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Top 19 Worldwide Business Quotes

#1. The names are bigger, the show is worldwide, but I get a royal pass into life in the broadcasting business. - Author: Larry King
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#2. A picture is worth a thousand words, but conversations with them generally end in dissapointment. - Author: Dov Davidoff
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#3. Spotify appeared nine years after Napster, the pioneering file-sharing service, which unleashed piracy on the record business and began the cataclysm that caused worldwide revenues to decline from a peak of twenty-seven billion dollars in 1999 to fifteen billion in 2013. - Author: John Seabrook
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#4. Together, we can create something new, something bold, and something to act as a check and balance to Washington's out-of-touch agenda. - Author: Kevin McCarthy
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#5. How thoughtful of God to arrange matters so that, wherever you happen to be born, the local religion always turns out to be the true one. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#6. The refugee resettlement program is a kind of worldwide business. There is pressure to keep the numbers up even as you are struggling with the people who do come in. - Author: Romano L. Mazzoli
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#7. Another factor is the decision, made in 1976, to sharply divide the FBI and the foreign intelligence agencies. The FBI would collect within the United States; the foreign intelligence agencies would collect overseas. - Author: Bobby Ray Inman
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#8. You can have a worldwide shop from your bedroom. You can do things that weren't even dreamed of when I started off in business. It's why technology is the most wonderful thing for small businesses. - Author: Theo Paphitis
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#9. I like that combination between creativity and the creative process and the organization needed to make a business like this successful worldwide. - Author: Bernard Arnault
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#10. Business money reattaches worldwide
Deep inside stops the diamond rocks
In a million world, billion world, quitrillion world
Rap moves on to the year three thousand - Author: Kool Keith
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#11. Los Angeles and New York are the big centers of the music industry worldwide so of course it can be hard for newcomers who don't know what to expect from the music business. - Author: Ville Valo
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#12. But still as compared to many, many orchestras in the world, I think you find a lot more new music and living composers on our programs than many other places. - Author: Michael Tilson Thomas
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#13. We were all born, and we all came to the music business with everything we had. Some of us just don't get a chance. Now there's a lot of other people like myself, indeed, who are getting heard worldwide. That gives other artists a chance. - Author: Erykah Badu
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#14. The flow from knowledge to action draws upon the complete person with his or her catalyst and synergistic potential. - Author: Ralph Nader
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#15. It's not so much about moving on, is it?" he said. "It's more about letting go. There lies the challenge. - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
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#16. The Internet and my web site have grown to become essential components of my business. The expertise and support that LuxSci continually delivers is crucial to maintaining the worldwide contact I need to succeed. LuxSci provides peace of mind! - Author: Brian Skerry
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#17. Make treating yourself a priority and always remember your life is happening now. Don't put off all your dreams and pleasures to another day. In any balanced personal definition of success there has to be a powerful element of living life in the present. - Author: Mireille Guiliano
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#18. You know, larger than life is always better than smaller than life in politicians. And, you know, God save us from mediocrities. - Author: Joe Klein
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#19. With over 1 billion users and counting worldwide, the Internet has quickly become a critical place for individuals, business communities and governments to share and distribute information. - Author: Robin Hayes
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