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Top 30 Wrong Turn 3 Quotes

#1. Dreams can lose their way and turn up on the wrong side of sleep. - Author: A. Igoni Barrett
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#2. Science today is locked into paradigms. Every avenue is blocked by beliefs that are wrong, and if you try to get anything published by a journal today, you will run against a paradigm and the editors will turn it down - Author: Fred Hoyle
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#3. They wanted me to do Scream 2, and I hate talking about movies I turned down, because it sounds judgmental. There's nothing wrong with horror movies. I enjoy watching them. The main reason I turn a part down is if I think I won't be good. - Author: Casey Affleck
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#4. Now Listen You know I work so hard, all day long Everything I try to do, Seem to always turn out wrong That's why I wanna stop by on my way home and say Let's go get stoned - Author: Ray Charles
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#5. Could something that looked so wrong on the outside turn out to be undeniably right? My - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#6. Wherever you turn, there is always something wrong with the politicians. They have everything they need to save the world, and they don't save it. - Author: Nana Mouskouri
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#7. And on bad days, when his aura of sadness blazed like an alarm he couldn't turn off, I felt like I was doing everything wrong. - Author: Lindsey Frydman
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#8. I don't make mistakes. I make predictions which immediately turn out to be wrong. - Author: Tony Benn
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#9. Fear about what, exactly?'
'Everything,' I said. 'But mostly just the realization that all it takes is one moment for your entire world to turn upside down. One wrong decision, and it's over. - Author: Kristina McBride
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#10. And one there was, a dreamer born,
Who, with a mission to fulfill,
Had left the Muses' haunts to turn
The crank of an opinion-mill,
Making his rustic reed of song
A weapon in the war with wrong, ...
A Tent on the Beach - Author: John Greenleaf Whittier
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#11. No matter how far wrong you've gone you can always turn around - Author: Bill Callahan
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#12. Anything you strive to correct, it will increasingly become wrong. So just let go of that which does not turn out right. - Author: Dada Bhagwan
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#13. If you find you are traveling on wrong road, turn to the right direction. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#14. All of us carry around countless bags of dusty old knickknacks dated from childhood: collected resentments, long list of wounds of greater or lesser significance, glorified memories, absolute certainties that later turn out to be wrong. Humans are emotional pack rats. These bags define us. - Author: Marya Hornbacher
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#15. It's wrong for a state to turn its people into monsters, even to secure ourselves, bacause we draw the line at becoming what we behold - Author: Kirsten Beyer
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#16. Trust your heart and embrace the journey. You may make a wrong turn but your heart will get you back on the right path. Just keep making choices and don't second guess yourself. - Author: E'yen A. Gardner
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#17. What makes me laugh about politics, sometimes, is it seems like once we get to a point where our problems are seemingly unsolvable, it's because we're looking through a wrong point of view. If we turn the thing on its head, then maybe we might see it differently. - Author: Dave Davies
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#18. The thing with love is, you cannot choose who you fall for. Falling in love often happens at the wrong time, in the wrong place, with the wrong person. Just as much as you cannot stop growing feelings for a certain man, there's no switch to turn off your heart. - Author: J.C. Reed
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#19. For weeks, I'd been frozen, sealed-off; now, in the shower, I would turn up the water as hard as it would go and howl, silently. Everything was raw and painful and confusing and wrong and yet it was as if I'd been dragged from freezing water through a break in the ice, into sun and blazing cold. - Author: Donna Tartt
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#20. You can turn the negative around and use it as a motivating force in your lie. One of my biggest desires has always been to prove certain people wrong - to prove to them I can do it despite what they think or say. - Author: Tony Dorsett
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#21. Most children turn out badly because they have the wrong parental image. This doesn't mean their parents are criminal. It means they are boring and cruel. - Author: Hedy Lamarr
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#22. You disappoint yourself more often by not doing things because of cowardice and temerity than you ever did by doing things that turn out to be wrong. - Author: Fred Hollows
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#23. I'm not asking for your forgiveness. I have done no wrong according to my kind. I never meant to turn you. I just wanted to have a little fun with you before they took you away. - Author: Melika Dannese Lux
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#24. There's nothing wrong with seeing. If you see a "bad future", just change it, is all. Things'll turn out okay, as long as you don't give up! - Author: Sakura Tsukuba
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#25. Here is what the scientific research is finding about happiness: we are wired to experience happiness, but we keep hitting the wrong buttons in our efforts to turn our happiness on. - Author: Henry Cloud
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#26. I'm no different from any other woman, and the wrong man would turn me into a screamin' shrew in record time. - Author: Harper Lee
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#27. It's interesting what former presidents do when they leave office. Bush is now working as a motivational speaker. And if you want to be motivated, who better to turn to than the guy who invaded the wrong country and started a depression. - Author: David Letterman
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#28. But if, through seeking happiness, my deeds are wrong, No matter where I turn my steps, The knives of misery will cut me down, The wage and retribution of a sinful life. - Author: Santideva
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#29. Wheresoe'er I turn my view,
All is strange, yet nothing new:
Endless labor all along,
Endless labor to be wrong:
Phrase that Time has flung away;
Uncouth words in disarray,
Trick'd in antique ruff and bonnet,
Ode, and elegy, and sonnet. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#30. Anger requires that the offender should not only be made to grieve in his turn, but to grieve for that particular wrong which has been done by him. - Author: Richard Whately
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