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#1. We're a whole culture of people who have a really hard time seeing beyond themselves. - Author: Jill Soloway
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#2. At least you are back to being normal size." She gave a strangled laugh. "If the size of a cucumber on steroids is normal that is. - Author: Charlene Hartnady
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#3. A lot of great bluegrass comes out of Kentucky. There's a lot of great music, like the Judds, Billy Ray Cyrus, Ricky Skaggs, and Keith Whitley. There's a lot of bluegrass intertwined with country music. - Author: Chris Stapleton
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#4. I believe that creativity comes from compromise. If you could have everything you ever wanted, it doesn't always work. - Author: Thomas Ian Nicholas
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#5. Every soul deserves a shot at a Cadillac, but not everyone should be guaranteed a Cadillac. - Author: Ben Stein
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#6. Man is naturally humble, naturally grateful, naturally guilty, naturally transcended, naturally a sufferer; he is small, pitiful, weak, a passive taker who tucks himself naturally in a beyond of superior, awesome, all-embracing power. - Author: Ernest Becker
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#7. measure up - disillusion us by showing - Author: John Howard Griffin
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#8. As they passed, Duke nodded, and John Matthew, as he was called, did the same - and that was the extent of it. No one had ever heard the SOB say a word, but by the same token, anyone built like that didn't have to talk. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#9. Death comes to everyone. We must stand proud as Afghans in the defense of Islam. - Author: Mohammed Omar
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#10. To get along with me, don't increase my tension. - Author: Ty Cobb
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#11. Death comes for us all, Brother. You cannot hide from it forever. We will die one day, you and I."
"And that doesn't frighten you?"
Rhy shrugged. "Not nearly as much as the idea of wasting a perfectly good life in fear of it. - Author: V.E Schwab
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#12. Sometimes, when I get a good picture, it feels like I have taken another nervous step into increasingly rarified air. Each good-news picture, no matter how hard-earned, allows me only a crumbling foothold on this steepening climb - an ascent whose milestones are fear and doubt. - Author: Sally Mann
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#13. We have 26,000 genes. But a blind, millimetre-long roundworm with only 959 cells in total already has over 19,000. - Author: Iain McGilchrist
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#14. Jesus Christ will be the leader of an intergalactic earth evacuation. We're getting some earth leaders up there to check the mother ship. The Bible says that the sky will be glorious and Christ will come back to us all. - Author: Nina Hagen
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#15. I like the idea of feeling small. Sometimes life can seem bigger than you, you know? But knowing you're less than a speck in the whole scheme of things takes the pressure off, sort of. - Author: Anna Banks
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