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Top 100 A Strong Man Is Quotes

#1. Behind every strong man is a scared little boy wanting people to tell him it's going to be okay. Remember that, and men will no longer seem as stupid as you think they are.


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#2. Rory McCann is an amazing actor and a very strong man.

Gwendoline Christie

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#3. A man is only as strong as the woman who holds him.

Beverly Jenkins

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#4. You haven't seen a thing until you've seen this man fight. My sword is sharp. My heart strong. My spirit ferocious - and I am going to live. Let the swords clash. Let the fight begin.

Carew Papritz

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#5. I'd say a man is someone who is honest, strong-minded, moral, genuine, just a good human being.

Logan Lerman

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#6. A man is never too young to kill, never too wise, never too strong, but he can damn well be too rich.

Pierce Brown

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#7. Randy Edsall is a good, strong, decent man who is working his tail off on behalf of the University of Maryland. And there are more people that want to spend their days burning things down than building it up. At least just stop rooting against him. You know, give the guy a chance.

Kevin Plank

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#8. A strong, successful man is not the victim of his environment. He creates favorable conditions. His own inherent force and energy compel things to turn out as he desires.

Orison Swett Marden

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#9. A weak man is just by accident. A strong but non-violent man is unjust by accident.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#10. Woman knows man well enough where he is weak, but she is quite unable to fathom him where he is strong. The fact is that man is as much a mystery to woman as woman is to man. If that were not so, the separation of the sexes would only have been a waste of Nature's energy.

Rabindranath Tagore

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#11. Men feel about sex the way vampires feel about blood. They don't just like it, they crave it. That's why vampire stories always have strong sexual undercurrents. A vampire's hunger is simply a metaphor for a man's lust. And if a guy is paying attention to you, he wants to have sex with you.

Oliver Markus

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#12. Women have a faith in themselves that is unpragmatic and in each other that's just emotional and f - ing strong. Both of those characters are criticized for being weak, for being subject to a man, but I think that that's a really bold and natural thing that we all want.

Kristen Stewart

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#13. A nation cannot long remain strong when every man belonging to it is individually weak

Alexis De Tocqueville

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#14. I get off on a man with strong moral fiber. The closest Barrons ever gets to fiber is walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store.

Karen Marie Moning

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#15. My heroes always are mostly my parents - my father especially, and my mom, who's passed on already. My dad is a very strong man, and by him being educated, and a principal and school superintendent over 37 years, he plays such a big role in my life.

Dikembe Mutombo

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#16. Behind every strong man is a strong woman?" he guessed.
"Beside," Ghost corrected. "She's beside him.

Lauren Gilley

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#17. To what level of depravity has a society descended when it condemns a man simply because he is strong and great?

Ayn Rand

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#18. The burly woodsman who attaks the diminutive pine of the east must experience remorse, as would a strong man who made war upon a boy, but [the Redwood] is something to compel his respect; he must feel that in grappling with these monsters he is doing the work of a Hercules.

Jared Farmer

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#19. The code that most prisoners live by is an extension of the masculine roles they were taught growing up, how they were conditioned about what it means to be a man: you've got to be strong, you've got to be tough, you've got to be in charge.

James Fox

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#20. The terror is strong because we don't act like the riot." Pigpen spits likes he's a viper showing his fangs full of venom. "My old man--he's Riot.

Katie McGarry

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#21. Yet this corporate being, though so insubstantial to our senses, binds, in Burkes words, a man to his country with ties which though light as air, are as strong as links of iron. That is why young men die in battle for their countrys sake and why old men plant trees they will never sit under.

Walter Lippmann

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#22. But trust me, men are never worth it. Behind every great man is a woman who gave up on greatness and tied herself into an apron. Romance is for saps, Abbie. You're sharp and you've got pluck. Don't waste it.

William Ritter

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#23. A strong, brave man is born each month, each year God gives a sage to men, A poet each ten years, perhaps, but an unselfish person, - when?

Ridgely Torrence

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#24. I have a strong opinion that a genuine love of books is one of the greatest blessings of life for man and woman ...

Sara Coleridge

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#25. When you are a strong woman, you will attract trouble. When a man feels threatened, there is always trouble.

Barbara Taylor Bradford

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#26. Strength of will is the test of a young man's possibilities. Can he will strong enough and hold whatever he undertakes with an iron grip?

Orison Swett Marden

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#27. This grace of God is a very great, strong, mighty and active thing. It does not lie asleep in the soul. Grace hears, leads, drives, draws, changes, works all in man, and lets itself be distinctly felt and experienced. It is hidden, but its works are evident.

Martin Luther

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#28. Mr. Anwar is a respected colleague and a man of integrity, who in his capacity as finance minister showed strong dedication to enhancing the financial well-being of the Malaysian people,

Paul Martin

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#29. Lozen is my right hand ... strong as a man , braver than most, and cunning in strategy, Lozen is a shield to her people.


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#30. God is a man of such perfect, flawless character that he only watches over everyone equally
the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor
and never plays favorites or reaches His hand out to any of them. Oh, what a wonderful God. He can just drop dead.

Yukako Kabei

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#31. What's rare is to have a good, strong man, as opposed to a good, weak man. Those are the ones who ruin the world. Men who mean well, but buckle under others' opinions until their good intentions destroy an untold number of lives." My

Sara Raasch

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#32. If a man has but one child," said the Senator, "and the family is famous for producing unusual, strong-willed individuals, what standards can the man have for deciding whether or not his child is a nut?

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

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#33. I have an amazing husband who is a strong man of God. He is very dedicated to me and our family.

Kim Fields

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#34. Americans specially love superlatives. The phrases 'biggest in the world,' 'finest in the world,' are on all lips. Unless President Hayes is a strong man, they will soon come to boast that their government is composed of the 'biggest scoundrels' in the world.

Isabella Bird

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#35. Self-confidence is not the temper which God uses for His instruments. He works with 'bruised reeds,' and breathes His strength into them. It is when a man says 'I can do nothing,' that he is fit for God to employ. 'When I am weak, then I am strong.' Moses

Alexander MacLaren

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#36. This is, of course, the privilege of love, to bear witness to a strong man's grief over the little sister he could never save, as much as he has tried to, with every moment of life.

Mary Ann Rivers

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#37. The human will stands beyond all circumstances. Everything must go down before the will, for that comes from God Himself; a pure and a strong will is omnipotent. Before it all the powers, even of nature, must bow down, succumb, and become its servants - the strong gigantic, infinite will in man.

Swami Vivekananda

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#38. It is a curious thing, watching a strong man fall to pieces.

Jodi Picoult

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#39. It is no more necessary that a man should remember the different dinners and suppers which have made him healthy, than the different books which have made him wise. Let us see the results of good food in a strong body, and the results of great reading in a full and powerful mind.

Sydney Smith

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#40. Jiu-jitsu is the gentle art. It's the art where a small man (or woman is going to
prove to you, no matter how strong you are, no matter how mad you get,
that you're going to have to accept defeat. Thats what Brazilian
Jiu-jitsu is.

Saulo Ribeiro

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#41. The man who is secure within himself has no need to prove anything with force, so he can walk away from a fight with dignity and pride. He is the true martial artist
a man so strong inside that he has no need to demonstrate his power.

Ed Parker

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#42. Any medical man who predicts exactly when a patient will die, or exactly how long he will live, is bound to make a fool of himself. The human factor is always incalculable. The weak have often unexpected powers of resistance, the strong sometimes succumb.

Agatha Christie

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#43. People will say to me, 'You've played so many strong women' and I'll say, 'Have you ever said to a man, 'You've played so many strong men?' No! Because the expectation is [men] are varied. Why can't we have that expectation about women?

Meryl Streep

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#44. God is a man of His word, He assures us that we'll succeed in every task, every assignment, every dream, every vision He gives us. And always uses catchphrases for us to cling on during tough times. 'Be strong and courageous' (Joshua 1:6).

Euginia Herlihy

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#45. Wanted, a man "who, no stunted ascetic, is full of life and fire, but whose passions are trained to heed a strong will, the servant of a tender conscience; who has learned to love all beauty, whether of nature or of art, to hate all vileness, and to respect others as himself.

Brett McKay

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#46. Since the world never faults a man who refuses to yield ... it is generally recognized that weak men live in obedience to the world's will, while the strong obey only their own.

Giacomo Leopardi

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#47. I will never deny that life isn't fair. It seems as though when a woman leaves a man she is strong and independent, but when a man leaves a woman he is a pig and a jerk.

Criss Jami

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#48. A king is a man strong of character and conviction who leads by example and truly cares for the suffering of his people,not a brute who rules simply because he is the strongest.

R.A. Salvatore

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#49. I have a son, who is my heart. A wonderful young man, daring and loving and strong and kind.

Maya Angelou

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#50. Prayer is the acid test of the inner man's strength. A strong spirit is capable of praying much and praying with all perseverance until the answer comes. A weak one grows weary and fainthearted in the maintenance of praying.

Watchman Nee

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#51. The truth is, no strong man takes advantage of a woman's vulnerability. It is a trait of the weak.

Pierre Alex Jeanty

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#52. A man in the house is worth two on the street.

Mae West

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#53. I am so attracted to ambition and drive and talent. If a man loves something and can put his heart into it, I am instantly into him. I like a strong man who can be in control and make decisions but who is sensitive and attentive. That is the perfect combination.

Meaghan Rath

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#54. My father's a large man, very strong, but he says fighting is for people who can't win with their brains. He also says there are times when you've got no choice but to defend yourself from common morons.

Carl Hiaasen

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#55. The art of governing is a great metier, requiring the whole man, and it is therefore not well for a ruler to have too strong tendencies for other affairs.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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#56. Every man is subconsciously promiscuous, but it is the conscious mind that keeps those primordial urges in check. A healthy brain creates a healthy mind, which keeps your relationship strong, safe and healthy.

Abhijit Naskar

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#57. The past can hold a weak man down like an anchor. It takes a strong man to remember the past, but forgive. Forgive and forget. Taking the first step forward is difficult. But take it. Save a backward glance for the times when you're uncertain, just to make sure your past is where it belongs,

Scott Hildreth

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#58. Many of my movies have strong female leads- brave, self-sufficient girls that don't think twice about fighting for what they believe with all their heart. They'll need a friend, or a supporter, but never a savior. Any woman is just as capable of being a hero as any man.

Hayao Miyazaki

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#59. Strong feelings do not necessarily make a strong character. The strength of a man is to be measured by the power of the feelings he subdues not by the power of those which subdue him.

William Carleton

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#60. The most evident difference springs from the important part which is played in man by a relatively strong power of imagination and by the capacity to think, aided as it is by language and other symbolically devices.

Albert Einstein

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#61. We need to ditch the idea that there is any value in the strong and silent man being in any way attractive. Being silent isn't being strong, it's being a victim.

Jane Powell

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#62. Scent is very important. Strong fragrances suit some men, while citrus types suit others. I like my men to smell fresh and woody, but also like a man.

Donatella Versace

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#63. Man is not an aquatic animal, but from the time we stand in youthful wonder beside a Spring brook till we sit in old age and watch the endless roll of the sea, we feel a strong kinship with the waters of this world.

Hal Borland

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#64. A man with great talents, but void of discretion, is like Polyphemus in the fable, strong and blind, endued with an irresistible force, which for want of sight is of no use to him.

Joseph Addison

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#65. They tell me that it will be hard to find a man strong enough to love my own strength and independence, and not worry about being Mr. Diana Ross, but I disagree. I know absolutely that that man is somewhere out there.

Diana Ross

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#66. Happiness doesn't come from being rich, nor merely from being successful in your career, nor by self-indulgence. One step towards happiness is to make yourself healthy and strong while you are a boy so that you can be useful and so you can enjoy life when you are a man.

Robert Baden-Powell

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#67. Cheerfulness is as natural to the heart of a man in strong health as color to his cheek; and wherever there is habitual gloom there must be either bad air, unwholesome food, improperly severe labor, or erring habits of life.

John Ruskin

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#68. My father said she was a strong woman, and I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is almost indestructible.

John Steinbeck

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#69. Big fish eats small fish; oceans need revolution! Big man beats little man; world needs revolution! Big galaxies swallow little galaxies; universe needs revolution! Anything which is not ethical needs a strong revolution!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

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#70. There is no need to fear the strong. All one needs is to know the method of overcoming them. There is a special jujitsu for every strong man.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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#71. [H]umans tend to start the process of change by acknowledging themselves thus blacks asserted black pride and black is beautiful; women declared I am woman, I am strong:;; men are saying I am man, I am okay. After a quarter of a century of male bashing, that's not a bad start.

Warren Farrell

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#72. To believe is to be happy; to doubt is to be wretched. To believe is to be strong. Doubt cramps energy. Belief is power. Only so far as a man believes strongly, mightily, can he act cheerfully, or do any thing that is worth the doing.

Frederick William Robertson

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#73. Strong drink stupefies a man and makes it possible for him to forget; it gives him an artificial cheeriness, an artificial excitement; and the pleasure of this state is increased by the low level of civilization and the narrow empty life to which these men are confined.

Alexander Herzen

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#74. A practical profession is a salvation for a man of my type; an academic career compels a young man to scientific production and only strong characters can resist the temptation of superficial analysis.

Albert Einstein

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#75. But I'm a selfish man. I've wanted you since you fell into my office. You are exquisite, honest, warm, strong, witty, beguilingly innocent; the list is endless. I'm in awe of you. I want you, and the thought of anyone else having you is like a knife twisting in my dark soul.

E.L. James

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#76. If the storm doesn't kill me, the government will./Gotta get that outta my head./It's a new day today and the coffee is strong, I finally got some rest./So a man's put to task and challenges./I was taught to hold my head high.

Michael Stipe

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#77. Sexual love is a troubled and problematic relationship in cultures where there is a strong sense of man's separation from nature, especially when the realm of nature is felt to be inferior or contaminated with evil.

Alan Watts

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#78. A man who is strong and tough never needs to show it in his dress or the way he cuts his hair. Toughness is a quality of the mind, like bravery or honesty or ambition; it has nothing whatever to do with muscles.

E.R. Braithwaite

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#79. A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must become strong of himself; he must, by his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another. None but himself can alter his condition.

James Allen

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#80. If my resolution to be a great man was half so strong as it is to despise the shame of being a little one ...

William Cowper

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#81. What is it with me and guys? Do I come on too strong? Why do none of them want to stick around? I'm gonna be forty years old and out on a date with some man, and we'll make out, then he'll tell me we're not meant to be, and I'll go home to my fourteen cats.

Miranda Kenneally

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#82. An angry woman is a bitch. An angry man is strong, whereas, a sad man or a fearful man is a wimp. A sad or fearful woman is frail.

Irene Tomkinson

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#83. Although a man may lose a sense of his own importance when he is a mere unit among a busy throng, all utterly regardless of him, it by no means follows that he can dispossess himself, with equal facility, of a very strong sense of the importance and magnitude of his cares.

Charles Dickens

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#84. The wind cannot overturn a mountain. Temptation cannot touch the man Who is awake, strong and humble, Who masters hiself and minds the law.

Gautama Buddha

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#85. A weak man is not as happy as that same man would be if he were strong. This reality is offensive to some people who would like the intellectual or spiritual to take precedence. It is instructive to see what happens to these very people as their squat strength goes up.

Mark Rippetoe

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#86. A true woman loves a strong man because she knows his weaknesses. She protects as much as she is protected.

Andre Maurois

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#87. But for a little second, I just want to sit in this stupid chair and believe there is this sort of magic between two people and I can be this prized someone to this sexy, raw, primitive man who's so strong, mysterious, and playful to me, he compels me like nothing in my life ever has.

Katy Evans

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#88. The lifting up of the woman does not require the tearing down of the man. In fact, a strong woman appreciates a strong man. Conversely, a strong man is not intimidated by a strong woman.

T.D. Jakes

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#89. No man can be ideally successful until he has found his place. Like a locomotive, he is strong on the track, but weak anywhere else.

Orison Swett Marden

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#90. Who can calculate the wounds inflicted, their depth and pain, by harsh and mean words spoken in anger? How pitiful a sight is a man who is strong in many ways but who loses all control of himself when some little thing, usually of no significant consequence, disturbs his equanimity.

Gordon B. Hinckley

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#91. Hyun Joong hyung is totally a real man. He is very generous, easy to get along, and dependable. Sometimes, he would hide and cry secretly at night. He won't tell others when he is sad about something. He'll bear the sadness himself. He has a strong personality (he will not fall).

Kim Kyu-jong

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#92. It is not his body which makes a man strong, but his spirit. Nothing on the outside, but only that which comes from within.

Jocelyn Murray

A Strong Man Is Quotes #715454
#93. Republicans need to stay strong on the fact that marriage is between a man and a woman. Those are values that are true to the party and true to who we are. They could focus on jobs and the economy, but we all know that keeping the family structure intact is very important in our country.

Nikki Haley

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#94. There is implanted in every man, naturally, a strong desire for progress.

Swami Vivekananda

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#95. A wise man, once he is past fifty, does not befuddle his senses with strong drink, nor make violent love in the cool spring night, nor dance on his hands.

Frans G. Bengtsson

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#96. It is a grand thing to see a man thoroughly possessed with one master-passion. Such a man is sure to be strong, and if the master-principle be excellent, he is sure to be excellent, too.

Charles Spurgeon

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#97. Some books don't answer the inside, I read one comic called Ms.Marvel!
Under Marvel can be understand that this person is powerful and can handle a lot of stuff, but reality this wasn't a powerful one or one strong. This guy was a guy who just called the Avengers like Iron Man for help!

Deyth Banger

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#98. Better to be a strong man with a weak point, than to be a weak man without a strong point. A diamond with a flaw is more valuable that a brick without a flaw.

William J.H. Boetcker

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#99. I never heard the expression, "A strong man," unless somebody was in the gym lifting a heavy barbell. Why is there a difference between being an ambitious, driven woman or passionate woman and a passionate man? That is something that has come up a lot.

Megan Griffiths

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#100. Nothing is impossible for a man with a strong will. The possible is in store only for a man who loves the future. There is no word "impossible" in the Korean language.

Kim Jong Il

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