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Top 64 Airplane Flying Sayings

#1. Flying prevails whenever a man and his airplane are put to a test of maximum performance. - Author: Richard Bach
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#2. I was flying with my brother, and he challenged me to work out on the airplane. He thought it was funny - and I did it! - Author: Izabel Goulart
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#3. In the case of an airplane, speed is determined by the outcome of the conflict between thrust of the power and drag of the plane. So it also is with humans. - Author: Jacqueline Cochran
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#4. Flying radio-controlled airplanes is the only time where I am able to focus and concentrate on nothing but looking up. Only God would give me a hobby where I'm looking up to the sky. It's a fascinating hobby. - Author: Tyler Perry
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#5. If there's one great thing I think that's happened over the years, it's that women are being accepted into a man's world in all different areas, whether it's flying an airplane or driving a race car. - Author: Danica Patrick
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#6. I thought I would keep it on the ground until I became familiar with it, but on account of the wind, I unexpectedly took to the air, and the first thing I knew, I was flying. - Author: Arthur P. Warner
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#7. If you take one rivet out of an airplane, it will be all right, it'll keep flying. You take another rivet out of the airplane and it still flies. So what the heck, let's take more rivets out of the airplane, and sooner or later, the airplane drops from the sky. - Author: Ted Danson
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#8. I know people have very little control on an airplane, and that exacerbates the fear of flying. As you probably know, flying is a lot safer than driving. If you think of the thousands of take-offs and landings every day--and the miniscule amount of crashes--that has to put your mind at ease. - Author: Wendy Sue Knecht
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#9. Coaching is like flying an airplane, there is going to be a lot of turbulence, but your job is to land the plane safely. - Author: Chuck Daly
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#10. UFO's are as real as the airplanes flying overhead. - Author: Paul Hellyer
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#11. Not long ago, when I was a student in college, just flying an airplane seemed a dream. But that dream turned into reality. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
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#12. Flying a good airplane doesn't require near as much attention as a motor car. - Author: Charles Lindbergh
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#13. Cutting the deficit by gutting our investments in innovation and education is like lightening an overloaded airplane by removing its engine. It may make you feel like you're flying high at first, but it won't take long before you feel the impact. - Author: Barack Obama
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#14. My idea of everything going smoothly on an airplane is (a) that I not die in a slow-motion fiery crash or get stabbed to death by terrorists and (b) that none of the other passengers try to talk to me. All conversation should end at the moment the wheels leave the ground. - Author: Anne Lamott
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#15. Never stop flying the airplane. - Author: Ron Weber
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#16. My dad served in two wars has been flying airplanes for 60 years now. He was certainly quite an inspiration. - Author: John L. Phillips
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#17. When the weight of the paper equals the weight of the airplane, only then you can go flying. - Author: Donald Wills Douglas
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#18. I love flying so much. I even like airplane food. No one bothers you and your phone never goes off and you can't have emails go through. It's undisturbed. - Author: Margot Robbie
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#19. Why don't we just buy one airplane and let the pilots take turns flying it. - Author: Calvin Coolidge
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#20. Flying in a modern jet airplane doses the human with levels of radiation comparable to those found in nuclear disaster zones. - Author: Steven Magee
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#21. It isn't often that a writer of superlative skills knows enough about flying to write well about it. - Author: Samuel Hynes
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#22. When you're flying, an airplane doesn't care who you are; it doesn't care how much money you make or don't make. All it cares about is: How well do you fly? How well do you know the airplane? How well do you know the sky? - Author: Richard Bach
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#23. Flying is hours and hours of boredom sprinkled with a few seconds of sheer terror. - Author: Pappy Boyington
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#24. It is such a disappointment in American political reaction and actions. When some of our politicians are flying around the country in private airplanes all the time, using public services as their mode of private transportation, and then criticizing us who are in business. - Author: Arnold Palmer
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#25. I hate flying. I don't planes. I get really anxious. - Author: Lucy Hale
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#26. Spaceflight, especially in the Mercury spacecraft, clearly wasn't going to be much like flying an airplane. - Author: Henry Spencer
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#27. My airplane is quiet, and for a moment still an alien, still a stranger to the ground, I am home. - Author: Richard Bach
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#28. Aeronautics was neither an industry nor a science. It was a miracle. - Author: Igor Sikorsky
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#29. Ever since I bought and started flying an airplane, it's been almost exclusively for business. I love to fly. It's a great joy to me. But rarely do I use it for any kind of pleasure, other than it is a pleasure to fly. - Author: Arnold Palmer
Airplane Flying Sayings #771178
#30. The flying? I'm not worried about it. I'm safe up there. I feel very comfortable with my abilities flying an airplane. - Author: Cory Lidle
Airplane Flying Sayings #773574
#31. I am no fan of plane travel. I have always been too skeptical of the physics of the phenomenon to ever be truly comfortable in an airplane. - Author: Julie Metz
Airplane Flying Sayings #828244
#32. I can't afford the luxury of music while I'm flying an airplane. I have to pay attention to what I'm doing. - Author: Arnold Palmer
Airplane Flying Sayings #863570
#33. You might be a redneck if the antenna on your truck is a danger to low flying airplanes. - Author: Jeff Foxworthy
Airplane Flying Sayings #872539
#34. I once made myself black out by pulling G too quickly while flying an F-18. Being unconscious in a single-seat airplane is not good. Fortunately, I woke up in time. I learned how to better plug-in my anti-G suit. - Author: Chris Hadfield
Airplane Flying Sayings #925869
#35. I had my airplane, and I'd use it as a car whenever I could. If the drive was going to be longer than an hour, I was flying the plane instead. And in California, it's really easy to have a drive longer than an hour. - Author: Jake Busey
Airplane Flying Sayings #939188
#36. I was always afraid of dying. Always. It was my fear that made me learn everything I could about my airplane and my emergency equipment, and kept me flying respectful of my machine and always alert in the cockpit. - Author: Chuck Yeager
Airplane Flying Sayings #1034978
#37. The two events were probably unrelated, but both jolted Dave the way a sudden air pocket reminds nervous passengers that they're soaring above the clouds in a pressurized metal tube. - Author: Dan Sofer
Airplane Flying Sayings #1037796
#38. Flying through a hurricane is the most fearsome shaking you will ever get. Everything has to be tied down in the airplane. And the IMAX camera has to be rock-steady through all this. We had to design special mounts on the left and right sides of the cabin and in the cockpit to hold the cameras. - Author: Greg MacGillivray
Airplane Flying Sayings #1054912
#39. Man must rise above the Earth - to the top of the atmosphere and beyond - for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives. - Author: Socrates
Airplane Flying Sayings #1079209
#40. I try to get in quiet time and book time, but really, the only time I ever get that is when I'm on an airplane - I have a fear of flying, but I actually love flying because it's the only time I can sleep, and it's the only time I get to read. - Author: Kesha
Airplane Flying Sayings #1159910
#41. To put your life in danger from time to time ... breeds a saneness in dealing with day-to-day trivialities. - Author: Nevil Shute
Airplane Flying Sayings #1164775
#42. No reporter is flying around in borrowed twin-engine airplanes. - Author: Dee Dee Myers
Airplane Flying Sayings #1171568
#43. The modern airplane creates a new geographical dimension. A navigable ocean of air blankets the whole surface of the globe. There are no distant places any longer: the world is small and the world is one. - Author: Wendell Willkie
Airplane Flying Sayings #1180048
#44. It turns out that if you optimize the performance of a car and of an airplane, they are very far away in terms of mechanical features. So you can make a flying car. But they are not very good planes, and they are not very good cars. - Author: Gregory Benford
Airplane Flying Sayings #1197373
#45. We want the air to unite the peoples, and not to divide them. - Author: Philip Cunliffe-Lister, 1st Earl Of Swinton
Airplane Flying Sayings #1201448
#46. I never get sick on airplanes, which is incredible. You're basically in a flying petri dish. - Author: Danny Meyer
Airplane Flying Sayings #1207739
#47. I am terrified of flying. I am a wreck right before I get on an airplane. That, and the ocean. I can only get in there for 10 minutes, I have this strong urge to run out and I won't go back in for the rest of the day. I've always been like that. - Author: Kyle Gallner
Airplane Flying Sayings #1230071
#48. What I love doing is basically two things: I love flying airplanes and I love communication. - Author: Richard Bach
Airplane Flying Sayings #1289347
#49. Flying might not be all plain sailing, but the fun of it is worth the price. - Author: Amelia Earhart
Airplane Flying Sayings #1323616
#50. I came up with idea of a solar airplane flying around the world with no fuel - that would be a beautiful message in terms of technology, the energy of the future and the environment. - Author: Bertrand Piccard
Airplane Flying Sayings #1332225
#51. What would air travel look like if airplanes were thrown out after each flight? No one would be flying in airplanes. - Author: Gwynne Shotwell
Airplane Flying Sayings #1337628
#52. The GE press release went to the papers the very next day: "Scientists of the General Electric Company, flying an airplane over Greylock Mountain in western Massachusetts yesterday, conducted experiments with a cloud three miles long, and were successful in transforming the cloud into snow. - Author: Ginger Strand
Airplane Flying Sayings #1360713
#53. Flying. Whatever any other organism has been able to do man should surely be able to do also, though he may go a different way about it. - Author: Samuel Butler
Airplane Flying Sayings #1412130
#54. If you have a fear of flying, don't. The data are very clear: If you have to travel someplace, the safest way is by airplane. - Author: Peter Diamandis
Airplane Flying Sayings #1416940
#55. And like no other sculpture in the history of art, the dead engine and dead airframe come to life at the touch of a human hand, and join their life with the pilot's own. - Author: Richard Bach
Airplane Flying Sayings #1423568
#56. I was a pilot flying an airplane and it just so happened that, where I was flying, made what I was doing spying. - Author: Francis Gary Powers
Airplane Flying Sayings #1468899
#57. The way I see it, you can either work for a living or you can fly airplanes. Me, I'd rather fly. - Author: Len Morgan
Airplane Flying Sayings #1578082
#58. There was nothing so special about First Class, apart from the amount of uncalled for, almost disturbing, attention I got from the various six-feet tall heavily made up air hostesses, that I would come back for more given the steep price tag. - Author: Vann Chow
Airplane Flying Sayings #1581844
#59. It's an amazing experience when you focus on the positive things in your life. Things start to change. You become happier. You see things differently. There might still be negative things there, but like an airplane flying overhead, they become the background noise of your mind. - Author: Tom Giaquinto
Airplane Flying Sayings #1583532
#60. My dear, old age is like an airplane flying in a storm. Once you're in it there's nothing you can do. You can't stop a plane, you can't stop a storm, you can't stop time. So you might as well take it easy, with wisdom. - Author: Golda Meir
Airplane Flying Sayings #1736297
#61. Sometimes when I'm watching television and something, an image, will come on that has to do with 9/11 or some of these families telling their stories, or children talking about drawing pictures of airplanes flying into towers, you know, I find myself still choking up. - Author: Ann Richards
Airplane Flying Sayings #1740098
#62. When I was getting close to being accepted for pilot training, I was allowed to get in a jet airplane. I sat there looking at all those switches and dials and I got the distinct feeling that I was sitting in the nose of bomb. I realized my fantasies of flying and fighting were just that - fantasies. - Author: Morgan Freeman
Airplane Flying Sayings #1837901
#63. I would not have been able to accomplish a lot of what I did professionally had I not learned to fly myself and owned an airplane. For example, I was able to fly to an exhibition for the day and be back home in time for dinner. I never would have been able to do that flying commercially. - Author: Arnold Palmer
Airplane Flying Sayings #1847841
#64. Thoughts are like airplanes flying in the air. If you ignore them, there is no problem. If you pay attention to them, you create an airport inside your head and permit them to land! - Author: Elder Paisios Of Mount Athos
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