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#1. Time will take everything away from life, so why are we not giving something away with time? - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#2. I think it's important to be happy before you can make anybody else happy. - Author: Julianne Hough
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#3. Scars. A sign that you had been hurt. A sign that you had healed. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#4. Can you recall that the tracks were sometimes like that, Watson,"
he arranged a number of bread-crumbs in this fashion
: : : : :
"and sometimes like this"
: . : . : . : .
"and occasionally like this"
. : . : . : . "Can you remember that?" "No, I cannot. - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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#5. To do good to one is to do bad to another. But you don't need to hear my excuses. They are the same that everyone makes to themselves when faced with the misery of others; though they would like to do the right thing, they simply fail to do so and look after themselves instead. - Author: Fay Weldon
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#6. Adulthood is accretive by nature, a thing which arrives in ragged stages and uneven overlaps. - Author: Stephen King
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#7. The great Satyr and Tiger of Hyrcania presents a gift to those of the Ocean; A fleet's chief will set out from Carmania, one who will take land at the Tyrren Phocaean. - Author: Nostradamus
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#8. We continue to look at accretive and synergistic acquisitions both in the domestic as well as international markets. Our emphasis, thus, will be on strategic acquisitions, and we will not be doing it just for the sake of making our name bigger. - Author: Adi Godrej
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#9. I learned by standing in the wings and watching established acts on stage. - Author: Shirley Bassey
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#10. There is the potential for much more spontaneity with prints than there is with the sculpture, which tends to be very slow, accretive kind of process-labor intensive. - Author: Martin Puryear
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#11. All you can do is play how you know how to play. - Author: Clint Dempsey
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#12. There is a devil, and he knows my name. - Author: Daniel Johnston
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#13. I'm not entirely certain who arranged to have the lighting in the Rooks' offices and quarters hooked up to the Panic Lines, but it has taught me to flinch violently when a lightbulb ceases to work. - Author: Daniel O'Malley
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#14. I will never understand why people get so upset at things I don't even remember saying. - Author: Tucker Max
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#15. I'm proud of the fact that I made my way in life very rigorously. I was a bit too stubborn when it came to certain things, which was unnecessary, like getting independent from and leaving Germany. - Author: Thomas Kretschmann
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#16. There is hope for a man who has never read Malory or Boswell or Tristam Shandy or Shakespeare's Sonnets: but what can you do with a man who says he "has read" them, meaning he has read them once, and thinks that this settles the matter? - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#17. What makes me unique is that I'm normal. - Author: Scotty McCreery
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#18. The kids do what no one expects them to do. That's progress. - Author: Ted Sizer
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