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#1. My Day Clothes are almost worne out ... send the poor printer a few gammons, or some meal, some butter, cheese, poultry, etc.

John Peter Zenger

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#2. Nothing is thought rare Which is not new and follow'd, yet we know That what was worne some twenty yeare agoe, Comes into grace againe.

Dario Fo

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#3. Digital capability has a recombinant nature.

Pearl Zhu

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#4. Well-behaved: he always speaks as if his mother might be listening.

Mason Cooley

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#5. You've got innocent eyes, but a hot, greedy body. God help me, I would never stop banging you.

Tessa Bailey

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#6. You see few people here in America who really care very much about living a Christian life in a democratic world.

Clare Boothe Luce

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#7. I was always a great bundle of energy. As a child, instead of walking, I would run. And so running, which is a pain to a lot of people, was always a pleasure to me because it was so easy.

Roger Bannister

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#8. If anyone controls your feelings, emotions, and thoughts - she or he controls you. Even if you are longing for love, think of yourself with love.

Debasish Mridha

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#9. If you really search your heart, I think you'll realize that we were never right for each other as more than friends." ~Grace, Ch.28

Mia Sheridan

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#10. How?' Irene enquired. She'd decided a while back that Socratic reasoning was a good idea, because (a) it got students thinking for them selves, (b) sometimes they came up with ideas she hadn't thought of, and (c) it gave her more time to think while they were trying to find answers.

Genevieve Cogman

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#11. I have many, many editions of the books, and they are all rather different. In the end, the one I used was the most recent French translation. French suits the tales well, and it's a beautiful translation. The Italian one is good as well ... English has fallen short.

Marina Warner

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#12. So much of television is incredibly predictable. You watch the first five minutes and you know where it's going to go. If you can just create an element of surprise in both the storytelling and tone of a show, you're going to be way ahead of the pack.

David Nevins

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