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Top 30 4 Generation Family Quotes

#1. Well I'm a third-generation musician. My Grandfather's a musician and my father and mother were both musicians and so I'm a musician. It was just natural that I should be a musician 'cause I was born into the family. - Author: Sam Rivers
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#2. I'm the third or fourth generation of actor in my family; I'm sure if they were butchers, I'd be a butcher, too. - Author: Sean Pertwee
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#3. Of course, our roles within the family are radically different. Generational stereotypes of moms and dads have disintegrated A-bomb style. We are making it up as we go along, pioneering a new era of equality. - Author: Gudjon Bergmann
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#4. Even though I have a nice house, nice family, the rest of my generation is still in South Central L.A. My cousins, my brothers, my sisters, they don't wanna move out. They don't want to and they don't have the means to sustain it. That's where my heart is and that's what I think about all the time. - Author: Ice Cube
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#5. Free sexual intercourse between young males and respectable girls" was urgently necessary or society was "doomed to fall a victim to incurable neuroses which reduce the enjoyment of life to a minimum, destroy the marriage relation and bring hereditary ruin on the whole coming generation. - Author: Sigmund Freud
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#6. The school has always been the most important means of transferring the wealth of tradition from one generation to the next. This applies today in an even higher degree than in former times, for through modern development of economic life, the family - Author: Albert Einstein
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#7. The Bible says that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons to the seventh generation. But I believe it's the daughters who bear the brunt of most family sins. At least that's so in my family. - Author: Sherri Wood Emmons
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#8. My family's story isn't special. What's special is the America that makes our story possible. Ours is a nation like no other, a place where great journeys can be made in a single generation. No matter who you are or where you come from, the path is always forward. - Author: Julian Castro
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#9. A father must lead his children; but first he must learn to follow. He must laugh with them but remember the ache of childhood tears. He must hold the past with one hand and reach to the future with the other so there can be no generation gap in family love. - Author: June Masters Bacher
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#10. I am fourth-generation deaf, which means everyone in my immediate family is deaf. So I grew up always having 100 percent accessibility to language and communication, which was wonderful and something so many deaf people don't have. - Author: Shoshannah Stern
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#11. All the old houses that I knew when I was a child were full of books, bought generation after generation by members of the family. Everyone was literate as a matter of course. Nobody told you to read this or not to read that. It was there to read, and we read. - Author: Katherine Ann Porter
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#12. Using the Africanist model, each generation should take the family name to a higher place. My father's folks were sharecroppers in South Carolina. He went to Harlem. They were still poor, but they moved up. If my parents didn't do this and offer me this background, I wouldn't be here. - Author: Ving Rhames
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#13. In one generation, my family went from extermination simply because of how they pray to God to this ridiculously privileged life I live today. So how can I not love America? - Author: Jerry Springer
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#14. My mother is a first generation American. Her father worked in the Roebling Steel Mill in Trenton, New Jersey.And yet my mother became the first person in her family to get a college degree. - Author: Samuel Alito
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#15. The promise of America has always been that if you worked hard, had the right values, took some risks, that there was an opportunity to build a better life for your family and for your next generation. - Author: Mitt Romney
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#16. According to the Small Business Administration, more than 70 percent of all family businesses do not survive through the second generation, and 8 percent do not make it to a third. - Author: Kit Bond
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#17. Why are the architects of the family-values agenda so eager to punish into the next generation? What is being served by seeking, quite literally, a tooth for a tooth? - Author: Ayelet Waldman
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#18. My original goal in the '90s, after I found feminism and I was the first generation in my family to go to college, was to spread this information that feminism was still very much alive, and that you can't believe the media telling you that it doesn't need to exist and that it doesn't exist. - Author: Kathleen Hanna
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#19. Arranged marriages are big business in the U.K. Second- and third-generation immigrant families, with no extended family structure, limited networks and religious restrictions on acceptable ways to meet future spouses, are turning to external matchmakers for help. - Author: Jemima Khan
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#20. South Central is just who I am. Even though I have a nice house, nice family, the rest of my generation is still in South Central L.A. My cousins, my brothers, my sisters, they don't wanna move out. - Author: Ice Cube
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#21. It can only benefit the city to have endless waves of exceptionally capable, even brilliant, folk unfettered by class and family connections. They change the world once a generation. That is certainly worth something. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#22. Affection is the most important thing. And the quality of affection - with your friends, your lovers, your family. But particularly for your own generation. - Author: Allen Ginsberg
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#23. Hat the next generation will value most is not what we owned, but the evidence of who we were and the tales of how we lived. In the end, it's the family stories that are worth the storage. - Author: Ellen Goodman
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#24. We all know far too many stories where the third generation just destroys everything that the first two have built up, and I certainly hope my family are different because I've worked too hard and my father has worked too hard for it to be given away. - Author: Gina Rinehart
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#25. Passed down from generation to generation, storytelling was an art in my family. - Author: David Mixner
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#26. Every individual is a potential gold buyer, although he may not need the gold. It may be added to the store of personal wealth, and passed from generation to generation as an object of family wealth. There is no other economic good as marketable as gold. - Author: Hans F. Sennholz
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#27. Today's gardens have become far more than things of beauty. And today's generation is fast finding out that backyards can be an extremely resourceful and powerful tool in not just providing food for the family but also a brilliant way of connecting children with the natural world. - Author: Jamie Durie
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#28. There are things in life that science will never be able to see. We have to rely on what has been passed from our ancestors, generation to generation. - Author: Pawan Mishra
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#29. My mom and dad are second-generation Greek-Americans who instilled in our middle-class family the values of hard work, self-reliance, and service, exemplified by my father's tenure as a U.S. Marine who was stationed at Camp David under President Truman. - Author: James Costos
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#30. All it takes is one person in any generation to heal a family's limiting beliefs. - Author: Gregg Braden
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