love his paintings for what they are not. Unlike much art of the past decade, Grotjahn isn't simply working from a prescribed checklist of academically acceptable, curator-approved 'isms' and twists.

Jerry Saltz

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#4. We enjoy lovely music, beautiful paintings, a thousand intellectual delicacies, but we have no idea of their cost, to those who invented them, in sleepless nights, tears, spasmodic laughter, rashes, asthmas, epilepsies, and the fear of death, which is worse than all the rest.

Marcel Proust

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#5. A dancer should learn from all the arts. Go to museums and look at the paintings. See how they balance things. Everything you do in the arts enriches you.

Alicia Alonso

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#6. I realize that protest paintings are not exactly in vogue, but I've done many.

Robert Indiana

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#7. I believe in originality, primarily. However, it's important to know what there has been before to aim in that direction. Art history informs us. It informs our mind. I like to look at books, exhibitions, paintings, as a computer, subconsciously taking on information.

Philip Treacy

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#8. What can books of men that wive
In a dragon-guarded land,
Paintings of the dolphin-drawn
Sea-nymphs in their pearly wagons
Do, but awake a hope to live ... ?

William Butler Yeats

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#9. My interest in art must have started with my Catholic upbringing. Art was everywhere: churches with its paintings, sculptures, stained glass, textiles, and fine metalwork.

Cheech Marin

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#10. My art originates from hallucinations only I can see. I translate the hallucinations and obsessional images that plague me into sculptures and paintings.

Yayoi Kusama

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#11. I take this art very seriously and passionately. I love what I do. You can't help but grow. That's not to say you don't make mistakes or make bad choices, but that's part of the art. Painters paint bad paintings.

Christopher Meloni

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#12. In truth, the best long-term explanations about our ancient counterparts can be found in the paintings, sculpture, crafts, tools of utility, language and architecture left behind. These are the building blocks of civilization we call culture. These are what we call 'the arts.

Edward J. Fraughton

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#13. That's why people listen to music or look at paintings. To get in touch with that wholeness.

Corita Kent

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#14. Like it or not, people tend to buy paintings to match their drapes, couch or carpet. I know you want them to be so overwhelmed with your skills they can't resist hauling your art home. These three factors are what dictate most art sales.

Jack White

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#15. The old, sad art colors are gone. Now I paint bright colors. I paint paintings which are happy, where children are laughing and playing with animals. I paint paradise on Earth. I still paint sadness sometimes, but there is sadness in the world, too.

Margaret Keane

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#16. We are so fortunate, as Australians, to have among us the oldest continuing cultures in human history. Cultures that link our nation with deepest antiquity. We have Aboriginal rock art in the Kimberley that is as ancient as the great Palaeolithic cave paintings at Altamira and Lascaux in Europe.

Kevin Rudd

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#17. The political topicality of my October paintings means almost nothing to me, but in many reviews it is the first or only thing that arouses interest, and the response to the pictures varies according to current political circumstance. I find this rather a distraction.

Gerhard Richter

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#18. There are artists with palettes and easels selling the kind of modern art that Soviet art critics used to critique with bulldozers. Judging by the paintings I saw, the Soviets were right the first time.

P. J. O'Rourke

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#19. I hope to depart in no other way than looking back with love and wistfulness and thinking, oh paintings that I would have made..

Vincent Van Gogh

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#20. One of the main reasons I am so drawn to Hitchcock is that he planned his shots way in advance on story-boards, which he designed like classic paintings (he was an art connoisseur). It's why he found shooting on set boring - because he had already composed the film in his head.

Camille Paglia

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#21. Poetry offers works of art that are beautiful, like paintings, which are my second favorite work of the art, but there are also works of art that embody emotion and that are kind of school for feeling. They teach how to feel, and they do this by the means of their beauty of language.

Donald Hall

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#22. A critic in my house sees some paintings. Greatly perturbed, he asks for my drawings. My drawings? Never! They are my letters, my secrets.

Paul Gauguin

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#23. During the days of my youth, critics and art-lovers resorted freely to this term of abuse. Even some of the most renowned Old Masters were also pilloried as having manufactured insipid and sugary paintings that were offensive to good taste.

Ernst Gombrich

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#24. In an exhibition wherein paintings of nudes were commonplace, that of Madame Gautreau in her black evening dress was considered scandalously erotic. -from The Greater Journey

David McCullough

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#25. Hopper's paintings are full of women like her; women who appear to be in the grips of a loneliness that has to do with gender and unattainable standards of appearance, and that gets increasingly toxic and strangulating with age.

Olivia Laing

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#26. When you look at the paintings at Chauvet Cave, they're not primitive or like children's little scribbles, it bursts on the scene fully accomplished and when you look through the faces of cultural history, art history, it has never gotten any better.

Werner Herzog

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#27. The art of mastering life is the prerequisite for all further forms of expression, whether they are paintings, sculptures, tragedies, or musical compositions.

Paul Klee

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#28. I noticed that the large windows between the paintings [in the Musee d'Art Moderne] interested me more than the art exhibited. From then on, painting as I had known it was finished for me.

Ellsworth Kelly

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#29. However," he continued, "this canvas is preferable to the paintings of that varlet Rubens, with his mountains of Flemish flesh sprinkled with vermilion, his waves of red hair and his medley of colors.

Honore De Balzac

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#30. Art, he said, isn't your little paintings and comic books. Art is the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Joey Comeau

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#31. I like to go to art museums and name the untitled paintings ... Boy With Pail ... Kitten On Fire.

Steven Wright

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#32. Why does no one speak of the cultural advantages of the country? For example, is a well groomed, ecologically kept, sustainably fertile farm any less cultural, any less artful, than paintings of fat angels on church ceilings?

Gene Logsdon

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#33. When I was about seven, one or two people encouraged me, and art became an enormous and important refuge. By adolescence, I was absolutely passionate about it and felt those paintings and those painters, whether they lived a few hundred years ago or were still alive, were somehow my companions.

John Berger

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#34. I'm getting more and more into Chinese art and Japanese, some of those scroll paintings are amazing. You follow the change of the seasons. It's really something. These guys were great masters and of course the use of space.

Robert Barry

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#35. A rude tourist was looking at paintings in a museum. He didn't find anything interesting and turned to the attendant while pointing to a large frame. Tourist: (making an ugly face) Is this what you call art? Attendant: No sir, this is what we call a mirror.

Johnson C. Philip

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#36. There's something retro about the pop culture references in the paintings, so I'd imagine it's not as much a pop culture reference as a pop art reference.

Joe Bradley

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#37. Like a guide dog, paintings help you see.

Martin Mull

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#38. ("It's crazy," she'd said, "but I'd be perfectly happy if I could sit looking at the same half dozen paintings for the rest of my life. I can't think of a better way to go insane.")

Donna Tartt

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#39. The Japanese have a wonderful sense of design and a refinement in their art. They try to produce beautiful paintings with the minimum number of strokes.

David Rockefeller

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#40. Why not fall in love with an artist? Otherwise there are no letters, pictures, paintings and songs for you when you wake up.

Darnell Lamont Walker

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#41. Far from being dominated by ideas from Paris and New York, Latin American artists were often the innovators. They were doing drip paintings in advance of Pollock, creating language art before the American conceptualists, and fashioning shaped canvases decades before Kelly or Stella.

Mari Carmen Ramirez

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#42. Throughout the Middle Ages, art and architecture had a spiritual mission: to direct man's attention toward God. Churches soared in that direction, and sculpture and paintings pointed the way to paradise. They depicted the sufferings of Christ, the Apostles, martyrs, the Last Judgment, and so on.

Jesse Bryant Wilder

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#43. It's a shame when other people's gambling habits change the meaning of paintings or when fluctuations of value start to dictate how people perceive art because it's too expensive to be interesting or moving. That's when I get bummed out.

Nate Lowman

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#44. Paintings are but research and experiment. I never do a painting as a work of art. All of them are researches. I search constantly and there is a logical sequence in all this research.

Pablo Picasso

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#45. I thought art was dead rabbits hanging by their feet on a wall. I went to Italy and saw all the religious paintings, and they didn't move me all that much. Then someone invited me to see this van Gogh exhibit at the Rosenberg Gallery in San Francisco.

Irving Stone

Art Paintings Quotes #969726
#46. Does any art have a practical value? People love to talk about how expensive a painting is. That's the only way we can talk about paintings in this century.

John Guare

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#47. [David] Salle's earlier work had been marked by a kind of spaciousness, sometimes an emptiness, such as surrealist works are prone to. But here everything was condensed, impacted, mired. The paintings were like an ugly mood.

Janet Malcolm

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#48. All art, from the paintings on the walls of cave dwellers to art created today, is autobiographical because it comes from the secret place in the soul where imagination resides.

Gloria Vanderbilt

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#49. Art shows what's inside. And that's scary. Showing my paintings would be cutting my arm open in front of a crowd and showing them what color I bleed.

Christina Daley

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#50. The value of writing about art is its effect on the imagination. Paintings allow us to inhabit another culture, place, and time period, and address the issues of those time periods that resonate with our own time.

Susan Vreeland

Art Paintings Quotes #911034
#51. I'm always changing things around. I have to change it all the time. I'm rearranging furniture and taking down paintings and putting up new ones, and buying new pieces of art.

Evangeline Lilly

Art Paintings Quotes #907145
#52. I couldn't go into the haphazard drawing or the paintings, the splashing of paint. I wanted to go back to a completely dry drawing, a dry conception of art.

Marcel Duchamp

Art Paintings Quotes #153182
#53. I love beautiful things. I'm not into art so much, like paintings.

Celine Dion

Art Paintings Quotes #351687
#54. I just like art. I get pure pleasure from it. I have a lot of wonderful paintings, and every time I look at them I see something different.

Jack Nicholson

Art Paintings Quotes #348169
#55. Appropriation is the idea that ate the art world. Go to any Chelsea gallery or international biennial and you'll find it. It's there in paintings of photographs, photographs of advertising, sculpture with ready-made objects, videos using already-existing film.

Jerry Saltz

Art Paintings Quotes #343632
#56. I have not collected art. Art collected me. I never found paintings. They found me. I have never even owned a work of art. They owned me.

Edward G. Robinson

Art Paintings Quotes #341485
#57. In my 20s, when I was a photojournalist in Beijing. I joined an underground art group and put on clandestine exhibitions of my paintings.

Ma Jian

Art Paintings Quotes #317206
#58. If you study the history of mankind, it seems to be a history of violence. Certainly the history of art, whether you look at paintings or movies or plays or whatever, is just a litany of murder and death.

Ethan Hawke

Art Paintings Quotes #290516
#59. Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.

Wassily Kandinsky

Art Paintings Quotes #285756
#60. Despite all the efforts of art dealers, the number of Rembrandts existing at a given time is limited; yet such paintings are commonly disposed of by auction.

Ronald Coase

Art Paintings Quotes #279346
#61. On the opposite wall was a Damien Hirst spot painting, bought by Arabella after a decent bonus season. Roger's considered view of the painting, looking at it from aesthetic, art-historical, interior-design, and psychological points of view, was that it had cost forty-seven thousand pounds, plus VAT.

John Lanchester

Art Paintings Quotes #229959
#62. The paint for the grey paintings was mixed beforehand and then applied with different implements - sometimes a roller, sometimes a brush. It was only after painting them that I sometimes felt that the grey was not yet satisfactory and that another layer of paint was needed.

Gerhard Richter

Art Paintings Quotes #223636
#63. That's partly the success of my work-the ability to have a young black girl walk into the Brooklyn Museum and see paintings she recognizes not because of their art or historical influence but because of their inflection, in terms of colors, their specificity and presence.

Kehinde Wiley

Art Paintings Quotes #222237
#64. I lost my job as an art salesman. It was the customer's fault. He wanted to buy the wrong paintings.

Vincent Van Gogh

Art Paintings Quotes #218556
#65. If the abstract paintings show my reality, then the landscapes and still-lifes show my yearning.

Gerhard Richter

Art Paintings Quotes #374236
#66. I think of my peace paintings as one long poem, with each painting being a single stanza.

Robert Indiana

Art Paintings Quotes #139969
#67. The reason these paintings are destined for New York is not because I am disappointed about a lack of German interest, but because MoMA asked me, and because I consider it to be the best museum in the world.

Gerhard Richter

Art Paintings Quotes #134773
#68. The only slight disconcertance being that in the middle of looking at a paintings [in the Museum of Modern Art] she always found herself desperately needing to take a pee. And grandmother's voice in her ear.
'My dear, if you really have to, only clean, very clean rest rooms will do.

J.P. Donleavy

Art Paintings Quotes #114979
#69. Living with and studying good paintings offers greater interest, variety and satisfaction than any other pleasure known to man.

Albert C. Barnes

Art Paintings Quotes #102035
#70. I think art is good at looking back and looking forward. I don't think art is good at looking head-on. At the end of the day, people are more important than paintings.

Damien Hirst

Art Paintings Quotes #71789
#71. Paintings, like dreams, have a life of their own and I have always painted very much the way I dream.

Leonor Fini

Art Paintings Quotes #61248
#72. The artistic process in digital art is very much the same as for making other kinds of paintings.

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Art Paintings Quotes #48533
#73. Everything he's learned about the Civil Service tells him that having tea poured for you is one of the ferociously guarded signifiers of rank, like the grade of paintings from the Government Art Collection hung on your office wall, or the quality of your carpet.

Charles Stross

Art Paintings Quotes #28126
#74. I get strength from my art - all the paintings I own are powerful.

Madonna Ciccone

Art Paintings Quotes #20885
#75. In the Raphael Room, the secret turned out to be that only some of the paintings were made by the great master; the rest were made by students. I had liked the ones by Raphael. This was a big jab for my self-confidence in my ability to appreciate art.

Richard P. Feynman

Art Paintings Quotes #20630
#76. The Cubist paintings in the Centre Pompidou in Paris were strange but amazing. The big fat magical cat said they made her eyes hurt.

Jim Shanahan

Art Paintings Quotes #224
#77. Drawings, paintings, and sculptures. That's the three pillars of art academia.

Barry McGee

Art Paintings Quotes #487707
#78. I had given up ( around 1950, fh) any ambition of making a career as an artist ... ..I had lost all interest in the art shown in galleries and museums, and I no longer aspired to fit in that world. I loved the paintings done by children, and my only desire was to do the same for my own pleasure.

Jean Dubuffet

Art Paintings Quotes #627141
#79. That's the great thing about art. Anybody can do it if you just believe. With practice, you can make great paintings.

Damien Hirst

Art Paintings Quotes #610039
#80. The paintings of Francis Bacon to my eye are very beautiful. The paintings of Bosch or Goya are to my eye very beautiful. I've also stood in front of those same paintings with people who've said, 'let's get on to the Botticellis as soon as possible.' I have lingered, of course.

Clive Barker

Art Paintings Quotes #608852
#81. The bogus religiosity which now surrounds original works of art, and which is ultimately dependent upon their market value, has become the substitute for what paintings lost when the camera made them reproducible.

John Berger

Art Paintings Quotes #602250
#82. Paintings are too hard. The things I want to show are mechanical. Machines have less problems. I'd like to be a machine, wouldn't you?

Andy Warhol

Art Paintings Quotes #564955
#83. They decided to establish a museum of modern art where works by contemporary artists would be shown. Mother was viewed as a very progressive person, and not everybody liked the paintings she bought.

David Rockefeller

Art Paintings Quotes #525138
#84. I am inspired by life, past experiences, what's to come, women around me, art, colors, paintings, and emotions.

Rachel Roy

Art Paintings Quotes #514850
#85. What do I need a movie for? The stage is on a higher level in every way, and a more satisfying medium. Movies, by comparison, are like calendar art next to great paintings. You can't really do very much in movies or in television, but the stage is such an anarchistic medium.

Eli Wallach

Art Paintings Quotes #514287
#86. The more I've gotten interested in writing about history and making sense of myself within the continuum of history, the more I've turned to paintings, to art. I look to the imagery of art to help me understand something about my own place in the world.

Natasha Trethewey

Art Paintings Quotes #511417
#87. We have a language that reflects how we learn to paint, but not how we learn to paint our paintings. How do you describe the [reader to place words here] that changes when craft swells into art?

David Bayles

Art Paintings Quotes #509467
#88. I believe in walking out of a museum before the paintings you've seen begin to run together. How else can you carry anything away with you in your mind's eye?

Elizabeth Kostova

Art Paintings Quotes #495318
#89. I am planning a one-man art show of original Batman oil paintings that I will show in New York City.

Bob Kane

Art Paintings Quotes #628542
#90. I hope I have made it clear that the work is about perfection as we are aware of it in our minds but that the paintings are very far from being perfect - completely removed in fact - even as we ourselves are.

Agnes Martin

Art Paintings Quotes #463167
#91. My paintings are not about what is seen. They are about what is known forever in the mind.

Agnes Martin

Art Paintings Quotes #442083
#92. Entering into the spirit of this interior, you will discover the best possible atmosphere in which to show fine paintings or listen to music. It is this atmosphere that seems to me most lacking in our art galleries, museums, music halls and theaters.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Art Paintings Quotes #441198
#93. Art is challenging and frustrating but I don't linger in it. I work on five paintings at a time so if I'm frustrated I put one down and begin another.

Robert Bateman

Art Paintings Quotes #440373
#94. The paintings have only ever been ways of exploring architecture. I don't see them as art.

Zaha Hadid

Art Paintings Quotes #421081
#95. Poor Georgia O'Keeffe. Death didn't soften the opinions of the art world toward her paintings.

Jerry Saltz

Art Paintings Quotes #401353
#96. Why is comedy the only form of the arts where people think they have to agree with or approve the content? You don't walk through a museum with a towel and throw it over paintings you don't like.

Jim Norton

Art Paintings Quotes #391370
#97. Art comes from art: I remember going to the Matisse show and seeing how Matisse had taken one of his own paintings, worked from it and transformed it, and that had led on to the next one and the next.

Anthony Caro

Art Paintings Quotes #385468
#98. Like what Jackson Pollock used to say. He thought the creation of the painting was the art, and the painting was just what was left. He didn't know why people wanted to buy his paintings.

Andy Reynolds

Art Paintings Quotes #384060
#99. I don't know what motivated the artist, which means that the paintings have an intrinsic quality. I think Goethe called it the 'essential dimension,' the thing that makes great works of art great.

Gerhard Richter

Art Paintings Quotes #382716
#100. At the beginning of the 20th century, the ambition of the great painters was to make paintings that were like music, which was then considered as the noblest art.

Brian Eno

Art Paintings Quotes #377171

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