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#1. Bound by the Oath against lying, Aes Sedai [carry] the half-truth, the quarter-truth and the implication to arts. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#2. We are going to tickle some Aes Sedai under the chin, rescue a mule, and put a snip-nosed girl on the Lion Throne. Oh, yes. That's Aviendha. Don't look at her crosswise, or she'll try to cut your throat and probably slit her own by mistake. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#3. To anger an Aes Sedai is to put your head in a hornets' nest. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#4. The one thing I would like more credit for is being part of a movement which involves recognising the importance of plot and asserting that books of literary worth could be written that had plots. - Author: Scott Turow
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#5. All men are ignorant, Aes Sedai. The topics of our ignorance may change, but the nature of the world is that no man may know everything. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#6. Those clouds above formed a pattern that looked familiar. Black on white, white on black.
It's the symbol, she realized with a start. The ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai.
Under this sign ... shall he conquer. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#7. When I'm on stage, I feel very much at home - within a theater, within an ensemble - so this entire process is something I feel very attuned with. - Author: Emilia Clarke
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#8. Hero! He was no hero! What did a hero get? An Aes Sedai patting you on the head before she sent you out like a hound to do it again. A noblewoman condescending to favor you with a kiss, or laying a flower on your grave. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#9. The mist wishes to have the sun but what does the sun do - it burns so fiercely that the mist disappears. - Author: Sumeetha Manikandan
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#10. Are you sure you want to come, Mat?" Rand asked.
Mat shrugged and affected a grin, not a very confident one. "Who could pass up a chance to see bloody Rhuidean?" Egwene raised her eyebrows at him. "Oh, pardon my language, Aes Sedai. I've heard you say as bad, and for less cause, I'll wager. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#11. Discipline means protection from one's own wanton interest. - Author: Bill Vaughan
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#12. People are people, low or high. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#13. Schemes within schemes. The Great Serpent is a good sign for you Aes Sedai, I think. Someday you may swallow yourselves by accident. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#14. Prophesying catastrophe is incredibly banal. The more original move is to assume that it has already happened. - Author: Jean Baudrillard
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#15. We think we have no power when in fact we have more than enough power. - Author: Tim DeChristopher
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#16. First we shape our tools, thereafter they shape us - Author: Marshall McLuhan
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#17. Being a senior doesn't automatically make one wise but the wise & foolish alike have things to teach us. - Author: Allan Lokos
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#18. Household hollowness comes around in irregular cycles, like meteor showers. But the true sign of a bad patch is that it never feels temporary or fixable. It has a shudder of the inevitable to it. The thought crosses your mind that when love goes it goes all at once, and forever. - Author: Marni Jackson
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#19. There was a wild light in his eyes. Bring your lightnings, Aes Sedai. I will dance with them. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#20. The Amyrlin Seat has fallen," a nearby Aes Sedai cried amid the crystallized Sharans. "The Amyrlin Seat has fallen! - Author: Robert Jordan
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#21. I love you, I thought. If I was the only person truly alive that night, it was because of you. You made the world come alive for me and I love you, I love you, I love you. - Author: Leah Raeder
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#22. At the heart of all good fiction and at the heart of all good gossip is the same thing: trouble. - Author: John Dufresne
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#23. The old blood is indeed still strong in the Two Rivers. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#24. Sometimes I open or close the store. I have keys. I can go in any time I want. Some days, when it's my duty to open the store, I go in at eight o'clock, just to be alone and smell all those books around me. Each one is a door. Each one is a world. - Author: Robert Goolrick
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#25. Come to think of it, an Aes Sedai would probably follow a man off a cliff, too, if only to explain to him - in detail - all the things he was doing incorrectly in the way he went about killing himself. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#26. Anyone but Aes Sedai would have gaped at her. As it was, Romanda very nearly spluttered. - Author: Robert Jordan
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