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#1. Hurrying back into the rouge lighting in sheer terror, Amelia ran without another word, escaping into the shadows of the dungeon, and she shrieked for salvation that never came. - Author: Shelique Lize
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#2. I paint only what I love.
[Vincent Van Gogh] - Author: Irving Stone
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#3. I can go out in public without being recognized. If I want to be recognized in public, it will happen. - Author: Peter Mayhew
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#4. You have to work for what you want. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#5. Without the light the beauty remains hidden," Gofrid said. "But it is always there. Just like God's love, or a father's, or a mother's. Remember that, Alienor. You are loved, whether you see it or not. - Author: Elizabeth Chadwick
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#6. When I was ten years old, my family left a cold, damp prefab in West Fife and moved to Corby, Northamptonshire, where my father quickly found work at what was then the Stewarts & Lloyds steelworks. - Author: John Burnside
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#7. To a child, often the box a toy came in is more appealing than the toy itself. - Author: Allen Klein
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#8. I wish I could fall asleep. But with a good book in my hands, I stay awake to finish reading. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#9. Nothing is so sexy in a man as talent. - Author: Joan Plowright
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#10. Do not determine to change your life eventually. If you have decided to change your life, it is already changing. - Author: Gwen Davis
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#11. If you wish to have children, please do something for the world you will bring them into. That will make you someone who works for peace, in one way or another. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
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#12. Life is tough, then you die. - Author: George Carlin
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