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#1. I'd like to continue doing movies, clubs, concert halls and television. I like something about each one.

Tommy Davidson

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#2. When we live daily with the aspiration to do everything we do with love, our days will never be lacking.

Trish Blackwell

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#3. Is this your bedroom?" she asked, and turned to look at him. Myrnin straightened and jammed the big red floppy hat back on his head. The feathers waved back and forth.
"Don't get any ideas," he said. "I'm far too young and innocent for that kind of thinking.

Rachel Caine

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#4. Change has to come for life to struggle forward.

Helen Hollick

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#5. If you foul up, tell the President and correct it fast. Delay only compounds mistakes.

Donald Rumsfeld

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#6. He wasn't certain whether he had just got space-sickness or religion.

Douglas Adams

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#7. I'm having so much fun, because you know what? They cast a Star Wars fan in a Star Wars movie. Biiiiiig mistake!

John Boyega

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#8. When you feel nothing, God is teaching you to live by faith.

Rick Warren

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#9. The Palestinian cause is not a cause for Palestinians only, but a cause for every revolutionary, wherever he is, as a cause of the exploited and oppressed masses in our era.

Ghassan Kanafani

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#10. My own mother, my sister and nearly all the women in my family had full-time jobs as mothers. They were wonderful at it. They drove their children back and forth to soccer, skating lessons, piano lessons, private schools, but I sensed, even in my own mother, a kind of distant dissatisfaction.

Janine Di Giovanni

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#11. This world is too peaceful, too acquiescent, too tame. It is a circumcised world. Nay! - a castrated world! It must be made fiercer, before it can become grander and better and - more natural.

Arthur Desmond

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