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#1. As soon as we conform anything to language, we've changed it. Use a word and you've altered the world. The poets know this. It's what they try so hard to avoid. - Author: Ethan Canin
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#2. It's been fascinating watching all those pictures of me with a lot more hair Jeremy, and looking very young. And we've all got things we've said, twenty, thirty years ago, indeed the whole world has changed since then. - Author: Peter Hain
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#3. When you have nothing left to lose. When there's nothing left to gain. You find yourself at the edge of the world, wishing nothing would have changed," I read and instantly got a twisted feeling in the pit of my stomach.
"All you can do is jump. - Author: Monica Alexander
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#4. They don't realise that they've changed; they think it's the world that changed. - Author: Ryu Murakami
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#5. My mind leads me to speak now of forms changed into new bodies: O gods above, inspire this undertaking (which you've changed as well) and guide my poem in its epic sweep from the world's beginning to the present day. The - Author: Ovid
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#6. My heart wants to read the Bible, wants to obey God. When you have Jesus in your life, when you have God in your life, like the thing in this world is not important to your heart. The more important is God in your heart. That's how God changed my life. - Author: Manny Pacquiao
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#7. For the next week, try the best you can to pay attention to sounds. You will start hearing all these sounds coming in. Once you let them in, you've already done the first and most critical thing, you've honored that information by including it. And by doing that, you've actually changed the world. - Author: Robert Irwin
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#8. With the coming of radio as a mass medium, suddenly the world changed. It became about, 'Can this leader project emotional connection through the way he speaks on the radio?' And the anxiety about whether he could do that, we've inherited. - Author: Tom Hooper
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#9. Dear Kai,
Come back. Come back for me. I didn't mean it. I've changed my mind. I can't bear this, Kai. I can't bear this farm, this life, this world without you. - Author: Diana Peterfreund
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#10. I've been able to look at the world differently from three continents practically. I've always lived between India and the U.S. When I married Mahmood I became a daughter-in-law of Africa. That really changed my worldview. I can see it from so many perspectives. - Author: Mira Nair
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#11. More often than not I've found, a rut is a consequence of sticking to tried and tested methods that don't take into account how you or the world has changed. - Author: Twyla Tharp
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#12. You must know, the day your star exploded into my universe, you altered it all. You exposed my light and my dark, settled into my existence and there you will be and glow in the matter of my heart, long after light is only a memory. You have changed things for always. - Author: Jennifer DeLucy
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#13. The world just changed, Gaz," Kaladin said, leaning in close. "I died down at that chasm. Now you've got my vengeful spirit to deal with. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#14. I think I still have a great sense of adventure and trust, and am surprisingly idealistic given all the horrible things I've seen since I was 25. I think how I have changed is that I have a much deeper understanding of the dark forces in the world, of power. - Author: Jacqueline Novogratz
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#15. I'm extremely happy about music altogether, and the history that I've made. How I changed the world, music-wise, music over the internet and stuff like that. - Author: Lil B
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#16. I want to live again ... with you. You've changed my world. I'm altered, no longer stuck in purgatory. - Author: K.I. Lynn
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#17. I can't say that I've changed anybody's life, ever, and that's the real work of the world, if you want a better society. - Author: Charles Kuralt
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#18. Over the last twenty years, we've changed the world just enough to make it radically different, but not enough to make it work. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#19. Once you've changed who you are or who you've portrayed in your music, the fans, they'll catch it ... Once I feel like the world knows me for anything else but my music, then I feel like I failed. - Author: The Weeknd
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#20. Sometimes it's hard to take everyday concerns seriously when you think about vanished ecosystems that existed 300 million years ago and were eradicated by giant explosions. My goals haven't changed, because my goal has always been to save the world! - Author: Annalee Newitz
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#21. I don't care if your dad is the Sultan of Brunei. You happened to be born into a privileged family. What you do with that truth is completely up to you. I'm here because I want to be with you. But if I didn't, all the money in the world wouldn't have changed my feelings for you. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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#22. I know the rewards of focusing on innovation and outcomes as opposed to hours. I've been fortunate to work with brilliant entrepreneurs who didn't have years of experience, and yet they changed the world. - Author: Maynard Webb
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#23. You came into my life. You changed my world. You made me realize I'm capable of loving completely. You're my one. You're it. This is my epic love, and I can't lose that. - Author: Abbi Glines
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#24. I've changed a lot since 1969, and so has the world; I'm more benign, the world is far bleaker, and the people in Love would now be edging nervously up to the middle age they thought could never happen, they thought the world would end first. - Author: Angela Carter
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#25. There are a lot of really good skills you get from doing journalism - it completely changed my world and how I interact with other people. - Author: Benjamin Booker
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#26. Libraries have always seemed like the richest places in the world to me, and I?ve done some of my best learning and thinking thanks to them. Libraries and librarians have definitely changed my life ? and the lives of countless other Americans. - Author: Barbara Bush
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#27. The world has changed around me. I've been me, and continuously being me in a constant, steadfast way. - Author: Jeremy Scott
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#28. We've both changed. We're tired of having the world push us into places we don't want to be. We're both scared of losing love that maybe we never had to being with. We can have whatever we want in our lives. It's only a matter of deciding. But we don't have to do it alone. We have each other. - Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt
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#29. If I knew this is your final goodbye; I'd have told you that still I've a lot of things to say. I'd have told you how you changed my life, how you made me close to Me, how you made me realize the beauty of the world.
If only I knew, this is your final goodbye ... I'd have never let you say it ... - Author: Crestless Wave
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#30. Sex has changed drastically over the years due to technology. The World Wide Web has boosted the sex market and made sex ever present. No one has to work hard anymore with sexting, Tango, Skype, and all the other ways you can initiate sex without ever even suckling on my damn nipple! - Author: Sanjo Jendayi
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#31. I hope that this year, you make mistakes. If you do, then it means you have tried, learned, lived, pushed yourself, changed you and your world, and most importantly, you've done something. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#32. The world is changing and you're only just becoming accustomed to it. You're changing, I suppose. You've changed since I've known you.'
'You've come more alive. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#33. Everything I've ever felt, but could never put into words, is poetically orchestrated through Mat Devine 's writing. In a lonely world, a book like this will make you feel like you belong. Simply put, Weird War One changed my life. - Author: Kat Von D.
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#34. Of course The Exorcist changed my entire life. I don't think there are very many people that will have the experience of sitting in this room, doing a job, and the next thing you know you've been on every television camera around the world, and people are they're frightened of you. - Author: Linda Blair
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#35. I nearly died three times in 2008, and when you go through those experiences, you realize that you're blessed every day that you wake up. My world changed, my life changed, and with the help of my wife Jane, I was able to survive. - Author: Jon Anderson
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#36. You push a button and it goes all over the world and on Sunday people are saying, 'Oh, I binge watched all 10 of them. Where's more?' and you go oh, the world has changed. It's not my dad walking to the television set and turning a knob to Ed Sullivan. - Author: Jeffrey Tambor
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#37. I think that obviously, there is a perverse attraction to a fundamentally changed world or the end of the world. There is a death wish, a perverse death wish. Not just for ourselves, not just for the movie 'Death Wish,' but for the end of all human life. - Author: John Hodgman
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#38. The indie world changed when the economy went south. I was frustrated with doing something, then waiting for it to come out, and sometimes it never did, or would just play in New York for 50 people. So I really wanted to try something else. - Author: Jeff Daniels
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#39. Jesus changed how the world thinks about science, medicine, human rights, education & more. - Author: John Ortberg
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#40. The world is changed not by the self-regarding, but by men and women prepared to make fools of themselves. - Author: P.D. James
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#41. You're the world I have," she murmured, and then her breathing changed, and she took him down with her into safety. - Author: Diana Gabaldon
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#42. There were two types of people in the world, those who hurt you and those who changed you.

Z knew without a doubt that Connelly was going to be both. - Author: Elizabeth Varlet
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#43. Only changed people can change the world. Start with yourself. - Author: Rick Warren
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#44. My dad was very religious growing up and a little bit closed minded, and I think me being in the theater, two of my three sisters are dancers, so being in the arts world has changed and opened him up in a lot of ways. - Author: Frankie J. Alvarez
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#45. Whatever he does in office, no man can live up to the high expectations of the world, but we have been changed by his election. Obama's inauguration is a historic global achievement, a major milestone in the journey of a powerful nation. - Author: Des Browne
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#46. Wall Street is littered with clever plans to use financial instruments to change behavior - carbon trading, for example. Some have changed the world, and others failed miserably. - Author: Andrew Ross Sorkin
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#47. I've wanted to see beyond the Western, mechanical view of the world and see what else might appear when the lens was changed. - Author: Margaret J. Wheatley
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#48. Everyone I know, men and women alike, would love to see the world changed so that boys and girls, men and women are valued equally for what we contribute, despite the differences in how our brains and bodies work. - Author: Cris Mazza
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#49. My whole thing is I want to affect history in a positive way. I want the timeline to be, 100 years from now, when we look back, it's going to be like, the world was like this, and then Shameik Moore hit the world, and everything changed for the better. It was a new light. Something special. - Author: Shameik Moore
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#50. Technology and the internet have changed the world of publishing forever. - Author: Mary Kay Andrews
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#51. To sit down on a chair and read my books with all my friends at school is my right. To see each and every human being with a smile of happiness is my wish. I am Malala. My world has changed but I have not. - Author: Malala Yousafzai
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#52. Obviously, for the majority of parents and certainly me you gain a million worlds when you have a child. Certainly, it's the thing that's changed my life and made me unbelievably happy. - Author: Kate Winslet
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#53. Going from having an Atari to a laptop changed everything. It allows me to work anywhere I want and send my work home - I can work anywhere in the world. - Author: Cary Fukunaga
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#54. Before 9/11, absolutely, there were concerns about terrorism; but the world fundamentally changed. - Author: Richard Fadden
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#55. But things move on and by the time you've plotted your position the world around you has changed and you are running -panting- to catch up. - Author: Ahdaf Soueif
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#56. I don't think I've become arrogant. I'm pretty much the same person. I think the world has changed. I think I'm pretty consistent. Because you stick to what you believe does not make you arrogant. - Author: Raymond Kelly
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#57. The World Coming Down tour was around four years ago, and other than the wear and tear we've all sustained in the last four years, nothing much has changed. - Author: Josh Silver
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#58. I look at you looking at me, Now I know why the best things are free, How you've changed my world You'll never know, I'm different now, You've helped me grow. - Author: Monica Denise Brown
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#59. The sooner we realize that the world has changed, the sooner we can accept it and make something of what we've got. Whining isn't a scalable solution. - Author: Seth Godin
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#60. Everything has changed now. The world has changed. It surprises me to be on the forefront. I've lost all dignity! I give interviews! I make movies! I'm amazed at myself. - Author: Giovanna Cau
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#61. I've done four other films since 'Submarine,' so that's quite cool. It's just good to have people respect your work; I've never had that before. Yeah, my life has changed crazy. I'm a kid from a small town in south Wales, I play my Xbox usually and all that sort of stuff, and it's a whole new world. - Author: Craig Roberts
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#62. Humans have changed little over time. We think we've invented the modern world but they were making better speeches 2,000 years ago and grappling with issues of empire and terrorism. - Author: Robert Harris
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#63. I would say that it's quadruple what I've had when I've won major championships in the past. I've gotten faxes and phone calls from all over the world. It's been overwhelming. It's really changed my opinion of humanity. - Author: Greg Norman
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#64. But it's not possible to forget anybody you were that hung up on, who was that hung up on you. You can't forget anything that hurt so badly, went so deep, and changed the world forever. It's not possible to forget anybody you've destroyed. - Author: James Baldwin
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#65. The world changed. Hollywood changed. I think we've lost something, and we don't know how to get it back. - Author: Roy Rogers
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#66. I've always viewed myself as a brand. When I started 10 years ago, that was very controversial. 'Marketing' and 'PR' were dirty words for the literary world, but that has changed. Once the book is finished, I want as many people as possible to read it. - Author: Camilla Lackberg
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#67. I did what any other Fae would have done. Only, I fucked up by thinking I would be done with you by the time he'd been fully changed over to my world. I fucked up by thinking that a short amount of time with you would be enough. - Author: Amelia Hutchins
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#68. Smokers of the world unite!
On t'count o' three, all light up, right?
You've all been cowed.
I've changed the law and it's allowed.
Try again then. 1-2-3:
all light your fags now after me. - Author: Tony Harrison
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#69. I still love you," Aaron says softly, "I wish I can just turn it off, or that it would have faded away. I wish I could say I'm not the same man I was when you left me, that I've changed. But I am who I am, Caitlin. And all the magic in the world wouldn't change that. - Author: Jackie Kessler
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#70. He said that I have to remember that even though I've changed a lot in here, I'm going back to a world that hasn't changed - Author: Michael Thomas Ford
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#71. It makes me angry sometimes, it's a visceral thing
how you come to despise your own words in your ears not because they aren't genuine, but because they are; because you've said them so many times, your 'principles,' your 'ideals'
and so damned little in the world has changed because of them. - Author: Joyce Carol Oates
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#72. Now I've changed things. I've left my own fingerprints on the world, no matter how small, and it's upset the equilibrium of us - Author: Markus Zusak
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