Top 13 Aids Walk Quotes

#1. Do not grumble that bees sting;
rejoice that they make honey.

Matshona Dhliwayo

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#2. We must walk in solidarity with those who are living with HIV/AIDS and with those at risk. As witnesses of Christ, we are called to respect the dignity of each person and to promote healthy living - physically, spiritually, morally and psychologically - through prevention and treatment

Theodore Edgar McCarrick

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#3. The Gautama Buddha instructs me to walk away from illness. But he wasn't attached to a drip.

Derek Jarman

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#4. A noble character loves things unadulterated.

Kristian Goldmund Aumann

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#5. If you find him," she whispered, "when you find my father - give him this." She bent and kissed me, fiercely, gently, then straightened and turned me toward the stone. "Go, Mama," she said, breathless. "I love you. Go!

Diana Gabaldon

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#6. You watch the news these days? It's unbelievable. You think you just walk out your door, you're immediately gonna be raped by some crack-addicted, AIDS-infected pitbull.

Bill Hicks

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#7. It's an interesting line that I walk. The AIDS crisis has done a lot for my songs and made them proliferate, and my songs have contributed a lot to that cause as well.

David Friedman

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#8. I am not bigoted enough for a system-and not even for my system.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#9. When we walk away from global warming, Kyoto, when we are irresponsibly slow in moving toward AIDS in Africa, when we don't advance and live up to our own rhetoric and standards, we set a terrible message of duplicity and hypocrisy.

John F. Kerry

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#10. Only the first swath cut by the scythe is difficult.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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#11. She felt hot liquid anger suddenly cool and harden into something powerful and immovable.

Liane Moriarty

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#12. It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun,

Ray Kroc

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#13. Don't be nice to me," she whispered, though she didn't move away. "I might cry if you are.

Kristan Higgins

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