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#1. The real metric of success isn't the size of your bank account. It's the number of lives in whom you might be able to make a positive difference. - Author: Naveen Jain
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#2. What difference do it make if the thing you scared of is real or not? - Author: Toni Morrison
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#3. What is real and what is not? Can you tell me or I you? Perhaps we shall never know more than this - that to think a thing is to make it true. - Author: P.L. Travers
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#4. You are pure-hearted and lovely, and you have never done a moment's wrong. But you are a living creature, born to make a real life, however it cracks your heart. - Author: Margo Lanagan
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#5. Indeed, the real question is not, "Why greatness?" but "What work makes you feel compelled to try to create greatness?" If you have to ask the question, "Why should we try to make it great? Isn't success enough?" then you're probably engaged in the wrong line of work. - Author: James C. Collins
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#6. Sometimes people in abusive situations think they're responsible for the other person's happiness or that they're going to fix them and make them feel better. The practice of equanimity teaches that it's not all up to you to make someone else happy. - Author: Sharon Salzberg
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#7. You make the work for yourself first and the next line is the people you trust, and you know that they're going to tell you what they feel. They let you know if you're dishing bullshit or if it's real. - Author: Robert Longo
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#8. I guess there's so much more I have to learn,
But if you're here with me, I know which way to turn
You always give me somewhere, somewhere I can run,
You make it real for me - Author: James Morrison
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#9. You can make a lot of speeches, but the real thing is when you dig a hole, plant a tree, give it water, and make it survive. That's what makes the difference - Author: Wangari Maathai
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#10. She shrugged. "She's nice and I think she can't help it." Zara gave me a look of censure and went back to her strawberry ice cream. Something along the lines of: Only a real dickhead would make fun of how someone talks, you idiot. - Author: Raine Miller
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#11. To have an extraordinary quality of life you need two skills: the science of achievement (the ability to take anything you envision and make it real) and the art of fulfillment (this allows you to enjoy every moment of it. - Author: Tony Robbins
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#12. It's almost like these games are the modern day comic books, especially when you play Alone in the Dark. There's a real story that goes along with it and a movie seemed like the right kind of transition to make. - Author: Christian Slater
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#13. You just have to make sure you're writing about something that's true. It has to be honest and it has to have a real emotion behind it, regardless of where it's coming from. - Author: Teddy Thompson
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#14. The act of resisting something is the act of granting it life ... the more you resist, the more you make it real - whatever it is you are resisting. - Author: Neale Donald Walsch
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#15. When you can take something that is a reject at the thrift store sitting on the bottom of a pile of junk and make it work, make it look interesting, that's real style to me. - Author: Erin Wasson
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#16. You can also make explicit certain social problems which, again, would be prejudged or not encountered at all in real life, because people have set up defenses against it. Fantasy allows you to get past defenses. - Author: Elizabeth Moon
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#17. Basically you come up with the fictional idea and you start writing that story, but then in order to write it and to make it seem real, you sometimes put your own memories in. Even if it's a character that's very different from you. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#18. It's not always easy to do what's not popular, but that's where you make your money. Buy stocks that look bad to less careful investors and hang on until their real value is recognized. - Author: John Neff
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#19. When you make that crossover from life to real life, when you're not treated as a child anymore but as a man, and you are no longer given the benefit of the doubt, it takes some courage to face that. - Author: Ricky Williams
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#20. Money doesn't matter on a deeply personal level. It doesn't make you feel any happier. But of course I am very aware that I don't have to worry about earning a living or about those very important practical things that most people have to worry about on a very real level. - Author: Winona Ryder
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#21. Maybe the problem with lying is that once you start faking it, it's impossible to tell where the make-believe you ends and the real you begins. It's hard to be who you are, but it's even harder to keep up the lie. - Author: Autumn Doughton
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#22. We're all weirdos, and people want to work so hard to fit into society, but it's like, no matter what you do, you're never going to be what society depicts as what's perfect, because that's not real. The only point that you have to make is that 'I'm being me.' - Author: Keke Palmer
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#23. The real test of your Christianity is not how pious you look at the Lord's table on Sunday, but how you act at the breakfast table at home. If it takes two cups of coffee to make you fit to live with, you had better go to the mourner's bench. - Author: Vance Havner
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#24. I think my life is often more interesting in the tabloids than it is in real life - or less; it depends. But I'm curious. I just try and see what they're going to make up next, and I try to just have fun with it and not take it all too seriously, because otherwise you can't function. - Author: Rachel Miner
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#25. Nurture your own confidence and make it real; don't pretend to be someone you're not. - Author: Tom Hiddleston
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#26. If you can imagine a thing, conjure it up in space then you can make it ... The universe is real but you can't see it. You have to imagine it. Then you can be realistic about reproducing it. - Author: Alexander Calder
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#27. A fast food job, for most people, should be an entry level position. If you see no path for advancement beyond that, it's time to take a real fast look at your human capital and learn a skill that will make you more money. - Author: William J. Bernstein
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#28. I really love a challenge, but in 'Downton' it was really hard going because there's no CGI - what you see is what you get. These were real explosions right in front of our faces, and you just had to make sure that you cleared out of the way. - Author: Thomas Howes
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#29. You can always make a film somehow. You can beg, borrow, steal the equipment, use credit cards, use your friends' goodwill, wheedle your way into this or that situation. The real problem is, how do you get people to see it once it is made? - Author: Walter Murch
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#30. It's not enough just to be real; you have to try to make it interesting or entertaining. - Author: Owen Wilson
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#31. But I didn't want to share everything yet ... I needed that time alone with it first, that delicious time where you replay every moment, where you make what has happened more real and also less - it becomes fact the more you repeat it, but it becomes story, too. - Author: Deb Caletti
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#32. I never thought I'd do comedy, ever, in a million years. I always thought comedy was just for fun - to me, the real stuff was the real dramatic stuff. Now I know it's all valuable. There's a real excitement, a good feeling when you can make people laugh. - Author: Peri Gilpin
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#33. I tried to make every bit of it as creepy as I could. And I had the same response you do. I feel the same way. The hospital scenes, that procedure was so real. - Author: William Peter Blatty
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#34. Everything on the radio is crap ... It's fast food for your ears. It doesn't make you think. It isn't even about anything - not anything real. Don't you think music should say something? - Author: Hannah Harrington
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#35. Cocky."
"I won't deny it. Which is why this is weird for me," Romeo's voice lowered as he leaned into her. His warm breath fanned against her neck, making Jules shiver as he said, "You're so beautiful you make me feel humble. Being with you scares me, and I'm not real sure what to do about it. - Author: Kele Moon
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#36. Now, being in Africa, I was hungry for more of it, the changes of the seasons, the rains with no need to travel, the discomforts that you paid to make it real, the names of the trees, of the small animals, and all the birds, to know the language and have time to be in it and to move slowly. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#37. Everyone is usually screwed up in some way and that is usually where the work comes in - figuring out how to make it believable and make it real to present someone's problems that you don't necessarily actually know anything about. - Author: Anna Paquin
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#38. The real questions are the ones that obtrude upon your consciousness whether you like it or not, the ones that make your mind start vibrating like a jackhammer, the ones that you 'come to terms with' only to discover that they are still there. - Author: Ingrid Bengis
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#39. Two hungry people should never make friends. If they do, they eat each other up. It is the same with one person who is hungry and another who is full: they cannot be real, real friends because the hungry one will eat the full one. You understand? - Author: Helen Oyeyemi
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#40. I think the goal is to make a well written scene seem like it's improvised and/or to come up with things that you find in the room that you couldn't have known until you get into the real situation, just try to improve things as you go along. - Author: Robert Downey Jr.
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#41. Keep playing games. Make time to play games with your friends and family, because it's surprisingly heartbreaking to wipe a thin layer of dust off a game you love, before you put it back on the shelf because the real world is calling you. - Author: Wil Wheaton
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#42. Whatever it is you want in this life, be it material things, a place you want to be, or an experience you want to have, you must first make it real in the realm of your consciousness. - Author: Brandi L. Bates
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#43. The more closely you get in touch with your dreams, the more able you are to make them real. The more vividly you consider how you want your world to be, the more real and effective tools you will have for making it so. - Author: Ralph Marston
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#44. It's up to you to make your dreams real. - Author: Beverly K. Bachel
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#45. That was magic for you, right? The thing about magic, the real kind: it didn't make excuses, and it was never funny. - Author: Lev Grossman
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#46. Some emotions don't make a lot of noise. It's hard to hear pride. Caring is real faint - like a heartbeat. And pure love - why, some days it's so quiet, you don't even know it's there ... - Author: Erma Bombeck
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#47. If you try to make your circle closed and exclusively yours, it never grows very much. Only a circle that has lots of room for anybody who needs it has enough spare space to hold any real magic. - Author: Zilpha Keatley Snyder
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#48. In the movies, they make you look good and tough, but in real life, it's completely the opposite. I do these ueber roles, I think, because in real life I'm quite shy and reserved. In real life, I'm a dork. - Author: Sam Worthington
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#49. I prefer to learn everything through music. If you want divinity, the music in every human being and their love for music is pretty much it. It's the big indication of their spirituality and their ability to love and make love, or feel pain or joy, and really manifest it, really be real. - Author: Jeff Buckley
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#50. To make real change, you have to be well anchored - not only in the belief that it can be done, but also in some pretty real ways about who you are and what you can do. - Author: Twyla Tharp
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#51. Playing with guns you revert to a little boy sometimes. But they're not great things to play with, so it's just making them look real. When it comes to shooting guns or using any prop, you've got to make it look like you know what you're doing with them. It's called acting. - Author: Ray Winstone
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#52. I'm glad I don't have to make a living farming. Too much hard work. Too many variables you don't have control over, like, is it going to rain? All I can say is, god bless the real farmers out there. - Author: Fuzzy Zoeller
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#53. God can use anyone, for sure. If you can shred on a Fender or won "Best Personality," you're not disqualified-it just doesn't make you more qualified. - Author: Bob Goff
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#54. 'Nip/Tuck' did make me very comfortable in my own skin, no pun intended. I had to be stripped down a lot, and you're kind of in front of the whole world, and it teaches you to accept yourself and be comfortable with yourself real quickly. - Author: Kelly Carlson
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#55. When you're working on a film, it's almost like photographing paintings at a museum. You're photographing somebody else's world. I just try and interpret it and make it real, and make it what the actors are about, what the director is about, and what the film is about. - Author: Mary Ellen Mark
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#56. Science fiction as a genre has the benefit of being able to act as parable, to set up a story at a remove so you can make a real-world point without people throwing up a wall in front of it. - Author: Joe Haldeman
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#57. You know, I learned a long time ago breathing didn't make a person feel alive. But you knock the air right out of my lungs, and it's never felt more real. - Author: Bethany-Kris
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#58. You make the decision to love everyday, whether you feel the magic or not. It's the decision that creates perseverance, not the feeling of love in itself, because sometimes, butterflies do not suffice - Author: Ufuoma Apoki
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#59. I feel like there are things I can relate to in every character. But I feel like when you read a script, you don't get to see the definition behind someone, you just get to read what the person goes through and find a place to come from to make it real. - Author: Martin Starr
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#60. It seems to me that the term 'free will' is one of the most manipulated and exploited terms. The real explanation of free will is not that you have free will but that your will can eventually make you free, that will can liberate you, that will can release you from slavery. - Author: Torkom Saraydarian
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#61. They make three types of movies, and if you don't make one of those three, you have to find independent financing: It's either big-action superhero tent-pole thing, or it's an animated film, or it's an R-rated, raunchy sex comedy. They don't make movies about real people. - Author: Rob Reiner
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#62. Miracles don't happen. You make them happen. They're not wishes or dreams or candles on a cake. They're not impossible. Reality is real. It's totally and completely under my control. - Author: Julie Anne Peters
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#63. If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn't worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality. And to me, sailing the open ocean is a real challenge, because it's life or death. - Author: Morgan Freeman
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#64. People see me as a person who can make them some money, which makes it hard to make real friends. I'm asked to do a lot of stuff for free - to wear certain clothes, turn up to events - people use you to make money. I think that's why I tend to jump into relationships. - Author: Sophie Monk
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#65. It's a hard line to walk, man. Cause you know you want to make this movie, you want to make it dark and real, you want to show all this stuff but unfortunately you can't always do that. - Author: Antoine Fuqua
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#66. If somebody came up with a really good idea, everyone would back it. Especially when we did the show, we had a real dedication that, if you were in somebody else's scene, everyone worked their hardest to make that scene good. - Author: Dave Foley
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#67. Acting lets you escape the real world and make out with people you are not married to. It lets you live in the skin of another person and run away from the person you actually are. - Author: Amy Poehler
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#68. If you're going to buy pasta, you should buy dry pasta. If you're going to make it you can make the real thing, but you shouldn't buy fresh pasta. - Author: Mario Batali
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#69. The real winners are not those at the top but those who have come the farthest over the toughest roads. Your victory may never make the headlines. But you will know about it, and that's what counts. - Author: Ernest A. Fitzgerald
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#70. The whole trick is to make it feel like you're spying on real people's lives as they get through the day. When I'm writing, I have to trick myself as a writer. If I consciously say, 'I'm writing,' I feel all this pressure and somehow it doesn't feel as real as when it doesn't seem to count as much. - Author: David O. Russell
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#71. When something feels real, you don't make any apologies for it. When it feels good to you, nothing else matters. Everything else is just noise. - Author: Rihanna
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#72. There's nothing essentially romantic about things like roses or jewelry. Romance starts as some blank concept, and then you just fill it in with objects so you have something to point to when you want to make it real. - Author: Andrea Seigel
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#73. Ear demons are totally real," Cody said. "They're what make microphones like these ones work. They're also what tell you to eat the last slice of pie when you know Tia wanted it. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#74. For all the excitement and adventure and really wild things going on, the danger was always very real. Ferdy was real. He really died. There's a cost, when you wish for things there's always a cost. You have to make sure it's a price you're willing to pay. And life is the highest price of all. - Author: Justin Richards
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#75. Their relationship isn't perfect in a lot of ways, bit it's something real. And real should probably be the goal, not perfection. Every relationship is flawed; you just have to figure out how to make it work. Keep trying. - Author: Lindsey Leavitt
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#76. It's a funny thing about Hollywood. Once you've been out here awhile, it's hard to go someplace else, and it gets harder the longer you stay here. Takes some real propulsion to make you leave. - Author: Pamela Moore
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#77. I enclose two limp singles, i will make do with this thing till you find me a real Pepys. THEN i will rip up this ersatz book, page be page, AND WRAP THINGS IN IT. - Author: Helene Hanff
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#78. Your name could mean to excel and you could be useless and crap at everything. You can put a name on anything, call it whatever you want, doesn't make it real. Doesn't make it true. - Author: Katja Millay
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#79. If you wish to make anything grow, you must understand it, and understand it in a very real sense. 'Green fingers' are a fact, and a mystery only to the unpracticed. But green fingers are the extensions of a verdant heart. - Author: Russell Page
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#80. There's a reason why very few people listen to Catholic radio, very few people watch Catholic TV. It's because there's no quality to it and so it's like, if you put quality there, if you're real broadcasters, you make it entertaining. - Author: Lino Rulli
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#81. Make it a point to get to the real point, though at some point in time you may not get the point; just keep your focus on the main point and you shall definitely score a point in the end! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#82. Here's the test - if you can't take your church culture and language and drop it in the middle of a bar or a bus, and have it make winsome sense to the people there, then it's not from Jesus. Because that is exactly what he could do. That's what made him the real deal. - Author: John Eldredge
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#83. Videogames make you feel like you're actually doing something. Your brain processes the tiered game achievements as real-life achievements. Every time you get to the next level, hot jets of reward chemical coat your brain in a lathery foam, and it seems like you're actually accomplishing stuff. - Author: Chris Hardwick
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#84. New York as an industry is the best city for real estate. You're in a very transparent market. If you need to liquidate, you make three phone calls and you could sell something, even in the worst market. It is also less forgiving; if you make a mistake you can lose money. - Author: Aby Rosen
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#85. Life depends on you and your choices. The real value of your life largely depends on what you do with your life. You either move the world or the world moves you! You were born to either show the world why you were born or the world shows you why you were born, period! - Author: Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
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#86. Don't make up problems you don't have yet. It's not a problem until it's a real problem. Most of the things you worry about never happen anyway. - Author: Jason Fried
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#87. Simply stated, testimony-real testimony, born of the Spirit and confirmed by the Holy Ghost-changes lives. It changes how you think and what you do. It changes what you say. It affects every priority you set and every choice you make. - Author: M. Russell Ballard
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#88. You've got to make an effort to get the details right, because even through someone picks it up and knows it's a novel, they know someone's made it up and they know it's not real, if you make a small mistake they will cease to imaginatively engage with the story. - Author: Sara Sheridan
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#89. Having children has helped me become a better actor because they remind you to play make believe. It's the ease and naturalness of their beings. They just play and it's completely real for them at the time. As an actor, if we do it well, we make you believe. - Author: Matthew McConaughey
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#90. With comedy, don't try to be funny. That's really helped me. Just say the lines as you would say them, interact with other characters, and try to make it as real as possible. It will come out funny. - Author: Ariel Winter
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#91. Each new development starts from something else. It does not come out of a blue sky. You make use of that which has already entered the mind ... That is the real reason for accumulating knowledge. - Author: Robert Crawford
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#92. It's slow poison; you make them believe it's real, and it keeps them coming back for more. - Author: Tarryn Fisher
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#93. It's challenging to take on something else that is not you and make it very real and have others be able to associate with it. It's wonderful to provoke thought. - Author: Dash Mihok
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#94. Tripping and falling are part of what makes living real
Rising and reaching are what make you capture the ideal
Don't sit there mourning
Get up rejoicing
It is a new day...
with a will, there is a way! - Author: Manuela George-Izunwa
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#95. I wanted 'Southland' to feel immediate, like a ride-along, and to make it the closest thing possible to a cop reality show. We've got real cops out there every day. A lot of times we'll say, 'You guys just do what you normally do and we'll film it.' - Author: Christopher Chulack
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#96. Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated. It goes back to the lessons you learned as a kid. Start with a real breakfast; don't ever skip that. If you're waking up early for a run, make sure you drink at least a glass of water and put something healthy into your stomach before you go out the door. - Author: Summer Sanders
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#97. There's no real rules about what you do [while directing]; it's just you just use your instincts as to the pacing of a film and what is repetitive and what is the minimum amount you can get away with to tell the story, that scene didn't make it in. - Author: Peter Jackson
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#98. Real love still happens sometimes. It's not just something we make up when you're nine. I have to believe that. You do too. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#99. I just encourage everyone to make real music and it will fuel the engine and the machine. Just make it real and put your heart into it. Don't make it because you heard someone on the radio. - Author: Warryn Campbell
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#100. Sex is just another real good drug ... and it can make a junkie out of you. - Author: Elizabeth Ashley
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