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#1. My final question: Why are we not looking at moving out onto the sea? Why do we have programs to build a habitation on Mars and we have programs to look at colonizing the Moon but we do not have a program looking at how we colonize our own planet, and the technology is at hand! - Author: Robert Ballard
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#2. While reading Emotionally Wounded Spiritually Strong washing clothes taday I got up to page 52-54 and I had to stop for a sech it brought tears to my eyes to think how the devil had a plan on my family from the beginning. How PPL thought we were the perfect family. Thank God for Jesus. - Author: Tarran Carter
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#3. Some people say I'm a no count, others say I'm no goodBut I'm just a natural born travelin' manDoin' what I think I should, oh yeahDoin' what I think I should. - Author: Hoyt Axton
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#4. You must reach out to the people who you need to know to get where you want to go. Every morning you must commit to reaching out to these people. Everyday you must do this. - Author: Clay Clark
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#5. The reason men rule is because women let them. - Author: Jessica Zafra
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#6. I had them all fooled into believing I was normal and well-adjusted, a rock of sensibility who could always be counted on to have a positive attitude. - Author: Sara Zarr
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#7. I hadn't been fighting because of my father's death. I fought because of his dreams. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#8. If I see anything vital around me, it is precisely that spirit of adventure, which seems indestructible and is akin to curiosity. - Author: Marie Curie
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#9. Everybody has a heart. Sometimes you gotta work hard to find it -Mouse - Author: Pam Munoz Ryan
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#10. Loving other people starts with loving ourselves and accepting ourselves. - Author: Ellen Page
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#11. I buy my shoes a size too small. I like the way it feels. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#12. There're so many things I want to do, like become more media savvy. I am too lazy. But I'm making an effort. - Author: Ajay Devgan
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#13. God is big enough to handle anything you throw at him . . . the one thing you have to remember though, son. When you throw something, it's no longer in your hands. - Author: Sarah Monzon
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