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#1. What if, instead of a parallel universe, there's a perpendicular universe? Discuss.

Robert Breault

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#2. Reality has become a parallel universe with photographers returning with different versions of what it truly looks like.

Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

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#3. I love The West Wing for many reasons. The show has been a fantasy. But we have offered a parallel universe to reality.

Martin Sheen

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#4. Ove looks at the group assembled around him, as if he's been kidnapped and taken to a parallel universe. For a moment he thinks about swerving off the road, until he realises that the worst case scenario would be that they all accompanied him into the afterlife.

Fredrik Backman

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#5. We're all living in a parallel universe of what the world used to be.

Lauren DeStefano

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#6. Now, for the first time, he's seeing that there really is a way out of this, and it's all so simple. You don't have to run away. You just meet somebody special and step sideways into a parallel universe.

Irvine Welsh

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#7. No experiment can distinguish between phenomena manifested by visiting interstellar (arbitrarily advanced) ETI and intelligent beings that may exist near Earth within a parallel universe or in different dimensions, or who are (terrestrial) time travelers.

Cris Putnam

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#8. I feel like i am parked diagonally in a parallel universe


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#9. Despite different cultures, middle-class youth all over the world seem to live their lives as if in a parallel universe. They get up in the morning, put on their Levi's and Nikes, grab their caps and backpacks, and Sony personal CD players and head for school.

Naomi Klein

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#10. You can't have the legislative and executive branch working in a parallel universe ... the partisanship that has gripped Washington has prevented us from dealing with the issues that this country needs to grapple with to determine its future.

Olympia Snowe

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#11. The fact was, all that stuff was back in our past, and we were dealing with a very, very different present. Somewhere in a parallel universe, Trip and I were happy together. Just not in this one.

T. Torrest

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#12. For me, writing about hotels is like writing about being in a parallel universe. The sense of voyeurism, and the sense of removedness, and there are all these people silently above you and next to you.


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#13. Without Leonard Nimoy, there would have been no 'Star Trek' phenomenon. And without 'Star Trek' ... well, that's a parallel universe most of us probably wouldn't want to visit.

Steve Hockensmith

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#14. If I get a parking ticket, there is always a parallel universe where I didn't. On the other hand, there is yet another universe where my car was stolen.

Max Tegmark

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#15. Should is a futile word. It's about what didn't happen. It belongs in a parallel universe. It belongs in another dimension of space.

Margaret Atwood

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#16. A mathematician makes plans to travel backwards in time through a wormhole to a parallel universe when he can't even make it to Mars with the fastest rocket on hand today.

Bill Gaede

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#17. I was good at math and science, and I got lots of degrees in lots of things, but in a parallel universe, I probably became a chef.

Nathan Myhrvold

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#18. Probably in a parallel universe not far from here, I'm working for Nintendo.

David Mitchell

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#19. And it is easy to slip into a parallel universe. There are so many of them: worlds of the insane, the criminal, the crippled, the dying, perhaps of the dead as well. These worlds exist alongside this world and resemble it, but are not in it.

Susanna Kaysen

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#20. She sometimes makes me think of a planet rocketing along in a parallel universe

Meg Rosoff

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#21. I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.


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#22. Stephen Jones' hats are what we used to call 'creations'; extravagant, odd things for extravagant, odd people like Madonna or Lady Gaga. They're worn in a parallel universe.

Peter York

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#23. However, one new theory says that dark matter may be ordinary matter in a parallel universe. If a galaxy is hovering above in another dimension, we would not be able to see it. It would be invisible, yet we would feel its gravity. Hence, it might explain dark matter.

Michio Kaku

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#24. Imagine: If shifting from one universe to another is like moving up or down to parallel layers, overlapping with one universe, then going to another timeline is like taking a jump to the left.'
'Or a step to the right,' Jena said wryly.

E.C. Myers

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#25. If natural selection can create creationists it can manage a caterpillar with a face on its arse.

Zane Stumpo

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#26. It was like I existed in a kind of parallel universe, thinking thoughts and feelings that no one else understood.

Lucy Christopher

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#27. The Course teaches that fear is literally a bad dream. It is as though the mind has been split in two; one part stays in touch with love, and the other part veers into fear. Fear manufactures a kind of parallel universe where the unreal seems real,

Marianne Williamson

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#28. Now, though, there was a second part, an artifact of his recent illness, as if his melancholy had, in a universe adjacent to this one, claimed his life. As if he was his own ghost, standing slightly behind himself, observing.

Garth Risk Hallberg

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#29. In some parallel universe, there was a Gansey who could tell Blue that he found the ten inches of her bare calves far more tantalizing than the thirteen cubic feet of bare skin Orla sported. But in this universe, that was Adam's job.
He was in a terrible mood.

Maggie Stiefvater

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#30. If a coin comes down heads, that means that the possibility of its coming down tails has collapsed. Until that moment the two possibilities were equal.
But on another world, it does come down tails. And when that happens, the two worlds split apart.

Philip Pullman

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#31. Imagination is the parallel universe of a writer. If he is not responding to you in this world, he is probably responding to someone in the imaginary world.

Heenashree Khandelwal

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#32. Who better to confess to than a dying woman?

Sara Douglass

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#33. There are many of us thinking of one version of parallel universe theory or another. If it's all a lot of nonsense, then it's a lot of wasted effort going into this far-out idea. But if this idea is correct, it is a fantastic upheaval in our understanding.

Brian Greene

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