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Top 15 Aimin Quotes

#1. Once you establish a look, and once everybody recognizes that look as your look, you never have to think about fashion again. - Author: Douglas Coupland
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#2. If you deny people their own voice, you'll have no idea of who they were. - Author: Alice Walker
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#3. I'm not super comfortable in my skin. I have to make it work for me, and that usually amounts to making it uncomfortable for everyone else. - Author: Aubrey Plaza
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#4. Do what you do only for God's sake, start for God's sake, work for God's sake, and act within the sphere of God's good approval. - Author: Said Nursi
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#5. Where there's a will - there's a relative! - Author: Ricky Gervais
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#6. Hiya, Nashira,' he smiled.

'Hi, Jared,' I said, feeling my cheeks darken. I still wasn't used to him to make myself at ease in his company.

'I guess it's weird when I saw I had a feeling you'll be the one,' he said cheerfully. 'Welcome aboard. - Author: Deepika Kumaaraguru
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#7. Beneath the ash trees on Johnson Street, just east of campus, Hourglass Vintage stood in a weathered brick building, wedged between a fair-trade coffee shop and a bike-repair business. - Author: Susan Gloss
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#8. Not everyone will support every mission or work, you can still enjoy their friendship. No one likes to feel that the only reason you are friends is what you can get out of them. - Author: John Patrick Hickey
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#9. Stop hittin' me!" he cried. "This is hardly fair, now is it? Two of you against me?"
"You're the one who came at us with a gun," Ghastly said, standing over him.
"But that was for a giggle," Jack tried. "I wasn't aimin' at you, I swear. - Author: Derek Landy
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#10. And that vest won't help, cuz I'm aimin' at yo scalp - Author: Lil' Wayne
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#11. Money made me evil, court cases got me stressed Niggaz aimin at my head but I still wear my vest. - Author: Tupac Shakur
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#12. Entropy, the idea that the natural flow of heat is from something hot to something cool - not the other way - so that the universe itself is cooling down, running down, dissipating its energy. - Author: Octavia E. Butler
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#13. The State is not the hope of the world; it is an institution grounded in the threat of violence, whether via capital punishments or petty bureaucratic intrusions. - Author: Douglas Wilson
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#14. Either that boy is the sanest creature on Earth, he thought, or he is so disturbed that our tests cannot even begin to scratch the surface. - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#15. Life isn't only about choice. Life is about how you provide value to your life and others. - Author: Launa Rissadia
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