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#1. The sky never changes: it is the cloud that is changing. - Author: Swami Vivekananda
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#2. I wanted to call you, but I find myself feeling ... awkward when it comes to you."
"'Awkward' is the word du jour," I agreed. "So, I make you nervous?"
"Not quite nervous," he said. "Just unsettled."
I wriggled my eyebrows and inched a little closer to him. "Unsettled, that's even better. - Author: Molly Harper
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#3. I ejaculated after I had twice read over the extraordinary announcement. Holmes chuckled and wriggled in his chair, - Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
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#4. There are many different types of prioritites in Motor Racing, the first ... being how much you are willing to sacrifice in order to get to where you want to go. - Author: Carroll Smith
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#5. A worm of fear wriggled in Jaden's stomach, and the ethereal assuredness he channeled moments before evaporated as the worm burrowed deeper. When he next spoke, his own voice of trapped hysteria broke through, the worm having reached journey's end. - Author: Courtney Kirchoff
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#6. She wriggled the demon's fingers a bit more. "It'd make a good back-scratcher." Rowan only frowned. "Killjoy," she said, and chucked the arm onto the torso of the Wyrdhound. - Author: Sarah J. Maas
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#7. I was a vampire, and ... someone was trying to call me?
When my parents had said that not even death could pry me from my mobile phone, I'd thought they were joking. I wriggled around in the narrow coffin until I could reach the ringing handset. - Author: Helen Keeble
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#8. Mark ran his fingers over the bindings and
whispered words, written long ago, words that
wriggled through the aged leather, trembled
beneath his touch. What lives and loves,
hopes and dreams, deaths and despair
these volumes held. - Author: Ellen Read
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#9. She had the odd sense that she had been missing something, seeing the world flat when everything was rounded. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#10. You can't write about people out of textbooks, and you can't use jargon. You have to speak clearly and simply and purely in a language that a six-year-old child can understand; and yet have the meanings and the overtones of language, and the implications, that appeal to the highest intelligence. - Author: Katherine Anne Porter
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#11. Life is difficult; facts uncompromising; and the passage to that fabled land where our brightest hopes are extinguished, our frail barks founder in darkness, one that needs, above all, courage, truth, and the power to endure. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#12. A phantom fish, half beaten to death, wriggled in my stomach. - Author: Mike Mehalek
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#13. Her feet wriggled against me like little puppies under the blanket. - Author: Jacqueline Wilson
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#14. We Greeks are a moody people. Suicide makes sense to us. Putting up Christmas lights after your own daughter does it - that makes no sense. What my yia yia could never understand about America was why everyone pretended to be happy all the time. - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
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#15. Wriggled to avoid the lump that always seemed directly under - Author: Ruth Downie
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#16. I was born in France. I grew up in Africa. - Author: Benjamin Millepied
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#17. Even the second time around, the lyrics and melody reached through my ears, bypassed my brain, and went straight to my heart, where they wriggled around, causing a hundred different pains. - Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
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#18. I had come with such pain and labour to a place where emptiness had arrived before me. I was too late, something black and hollow had overtaken me and wriggled through the door. - Author: Denton Welch
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#19. Until we learn to love everyone in this universe, how can there be peace? - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#20. I want to show people what the possibilities are if you take care of yourself and do the right thing. - Author: Ben Vereen
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#21. Seriously? Do you ever not think about food?"
"Of course I do," Dex replied with a smirk. "When I'm thinking about sex. Though sometimes I like to think of both at the same time." He wriggled his eyebrows, but his partner remained unimpressed.
"Am I going to have to give you a time-out? - Author: Charlie Cochet
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