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#1. The music that I play and that I like is traditional music, maybe it's because of my age. - Author: Compay Segundo
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#2. I saw things at an early age because my mom was a theater actress. I did a play with her when I was 10 years old. - Author: Sam Rockwell
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#3. Zinnia always wants to hug me and pat me because she has a boy my same age named Melvin. I said maybe some day Melvin could come play at our farm, and I could bring him to the maze and show him the shortcuts. Zinnia started crying. That's when I seen that she has freckles. - Author: Wally Lamb
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#4. I think it is a peculiarity of myself that I like to play about with equations, just looking for beautiful mathematical relations which maybe don't have any physical meaning at all. Sometimes they do.
At age 60. - Author: Paul Dirac
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#5. There aren't a lot of movie star males around my age that I can play opposite. - Author: Teresa Palmer
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#6. I think it's strange when people my age and younger get surgery. Somebody's got to play old people. - Author: Ashley Jensen
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#7. But do you know how old I will be by the time I learn to really play the piano / act / paint / write a decent play?
Yes ... the same age you will be if you don't. - Author: Julia Cameron
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#8. If I wrote a play with four characters every single one of them would talk like me regardless of age or sex. - Author: Norman MacCaig
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#9. Mike Bloomfield sat down and started playing, and I went, whoa! Because I had never heard any white person play like that before. And he was about my age, and he just, that finished off my guitar career, just like that, in one afternoon. - Author: Al Kooper
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#10. Old age: the crown of life, our play's last act. - Author: Marcus Tullius Cicero
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#11. If Shakespeare had lived in our age, he would have been sued for writing Romeo And Juliet, because as everybody knows, he plagiarized that from an Italian play. - Author: Lloyd Kaufman
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#12. I would play ball with Catherine, and hide and seek: Not a very challenging game in an open meadow, but she was still at the age where she believed that if she shut her eyes and buried her head under a shawl then she could not be seen. - Author: Philippa Gregory
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#13. In an age of iPhones and Playstations, it's great to see that somebody's still rocking the bus-on-a-string. - Author: Brandon Stanton
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#14. My art takes birth when my loneliness becomes my companion ... when I take lives and deaths much personally and work when others play. When I meet myself and find that the truth of life is not the dream of tender age ... but the fire within me that creates the work of art. - Author: Jeet Aulakh
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#15. I've always believed that if you are willing to play your age that you will work, so it's the thing of continuing to play your age and accepting it when you're younger and you suddenly realize, 'Oh, now I'm playing the mom,' 'Oh, I'm playing the grandma.' - Author: Kathy Baker
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#16. You know, the critics never change; I'm still getting the same notices I used to get as a child. They tell me I play very well for my age. - Author: Mischa Elman
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#17. I saw Hamlet Prince of Denmark played; but now the old plays begin to disgust this refined age. - Author: John Evelyn
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#18. I filmed 'Albatross' before I got 'Downton.' It's a coming-of-age movie about this girl who leaps into this family's life, like a whirlwind. She's ballsy and brash and wonderful, it was such an amazing character to play. - Author: Jessica Brown Findlay
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#19. I used to play hockey when I was growing up. Everyone sort of learns how to skate and play hockey at an early age. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#20. From the time I won the Kansas City Match Play championship at age 14, I never wanted to be anything but a golfer. - Author: Tom Watson
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#21. As an actor, you can play different age ranges and different ethnicities. - Author: Justin Chon
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#22. I was teaching myself notes from three and then by seven I'd figured out how to play some chords, and at school I used to love writing poems and poetry, so I guess I kind of put two and two together and that formed my songwriting from an early age. - Author: Ella Henderson
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#23. You are your own scriptwriter and the play is never finished, no matter what your age or position in life. - Author: Denis Waitley
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#24. It's not the same thing to make a work - a film, a book, a play - about youth as it is to make one about old age. - Author: Alejandro Jodorowsky
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#25. In Hollywood, you play a mom, and the next thing you know, you're on 'The Golden Girls.' They age you so fast. - Author: Gabrielle Union
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#26. [At age 76:] A good life is like a good play
it has to have a satisfying and exciting third act. - Author: Ethel Barrymore
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#27. The important thing is not what we look like, but the role we play in our
best friend's life. Friends choose certain friends because that's the kind of company they are looking for at that specific time, not because they're the
correct height, age, or have the right hair color - Author: Cecelia Ahern
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#28. The sudden surge of hormones at teenage age will continue to play an important part in the life of young people - Author: Oche Otorkpa
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#29. education and money. I go to church with the kids for the same reason Genie and I play our grandchildren classical music and litter the floors and chairs all over our home with open art books. Jack, age three, eats his lunch with a big Goya book propped in front of him asking for the - Author: Frank Schaeffer
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#30. In an age of incompetence, I've been able to last in this crazy business. I actually know how to play my ax and write a song. That's my job. - Author: Billy Joel
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#31. Sid Vicious began the age of participation in which everyone could be the artist. Sid proved that you don't have to play well to be the star. You can play badly, or not even at all. I endorsed that attitude. If you can't write songs, no problem - simply steal one and change it to your taste. - Author: Malcolm McLaren
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#32. I'm at the age where I just want to experiment. You know, play a crime investigator one week, a pregnant girl one week, an angel of darkness another week. I don't want to define myself by any category, or age, or role. - Author: Leven Rambin
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#33. I borrowed a guitar at age 16 and taught myself to play because I wanted to write songs. - Author: Adrian Belew
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#34. Just because a woman is over 50 does not mean she no longer has anything to offer. If anything, we have so much more to offer! We have lived life, we get better with age. I do my best work now in my 60s. Sure, I could retire; but what would I do? Play Bingo? I think not! - Author: Dawn Wells
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#35. I love tennis. I've played it my whole life. Loved it since the age of three. I had an injury, so from the age of 13 to 24 I didn't play much. Then when I moved out to L.A., there were so many tennis courts that I rekindled the love. - Author: David Walton
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#36. I have nothing against younger women and older men on screen. What is sad is that so many women over 40 who have so much to give aren't being considered to play opposite men their own age or younger. - Author: Rene Russo
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#37. That was fun to play. There were some nice special effects coupled with some really nice moments with child and wife. I also was able to age to about 100 years in 'Brief Candle.' - Author: Richard Dean Anderson
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#38. It is utterly false and cruelly arbitrary to put all the play and learning into childhood, all the work into middle age, and all the regrets into old age. - Author: Margaret Mead
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#39. I took the part in 'Mr. Holland's Opus' because no one had ever asked me to play 'a life' before. I get to age through 30 years. The idea really challenged me. - Author: Richard Dreyfuss
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#40. My confidence and drive to go play came when I realized how gifted I was at such a young age and how much bigger my build was than the kids my age. - Author: Bo Jackson
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#41. I fell in love with acting at around the age of 11, when I was drafted in to play a fairy at an amateur production of 'Midsummer Night's Dream.' - Author: Zoe Tapper
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#42. A lot of the best acting training I had was in junior high and high school. We had very demanding directors and did real plays. You put our plays up against any theater troupe of any age, and they usually did pretty damn well. - Author: Jello Biafra
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#43. I'm told I was acting in school plays when I was a tiny little boy at the age of three, so they must have seen something then. And even when I was practicing piano eight hours a day, I was still doing school plays. - Author: Christian McKay
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#44. When I was a little kid I used to play with guys twice my age, so, I was the last one picked, so if I picked I knew that I had to get the ball to the scorer if I wanted to stay on the court, so that was pretty much my job. - Author: Jason Kidd
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#45. My age is getting up there, but that doesn't mean my play has to diminish. - Author: Brian Dawkins
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#46. I did a film when I was about 30; it's a coming of age story called 'Gas Food Lodging,' and I'm so proud of that little independent film. I play this young English geologist, and he's such a simple, loving kind of guy. Doesn't talk too much. He's just a quiet guy, and he gets the girl. - Author: Robert Knepper
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#47. Middle Age connotes fat, cancer, bad musical taste, and death. It conjures up a commuter in the sixties going to a Neil Simon play in Sansabelt pants, a knit vest, balding, belly sagging - and then there's the men. - Author: Marilyn Suzanne Miller
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#48. Turns out, most girls would rather put on lip gloss than play with sand toads. - Author: Jenny Lundquist
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#49. Religious leaders could play a significant role in making explicit the connections between current concerns for the environment and age-old teachings about our dependence on the natural world, and the dangers of greed and excess - Author: Ian Christie
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#50. I honestly think that kids should not exercise: they should keep fit through play. The most important age is zero to seven, both for the kid and the parent - for parents, because this is the time when your kid learns how to walk, talk and other behaviour. - Author: Magnus Scheving
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#51. There's this assumption that all children have the luxury of a childhood where their innocence is always respected and their main occupation is pleasant play - at the age of 18 or 21, they are then thrust into the real world and shown its uglier side, but not before. - Author: Margo Lanagan
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#52. You never play age, you play character. - Author: Michael Steger
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#53. Play the age as comedy if you want to get away with murder. - Author: James Agee
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#54. For every age there is a popular idea about what madness is, what causes it, and how a mad person should look and behave; and it's usually these popular ideas, rather than those of medical professionals, that turn up in songs and stories and plays and books. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#55. I think most models fear growing old, but from a tender age I had always chosen to play someone grown up. I am slowly but surely catching up with the people that I have spent the last decade and a half trying to portray. - Author: Erin O'Connor
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#56. Even all the top players going to Europe to play helps soccer in America, as do all the MLS players like Beckham and all that, they're trying to promote it. At the end of the day it's about getting the younger generation interested at an early age so most of them will move on and play. - Author: Ian Rush
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#57. I remember when I was 6 years old and my brother used to go seek out guys that were 13 to come over and play football against me while he was the 'permanent quarterback.' I didn't know exactly what the age difference was, but I was already playing against older guys. - Author: Junior Seau
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#58. Sleeping is forbidden at the age of 22. It's all work and no play. - Author: Usher
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#59. It was true, Ben at age two was an astonishing thing. He'd demand love outright, grab at a breast or an arm, but as soon as he had enough affection, and that came quickly, he'd go completely limp, play dead until you let him go. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#60. I found myself in the doldrums in the early Nineties. I was too old to play the dolly bird any longer and I looked too young to play a woman of my real age. No one ever saw me as the aunt, mother or grandmother. - Author: Barbara Windsor
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#61. I went to play golf and tried to shoot my age, but I shot my weight instead. - Author: Bob Hope
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#62. I had wanted to play drums since the age of 9 when I saw a drum set in the window of a music store for the first time. We took lessons at a local music school and began playing together after about 6-9 months of lessons. - Author: Jack Irons
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#63. I wanted to do two things when I was growing up, about your age. I wanted to play in the NBA, and I wanted to be a businessman after my basketball career was over, and that is what I am doing now. - Author: Magic Johnson
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#64. To start your life as a character of 120 years when you are in your late thirties, and then go back in time about 20 years later to play the same character who is your own age then, its very complicated, but very interesting. - Author: Ian McDiarmid
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#65. When you step out on the court, I don't think anybody thinks about age. Because if you're out on this tour, it means you deserve to be here. You've got the skill. It must mean you know how to play. - Author: Venus Williams
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#66. We [with Nimai Larson] listened to hardly any music except Hare Krishna music growing up and the occasional Garth Brooks that our babysitter would play for us. From a very early age, we looked at music as mantra based, very cyclical, and having no linear time. - Author: Taraka Larson
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#67. Pianos tend to get better as they age, the more you play them. They grow into their sound. - Author: Alicia Witt
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#68. I am happy being able to play roles with people my age because once you do something really mature there is no turning back. - Author: Lindsay Lohan
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#69. It would be difficult to determine whether the age is growing better or worse; for I think our plays are growing like sermons, and our sermons like plays. - Author: Anna Letitia Barbauld
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#70. I would not waste time, as Senator Gillibrand does, on things such as dictating a national minimum driving age and sponsoring a 'National Day of Play.' I'd help New Yorkers understand that we get less in value from Washington than what we send there in taxes. - Author: Wendy E. Long
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#71. I don't want to be 45 competing with 20-year-olds, running to go get Botox. I want to be an expressive actor hired for the age that I am, portraying women who are my age: 40. I'm just hoping I can find some of those roles to play. Otherwise, I have to find something else. - Author: Debi Mazar
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#72. It would have been impossible, completely and entirely, for any woman to have written the plays of Shakespeare in the age of Shakespeare. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#73. I think the age of 27 to 28 is ideal for the Salvadoran player to play qualifiers. That's why we've brought players who are between 23 and 24. I think in three years, they'll be well-armed to play qualifiers. - Author: Agustin Castillo
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#74. My little brother and I took piano lessons at a young age and played music together later on in life just to play around at home until we decided to make a record. Eventually we started having more and more songs. - Author: Josephine De La Baume
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#75. The evil queen was stupid to play Snow White's game. There's an age where a woman has to move on to another kind of power. Money, for example. Or a gun. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#76. I look at it this way. I'm not putting age limits on what I can do. As long as I can do the job to help the team win and feel like I'm playing at a high level, which I feel I can do for a long while, I'm going to play no matter what my age is. - Author: Dan Marino
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#77. It's not so much that I'd like to play a raunchy character, but I would like to play someone my own age. I'm always playing down, but I guess it's good because it means I've got a longer life in my acting career. - Author: Julia Sawalha
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#78. As an actor, you get to sort of bounce back and forth in terms of the age range you play and the life experience that your characters have. - Author: Jonathan Keltz
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#79. Both of my parents were raised in Christian homes, which was great. They instilled in us that God came first and they showed us what it was like to have a relationship with Christ. I accepted Christ at a young age, at the age of six years old, and just tried to play hockey and balance that. - Author: Mike Fisher
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#80. Typecasting is something I have to be careful with, since I play myself on Geek & Sundry so much on my weekly show 'The Flog.' That's why I did 'Dragon Age: Redemption' last year, so I could do something a little more dramatic and hard-edged. - Author: Felicia Day
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#81. Put every light you have on a dimmer. Because after a certain age, we can play with the lighting and set it on how you look best on it. It's cheaper than plastic surgery. - Author: Bryan Batt
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#82. I'd never seen a guy my own age play the piano. It was like sex and musical theatre fused together. - Author: E. Lockhart
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#83. When I was younger, I was always willing to tell a joke and play out a scene. I would get sticks and pretend they were light sabers. I think it was just at a young age, I was so willing to jump up and perform a little play at the family picnic. - Author: Sufe Bradshaw
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#84. Age is just a number. When I started, I never worried about how long I was going to play. I had very specific goals, and that's what I really chased. - Author: Leander Paes
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#85. Women have been brought up to be passive, accepting, not come forward and play a major role in life. And with age, there's a tendency to revert to that - to pull back, recede. I don't think it's advisable or admirable. - Author: Katherine Helmond
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#86. In this digital age you have to pay to play in the game to succeed if not you will stay in obscurity - Author: Bernard Kelvin Clive
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#87. If you ask any of my close friends, they know I always complain that I never get to play my age. - Author: Daniela Bobadilla
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#88. I love Age of Empires and I play RTS games all the time, I respect what they've accomplished. - Author: Sid Meier
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#89. The average American child, by age eighteen, is estimated to have seen eighteen thousand murders and two hundred thousand acts of violence on television. The "death play" of popular video games is accelerating these numbers to ever-higher levels. - Author: Richard J. Borden
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#90. But basketball was always something I was good at, that I was passionate about. I just didn't have the confidence to play in front of people at the time, at that early age. Now, I feel like I'm ready to play in front of people and play on the big stage. - Author: Lil B
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#91. Shaw writes plays for the ages, the ages between five and twelve. - Author: George Jean Nathan
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#92. People pay to see movies with women looking beautiful, but I think there will be a place for me to play women looking my own age. - Author: Debra Winger
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#93. I would not have so many scripts being driven by demographics. The play's the thing - not the 18-35 year old male age group. - Author: Stephen Tobolowsky
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#94. When you are at the right age to play Hamlet you are still to young and immature to play it. It is much later, when you get the life experience and the emotional power, that you understand Hamlet or Macbeth. - Author: Anthony Hopkins
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#95. How do you manage it, she said, at your age? I told her I'd been saving up for her all my life. - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#96. In play, a child is always above his average age, above his daily behavior; in play, it is as though he were a head taller than himself. - Author: Lev Vygotsky
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#97. Like so many of the players, I started at La Masia at the age of 11. I can't ever imagine not playing for Barcelona, let alone not playing soccer for a career. I don't ever want to play anywhere else. - Author: Xavi
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#98. I was always too mature for my age - and not very happy. I had no young friends. I wish I could go back to those days. If I could only live it all again, how I would play and enjoy other girls. What a fool I was. - Author: Maria Callas
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#99. I think we should all feel lucky and blessed that people are still, in this day and age, getting in their cars with other people and driving to a location and paying money to sit in a theater and watch a play. - Author: Cate Blanchett
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#100. You always think you're one of those players who will be in one place the whole time, one of those guys they'll never let leave because you play hurt, do what it takes. But it's a different age. A lot of coaches, they like having younger guys. - Author: Wes Welker
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