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Top 31 World S Policeman Quotes

#1. I was on my face. I heard the count from one to 10. I kept telling myself that I had to get up, but I couldn't move. I couldn't make myself move. It was the strangest feeling. - Author: Rocky Marciano
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#2. Don't let anybody make you think God chose America as His divine messianic force to be a sort of policeman of the whole world. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#3. As international support for Obama's decision to attack Syria has collapsed, along with the credibility of government claims, the administration has fallen back on a standard pretext for war crimes when all else fails: the credibility of the threats of the self-designated policeman of the world. - Author: Noam Chomsky
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#4. There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. - Author: Ansel Adams
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#5. One of the fondest expressions around is that we can't be the world's policeman. But guess who gets called when suddenly someone needs a cop. - Author: Colin Powell
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#6. The more windows on the world a policeman has the better he is likely to be at his job, - Author: Josephine Tey
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#7. Jim Morrison tells me that people are looking at the streets while I am looking at the moon. I do not feel connected enough [with the issues] to throw stones at a policeman. I want to throw stones at the whole world. - Author: Nico
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#8. A good government remains the greatest of human blessings and no nation has ever enjoyed it. - Author: Dean Inge
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#9. America is a world leader, but we should not be its policeman or ATM. - Author: Rand Paul
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#10. Vietnam presumably taught us that the United States could not serve as the world's policeman; it should also have taught us the dangers of trying to be the world's midwife to democracy when the birth is scheduled to take place under conditions of guerrilla war. - Author: Jeane Kirkpatrick
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#11. I would rather have the United States as the world's policeman than the Soviet Union as the world's jailer. - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#12. The U.S. cannot be the policeman of the world. When we tried that in Vietnam, they beat us up. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#13. And he was, one could see, at peace with all the world. His daily round of tasks may or may not have been completed, but he was obviously off duty for the moment, and his whole attitude was that of a policeman with nothing on his mind but his helmet. - Author: P.G. Wodehouse
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#14. We have no desire to be the world's policeman. But America does want to be the world's peacemaker. - Author: Jimmy Carter
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#15. In the John Paul II days, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger had the advantage of staying in his cupboard - the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith - exchanging views only with the Pope, and speaking publicly only through carefully written missives on doctrinal issues. - Author: Carl Bernstein
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#16. A planet full of people meant nothing against the dictates of economic necessity! - Author: Isaac
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#17. We cannot become the world's policeman, but where our values and our interests are at stake, and where we can make a difference, we must act and we must lead. That is our job and we are better, stronger and safer because we are doing it. - Author: William J. Clinton
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#18. I do not wish to kill nor to be killed, but I can foresee circumstances in which these things would be by me unavoidable. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#19. It's not easy being the world's policeman. No one thanks you for it. - Author: Philip Kerr
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#20. America's not the world's policeman. Terrible things happen across the globe and it is beyond our means to right every wrong. But when, with modest effort and risk, we can stop children from being gassed to death and thereby make our own children safer over the long run, I believe we should act. - Author: Rand Paul
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#21. I just want to say this. I want to say it gently but I want to say it firmly: There is a tendency for the world to say to America, 'the big problems of the world are yours, you go and sort them out,' and then to worry when America wants to sort them out. - Author: Tony Blair
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#22. At eight, I made a commitment to poetry. Until then, I thought I'd be a policeman. But I went a whole night without sleeping, and the next day the world had changed. It needed a different language. - Author: Alice Oswald
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#23. I do not support a civil war. I don't want to be policeman of the world. But we can't back off of this. - Author: John Kasich
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#24. There's only 5 real jobs in the world. Teacher, fireman, policeman, doctor and somebody who is in the armed service. If you don't have one of those 5 jobs, you shouldn't take your life that serious. - Author: Charles Barkley
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#26. I don't think America should be the policeman of the world, but we have to be engaged and we have to be a leader, and that comes from strong economic growth, a strong military, good diplomatic efforts, and integrating our business community. I just think it's a whole new paradigm. - Author: John Kasich
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#27. America is the world's policeman, all right
a big, dumb, mick flatfoot in the middle of the one thing cops dread most, a domestic disturbance. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
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#28. No texting. What happens then? Good old-fashioned letters. - Author: Lorene Scafaria
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#29. Landsman doesn't buy that. Bina never stopped wanting to redeem the world. She just let the world she was trying to redeem get smaller and smaller until at one point, it could be bounded in the hat of a hopeless policeman. - Author: Michael Chabon
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#30. I think that although we say we don't want to be the policeman of the world and et cetera, when 911 is dialed, it's the United States that has to answer the call. - Author: Richard Armitage
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#31. people with autism must survive in an outside world where "special needs" is playground slang for "retarded, - Author: Naoki Higashida
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