Top 19 Yellow Card Sayings

#1. That could have been his second yellow card - if he'd already got his first one of course

Trevor Brooking

Yellow Card Sayings #1632750
#2. Sometimes English football takes pride in having the lowest yellow-card count in Europe, but of course it will have if you can take someone's leg off and still not be booked.

Luis Suarez

Yellow Card Sayings #1847616
#3. That's a yellow card for Cazoria. So the next time he's involved in Europe, he won't be.

George Hamilton

Yellow Card Sayings #705126
#4. Life is a game where fair players are winners! But as for the "injury causers", "red-card" sees their end off!

Israelmore Ayivor

Yellow Card Sayings #1712207
#5. Japan would live and die by the race card - defining (and demonizing) America as "white" and thus Japan as a kindred but clearly superior "yellow" people.

Victor Davis Hanson

Yellow Card Sayings #1669103
#6. When he raised his hand to wipe his chin, the card clutched in it had no longer been yellow. This time it was a dirty but still bright orange.

Stephen King

Yellow Card Sayings #1557491
#7. The mers were also designed to reproduce only at long intervals, in order to maintain the natural balance of the environment in which they were placed.

Joan D. Vinge

Yellow Card Sayings #1371869
#8. I suspect scotch is something you have to convince yourself to enjoy, like sushi or the last few Radiohead albums, but I can't deny the result is nice. "You

Matthew Norman

Yellow Card Sayings #1290762
#9. A woman with fair opportunities, and without an absolute hump, may marry WHOM SHE LIKES.

William Makepeace Thackeray

Yellow Card Sayings #1179514
#10. We used to dial; now we speed dial. We used to read; now we speed read. We used to walk; now we speed walk. And of course, we used to date, and now we speed date. And even things that are by their very nature slow - we try and speed them up, too.

Carl Honore

Yellow Card Sayings #1086422
#11. Free market is a market in which groups and individuals are differently represented. Parity in prosperity and performance between differently able individuals and groups can be achieved only by playing socialist leveler.

Ilana Mercer

Yellow Card Sayings #1052070
#12. I don't want anybody to panic. I'm not pitching. I'm just throwing out the first ball.

Phil Niekro

Yellow Card Sayings #1044907
#13. I got my Equity Card from Berkeley Rep when I was 22 years old. I was cast in David Saar's 'The Yellow Boat.'

Colman Domingo

Yellow Card Sayings #996727
#14. No," said Hermione shortly. "Have either of you seen my copy of Numerology and Gramatica?"
"Oh, yeah, I borrowed it for a bit of bedtime reading," said Ron, but very quietly.

J.K. Rowling

Yellow Card Sayings #542506
#15. This house sheltered us, we spoke, we loved within those walls. That was yesterday. To-day we pass on, we see it no more, and we are different, changed in some infinitesimal way. We can never be quite the same again.

Daphne Du Maurier

Yellow Card Sayings #510897
#16. Perhaps one of the more noteworthy trends of our time is the occupation of buildings accompanied by the taking of hostages. The perpetrators of these deeds are generally motivated by political grievance, social injustice, and the deeply felt desire to see how they look on TV.

Fran Lebowitz

Yellow Card Sayings #507855
#17. Three little words. My world stands still, tilts, then spins on a new axis.

E.L. James

Yellow Card Sayings #279877
#18. Pete took her hand and together they went out through the gate to the other side of the cemetery's iron railings; the side where the living belong.

Rosemary J. Kind

Yellow Card Sayings #273912
#19. I knew maps of the sea floor, maps that depict weaknesses in the shield of the earth, charts painted on skin that contain the various routes of the Crusades. So

Michael Ondaatje

Yellow Card Sayings #193912

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