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#1. Correct becomes defect. Good becomes ominous. People's delusions have certainly lasted long.


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#2. We live in a society of laws. Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun? Well, I didn't hear anybody laughing, did you?


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#3. Let us at least say of religion that it means that every part of the body is infused with mind, not that the mind is overwhelmed and drowned in body. For the principal attribute of the Gods, without or within us, is mind.

Thornton Wilder

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#4. Instead of scrambling for security in national victory and domination, in preparation for war and military aggression, we must relearn the values of cooperation and sharing, of nonviolence and support.

Marva Dawn

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#5. I hated being a novelist when I was 20 - I had nothing to write about.

A.S. Byatt

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#6. Never say never. At least with working out I'm proving you don't need to. If I have three chins at 75 I'm not saying I wouldn't get rid of them, but who knows. Generally, I'd leave it alone.

Peter Andre

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#7. I drink just as much tea when I'm in Los Angeles as I do when I'm in London. I take my tea bags with me wherever I go.

Helen Mirren

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#8. I didn't really know that much about the Maoists, but I just knew that they seemed to be so few and yet they painted themselves green and stood in front of the police waiting to get picked off.

John Lennon

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#9. It is unbiblical and arrogant to try to worship God for any other reason than the pleasure to be had in Him.

John Piper

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#10. But of course, instead of saying something honest like Yes, bitch, it hurts, Damon just shrugged.

J.C. Daniels

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#11. I have no form, I have no name. I am the Slave of the Lamp, and your will is my will. Your wishes are my commands." ~Zahra

Jessica Khoury

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#12. No point in ignoring the truth. Doesn't make it worse to have it said out loud.

Stephenie Meyer

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#13. Looking at Tim, one cannot help feeling great waves of uncertainty, an absence of aim, of purpose, as if he is a person who simply doesn't matter.

Bret Easton Ellis

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