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#1. Lead the life that will make you kindly and friendly to everyone about you, and you will be surprised what a happy life you will lead. - Author: Charles M. Schwab
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#2. Upon that foreign soil he chose
Died he! For ever laid
Low, in the kindly shade,
He left behind no tearless grief,
No measured mourning, dull and brief,
These eyes are wet
With weeping yet,
Nor know I how to find relief."

Antigone - Author: Sophocles
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#3. At core, no matter how kindly may be your thoughts of the human race, there are times when all you want to do is crumple it up and either set fire to it, or use it to pad the floor of a bird cage.
Big bird cage.
Really big bird. - Author: Harlan Ellison
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#4. We are not so High or strong as the most beautiful trees, but our kindly habits and attitude can be so powerful as well.
Jan Jansen - Author: Jan Jansen
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#5. Let every dawn of the morning be to you as the beginning of life. And let every setting of the sun be to you as its close. Then let everyone of these short lives leave its sure record of some kindly thing done for others; some good strength of knowledge gained for yourself. - Author: John Ruskin
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#6. Harry Potter has kindly joined us for my rebirthing party. One might go so far as to call him my guest of honor. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#7. I don't drive. Will you kindly go away? I am waiting for my mother. - Author: John Kennedy Toole
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#8. She felt like a fictional character who'd escaped the book in which her creator had carefully and kindly trapped her, taken a pair of scissors to her outline and leaped, free ... - Author: Kate Morton
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#9. Stop, would you kindly? 'Would you kindly'. Powerful phrase. Familiar phrase? Sit, would you kindly? Stand, would you kindly? Run! Stop! Turn. A man chooses, a slave obeys. Kill! A man chooses! A slave obeys! OBEY! - Author: Andrew Ryan
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#10. In all your relations to men be great, just, generous, courteous, and kindly. The great are never otherwise. - Author: Wallace D. Wattles
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#11. They grew up, moulded by the harsh or kindly pressure of their fellows, to be either well nurtured, generous, sound, or mentally crippled, bitter, unwittingly vindictive. - Author: Olaf Stapledon
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#12. The worldly man treats certain people kindly because he 'likes' them: the Christian, trying to treat every one kindly, finds him liking more and more people as he goes on - including people he could not even have imagined himself liking at the beginning. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#13. I'm not sure if being Chinese really helped, but I do think that if a non-Asian had written a book called 'Crazy Rich Asians,' they might not have been looked upon so kindly. - Author: Kevin Kwan
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#14. The man chuckled. "You would do well to speak kindly of her. She will be your Queen before long.
"Over my dead body," Rose snapped. - Author: Brandi Gillilan
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#15. If we could renounce our benevolence and discard our righteousness, the people would again become filial and kindly. - Author: Lao-Tzu
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#16. As to your families my counsel is, never lay down your authority to a wife or child, but treat them so kindly they will never want to leave you. - Author: Brigham Young
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#17. Think not those faithful who praise all thy words and actions; but those who kindly reprove thy faults. - Author: Socrates
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#18. Alek," I said. "Would you kindly slam the door in my father's face? - Author: Annie Bellet
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#19. Lady Bracknell, I hate to seem inquisitive, but would you kindly inform me who I am? - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#20. Jesus, kindly step in any time and correct this if You so kindly would. You're the author of everything, aren't You? This is coming off sarcastically but I'm not meaning it to. Swear it. Change my course already. Thank You. Amen. - Author: Teddy Idzik
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#21. No!" said Thorin. "There is more in you of good than you know, child of the kindly West. Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure. If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell!" Then - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#22. Speak kindly to with adult women as you would to your mother. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#23. Hello, everyone." I didn't think lying was an option, appearing as I did, so I told the truth. "I've come to kill you all. It would be much easier if you would kindly stand still. - Author: Scarlett Dawn
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#24. Oh? And what was I to say? I beg your pardon, Lord Wriothesly, but your wife seems to have acquired a distinct liking for my husband's cock. Would you mind kindly retrieving her to your own bed? - Author: Ashley March
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#25. The case is closed, Mr. Poldark. You will kindly step down." "Otherwise," said Dr. Halse, "we will have you committed for contempt of court." Ross bowed slightly. "I can only assure you, sir, that such a committal would be a reading of my inmost thoughts. - Author: Winston Graham
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#26. Leanne, would you kindly remove your nose from my ass? It's starting to chafe. - Noelle - Author: Kate Brian
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#27. Maybe a good goal would be to just at least always try to create something good. Like something that is connected to love in some way. Like the [musical] equivalent of ... you can make a decision to be kind. You can make a decision to greet people kindly and make jokes with people and connect. - Author: Joanna Newsom
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#28. Sweetheart, if it's not too much of an imposition, I would be forever beholden to you if you could kindly assume a reclining position so I can screw your brains out. - Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
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#29. Say 'Synchronize watches', Motti." Con batted her eyelids. "You know I love it when you say 'Synchronize watches'." Motti glowered at Con, put on a bad falsetto French accent: "Would everyone kindly confirm their watch is telling the same time as their neighbour's watch, yes? - Author: Stephen Cole
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#30. If they [the crowd at The Apollo Theater] don't like you, they will let you know. When you didn't have any talent, they would let you know about it
and not kindly. There'd be things like "Get off the stage!" and certain expletives we won't say here. It was a rough audience. - Author: Don Alias
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#31. You can always-always-give something, even if it's a simple act of kindness! If everyone were to give in this way and didn't scrimp on kindly words, there would be much more love and justice in the world! - Author: Anne Frank
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#32. O Son of Spirit! My first counsel is this: Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart, that thine may be a sovereignty ancient, imperishable and everlasting. - Author: Baha'u'llah
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#33. All religions are designed to teach us how to live, joyfully, serenely, and kindly, in the midst of suffering. - Author: Karen Armstrong
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#34. The mask of kindly patronage had dropped away to show the hatred and the fear beneath. - Author: Michael Moorcock
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#35. 92. Eventually I confess to a friend some details about my weeping - its intensity, its frequency. She says (kindly) that she thinks we sometimes weep in front of a mirror not to inflame self-pity, but because we want to feel witnessed in our despair. - Author: Maggie Nelson
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#36. Good night, then - sleep to gather strength for the morning. For the morning will come. Brightly will it shine on the brave and true, kindly on all who suffer for the cause, glorious upon the tombs of heroes. Thus will shine the dawn. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#37. I am fairly tired
bored beyond endurance
by the world we live in, and its ideals, and am ready to say so, not violently, but kindly, as one rubs salt into the back of a flogged sailor as though one loved him. - Author: Henry Adams
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#38. Child of the kindly West, I have come to know, if more of us valued your ways - food and cheer above hoarded gold - it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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#39. Art ... does not take kindly to facts, is helpless to grapple with theories, and is killed outright by a sermon. - Author: Agnes Repplier
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#40. We were very kindly received by the English merchants to whom my companion had letters, and we set ourselves to learn what was the real state of things in Mexico. - Author: Edward Burnett Tylor
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#41. Cruel impulses stir all about my kindly heart. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#42. Let us tenderly and kindly cherish therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write . - Author: John Adams
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#43. And the bush hath friends to meet him, and their kindly voices greet him
In the murmur of the breezes and the river on its bars,
And he sees the vision splendid of the sunlit plains extended,
And at night the wond'rous glory of the everlasting stars. - Author: A.B. Paterson
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#44. The Devonian and Cornishman will be found by the visitor to be courteous and hospitable. There is no roughness of manner where unspoiled by periodic influx of strangers; he is kindly, tender-hearted, and somewhat suspicious. - Author: Sabine Baring-Gould
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#45. The wearer of smiles and the bearer of a kindly disposition needs no introduction, but is welcome anywhere. - Author: Orison Swett Marden
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#46. A sense of contentment makes us kindly and benevolent to others; we are not chafed and galled by cares which are tyrannical because original. We are fulfilling our proper destiny, and those around us feel the sunshine of our own hearts. - Author: Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
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#47. William McKinley has left us a priceless gift in the example of a useful and pure life, in his fidelity to public trusts and in his demonstration of the value of kindly virtues that not only ennoble but lead to success. - Author: Grover Cleveland
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#48. Now the long-feared Asiatic colossus takes its turn as world leader, and we
the white race
have become the yellow man's burden.Let us hope that he will treat us more kindly than we treated him. - Author: Gore Vidal
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#49. It was not the part of His kindly love that he who was to praise God's divine generosity in regard to others should be compelled to condemn it in regard to himself. - Author: Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola
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#50. If everyone were clothed with integrity, if every heart were just, frank, kindly, the other virtues would be well-nigh useless. - Author: Moliere
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#51. Only the chicken-lover will understand me. He will give me a kindly look, maybe mildly desirous. His eyes will tell me: You might look a lot better with some reddish-brown feathers. - Author: John Irving
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#52. She was a lover and a lewd cohabitator, a liar and a cherished friend, an aunt and a kindly grandmother, a champion of the fallen, and a late-in-coming fighter for reason over fear. Even in those final hours, quite and rocking, arriving and departing, she knew who she was. - Author: Laura Moriarty
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#53. Oh, most think he's barking, the potty wee lad, but some are more kindly and think he's just sad, but Peevesy knows better and says that he's mad. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#54. Nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people. - Author: Mark Twain
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#55. Seven Ways to Live Your Life:
Love unconditionally
Forgive kindly
Live profoundly
Give joyfully
Think carefully
Hug compassionately
Inspire passionately - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#56. If we simply imagined that everyone who crossed our path was living out his or her very last day on Earth, we might treat people as kindly as we ought to each day they lived. - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#57. You're a dead man," Kyle said. "Warren doesn't take kindly to people who hurt me. - Author: Patricia Briggs
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#58. That was an evil terror
an ugly inmate to have found a nestling-place in Godfrey's kindly disposition; but no disposition is a security from evil wishes to a man whose happiness hangs on duplicity. - Author: George Eliot
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#59. But we are living in a skeptical and, if I may use the phrase, a thought-tormented age; and sometimes I fear that this new generation, educated or hypereducated as it is, will lack those qualities of humanity, of hospitality, of kindly humor which belonged to an older day.. - Author: James Joyce
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#60. Because I could not stop for death he kindly stopped for me, or paused at least to strike a glancing blow with his sky-blue mouth as he passed. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#61. While majority opinion may not take kindly to forms of modern art, that same majority has also been hostile to most original and radical innovations, such as automobiles or airplanes or transatlantic cables or Protestantism or the theory that the earth is round and not flat. - Author: Alfred H. Barr Jr.
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#62. Now it is evident that a little insight into the customs of every people is necessary to insure a kindly communication; this, joined with patience and kindness, will seldom fail with the natives of the interior. - Author: Charles Sturt
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