Top 30 Alcohol Bottle Sayings

#1. A drunkard is like a whiskey-bottle, all neck and belly and no head.

Austin O'Malley

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#2. An elderly black man with gray hair said, "Every bottle should come with a warning: 'This bottle may cause you to lose your job. This bottle may cause you to get a divorce. This bottle may cause you to become homeless.

Akhil Sharma

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#3. I bought a piece of God, ground to dust and mixed with alcohol in a glass bottle the colour of molasses.

Craig Clevenger

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#4. Every full bottle of alcohol has a message in it, a surprise that one will not discover until one drinks it

Viet Thanh Nguyen

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #1773427
#5. Isolde took a swig. "It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. Your government just gave you two months to get knocked up." She held up the bottle, her face dull and red. "Cheers."
"You better get your fill of the booze now, then," said Xochi. "You'll be drinking for two pretty soon.

Dan Wells

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#6. As the alcohol overcomes my mind, I hear the glass bottle shatter on the floor. This seems appropriate since I have obviously lost my grip on everything.

Suzanne Collins

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#7. The worst gift I was given is when I got out of rehab that Christmas; a bottle of wine. It was delicious.

Craig Ferguson

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#8. The turn I made was not the one I planned. And I watched my social standing slip away from me, while I watched the bottle slowly take command.

Merle Haggard

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#9. I have, he went on, betrayed myself with
belief, deluded myself with love
tricked myself with sex.
the bottle is damned faithful, he said,
the bottle will not lie

Charles Bukowski

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #1470519
#10. I can't walk, so I can't go home. No need to talk, cause I'm all alone. If I stay here they're gonna lock me in, hitting the bottle again.

Waylon Jennings

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #1453617
#11. Hyacinth took out a bottle of rum, and Phaedra raised her eyebrows, a reflex she'd acquired upon seeing her father and mother under its influence, their eyes and mouths turned wilder, as if a cork at the edges of their personalities had come unscrewed.

Naomi Jackson

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#12. Don't you drink? I notice you speak slightingly of the bottle. I have drunk since I was fifteen and few things have given me more pleasure.

Ernest Hemingway,

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#13. To a drinker the sensation is real and pure and akin to something spiritual: you seek; in the bottle, you find.

Caroline Knapp

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#14. A bottle of alcohol shortens your life by 4min, a cigar shortens your life by 6min and a day of work shortens your life by 8 hours.

Robin Sacredfire

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #1059982
#15. Somebody tells you they drink because they're a failure, it ain't so. They're a failure because they drink. And they drink because it's so damn hard not to. But as long as they have a bottle that isn't empty, they never feel far from being happy.

William Kent Krueger

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#16. Alcohol is a pervasive fact of life, but an extraordinary fact-pleasurable and destructive, anathematized and adulated, and deeply ambiguous ... the genie in the bottle.

Griffith Edwards

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#17. I was hungry and went out for a bite, ran into a chum with a bottle of rum and we wound up drinking all night.

Jimmy Buffett

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #843918
#18. 'Comfy,' that's one of the worst words! I just picture a woman feeling bad, with a big bottle of alcohol, really puffy. It's really depressing, but she likes her life because she has comfortable clogs.

Christian Louboutin

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #588740
#19. Said Aristotle unto Plato, 'Have another sweet potato?' Said Plato unto Aristotle, 'Thank you, I prefer the bottle.'

Owen Wister

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #569700
#20. I'm not following any of this, you know. Beecher who?"
"Henry Ward Beecher." Another slug from the bottle. "He's a preacher. Hey, that rhymes."
Well, that answers any questions about whether the alcohol is working.

Rysa Walker

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #494451
#21. I walk into the clubhouse today and it's like walking into the Mayo Clinic. We have four doctors, three therapists and five trainers. Back when I broke in, we had one trainer who carried a bottle of rubbing alcohol, and by the 7th inning he'd already drunk it.

Tommy Lasorda

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #415133
#22. So at twelve, I discovered that alcohol could dull pain and saw it as a friend. It was only in later years I realized that a friendship with a bottle can overnight turn into a relationship with the enemy.

Toni Maguire

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#23. Because the world all twisted up and wrong, like distorted glass, only came back into focus if you looked at it through the bottom of a bottle.

Terry Pratchett

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#24. I took another draught and my mouth was awash again in a riptide of bitter, bubbly, CO2 eruptions and the fruity splash of malted barley. What a sensation! I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but by bottle's end I was a dedicated fan.

Joel Miller

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #315083
#25. Glancing at the bottle of tequila in Tate's hand, Logan questioned much more calmly than he felt, "How full was that?"

Tate lifted the quarter-empty bottle and shrugged. "Unopened. Why?

Ella Frank

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #181016
#26. Smoking's banned in my house. Cigarettes harm your body, he said, knocking back half of the bottle of beer.

Jo Nesbo

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #153261
#27. If I could bottle this exact feeling I have right now, and sell it, I'd make millions." I said to Chet
"Well, unfortunately for you, but luckily for every other adult, someone already has. They called it alcohol.

Keith Buckley

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #137468
#28. Think champagne, drink champagne!

Ellen Dean

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #118607
#29. I try to convince myself that it's the alcohol talking. But alcohol can't talk. It just sits there. It can't even get itself out of the bottle.

David Levithan

Alcohol Bottle Sayings #98454
#30. I am not your victim because you are not a predator any more than a bottle of scotch stalks an alcoholic.

Sue William Silverman

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