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Top 11 Antony Tudor Quotes

#1. Peace of mind is another way of saying that you've learned how to love, that you have come to appreciate the importance of giving love in order to be worthy of receiving it. - Author: Hubert H. Humphrey
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#2. 'The Leaves Are Fading' had something of a vogue when Antony Tudor made it in 1975, largely because of Gelsey Kirkland's ravishing performance. - Author: Robert Gottlieb
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#3. My body can't demonstrate. It isn't willing to explore movements the way it used to. I've always had to find the movement in myself then show it in myself. If I've got the sense of movement for the character, I expect the dancer to get it too. - Author: Antony Tudor
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#4. The figure in the doorway ducked; the brick hit the wall, and Luke straightened up and looked at her curiously. I hope when we're married, that's not the way you greet me every day when I come home, he said. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#5. The road will make me better. The road always does. - Author: Joe Hill
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#6. If I see a human body on the stage, I don't see it as an abstraction. I see it as a body. - Author: Antony Tudor
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#7. I would like to tell all dancers to forget themselves and the desire for self display. They must become completely absorbed in the dance. Even in a classical variation there should never be any thought of a dancer doing a variation
he should become identified with it. - Author: Antony Tudor
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#8. You can be angry and pissed off at the coach and put your head down and pout. Or you can rise above it, respect the decision, but also know that you're going to go and work that much harder and prove everybody wrong. And that's the road that I chose. - Author: Carli Lloyd
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#9. Sometimes I feel as if sections of my ballets were done for me - that I didn't do them myself. - Author: Antony Tudor
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#10. My kingdom for a kiss upon your shoulder
lover you should have come over- - Author: Jeff Buckley
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#11. Remember that the progress of the world depends on your knowing better than your elders. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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