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#1. The last time I was this scared, I peed myself."
"The last time I was this scared," Radar says, "I actually had to face a Dark Lord in order to make the world safe for wizards. - Author: John Green
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#2. As much as people would like to disrupt the world by going their own way entirely, you cannot change an existing system without also becoming a little part of it in order to change it from the inside. Everybody can change something, but nobody can change everything. - Author: Rick Falkvinge
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#3. In my perfect world order, it is cold all the time. Everyone wears sweaters and drinks coffee. People don't speak to each other; they read the newspaper. There is no loud music, and cats are in charge. - Author: Michael Showalter
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#4. I'd be the last colonel in the world to order you to go to that U.S.O. show and have a good time, but I want every one of you who isn't sick enough to be in a hospital to go to that U.S.O. show right now and have a good time, and that's an order! - Author: Joseph Heller
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#5. You have to give to the world the thing that you want the most, in order to fix the broken parts inside you. - Author: Eve Ensler
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#6. constitute a horror story wherein the villains of the piece stole power from a stable governance system in order to cast the population of the world into an ongoing lab experiment with no plan or boundary. A dismal science. - Author: Warren Ellis
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#7. But science has given us new eyes that allow us to see down to the deeper roots of the world's structure, and there all we see is order and symmetry of pristine mathematical purity. - Author: Stephen M. Barr
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#8. When catastrophe strikes, we look for a signal in the noise - anything that might explain the chaos that we see all around us and bring order to the world again. - Author: Nate Silver
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#9. Absurdly, irrationally, she believed that music could make a difference to the temper of the world.She did not investigate this belief, test it to see whether it made sense;she simply believed it, and so she chose music that expressed order and healing:Bach for order, Mozart for healing. - Author: Alexander McCall Smith
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#10. Every religion in the world has had a subset of devotees who seek a direct, transcendent experience with God, excusing themselves from fundamentalist scriptural or dogmatic study in order to personally encounter the divine. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#11. We are the inheritors of a wonderful world, a beautiful world, full of life and mystery, goodness and pain. But likewise are we the children of an indifferent universe. We break our own hearts imposing our moral order on what is, by nature, a wide web of chaos. - Author: Colin Meloy
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#12. PRINCIPLE is likewise such a law for action, except that it has not the formal definite meaning, but is only the spirit and sense of law in order to leave the judgment more freedom of application when the diversity of the real world cannot be laid hold of under the definite form of a law. - Author: Carl Von Clausewitz
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#13. The world is in need of an encompassing and of course, just and humane order in the light of which the rights of all are preserved and peace and security are safeguarded. - Author: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
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#14. The only thing you can be sure of, Herr March, is that - whoever wins - still standing when the smoke of battle clears will be the banks of the cantons of Switzerland. - Author: Robert Harris
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#15. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective- a new world order-can emerge ... We are now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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#16. I have the authority to address the threat from Isil, but I believe we are strongest as a nation when the president and Congress work together. So I welcome congressional support for this effort in order to show the world that Americans are united in confronting this danger. - Author: Barack Obama
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#17. Nothing in this physical world moves from disorder to order without intelligence and energy being applied to it. - Author: James C. Dobson
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#18. Five Life Standards of Voluntary Simplicity
Do Justice
Learn from the World Community
Nurture People
Cherish the Natural Order
Non-Conform Freely. - Author: Doris Janzen Longacre
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#19. Our starting point is not the individual:
We do not subscribe to the view that one should feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, or clothe the naked ... Our objectives are different: We must have a healthy people in order to prevail in the world. - Author: Joseph Goebbels
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#20. Our new world rests on order. The danger is disorder. And in today's world, it can now spread like contagion. - Author: Tony Blair
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#21. Now we can see a new world coming into view, a world where there is a very real prospect of a New World Order. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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#22. As the Western world has invested every aspect of its waking life with visual order, with procedures and spaces that are uniform, continuous and connected, it has progressively alienated itself from needful involvement in its subconscious life. - Author: Marshall McLuhan
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#23. It's our damage that makes us interesting. - Author: Chris Weitz
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#24. The facts that make the world real
these depend on the unreal in order to be recognised by it. - Author: Ingeborg Bachmann
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#25. All those who possess in its pure state the love of their neighbour and the acceptance of the order of the world, inclucing affliction-all those, even should they live and die to all appearances atheists, are surely saved. - Author: Simone Weil
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#26. For even in the triviality of a single playing card missing from a deck, the world's order is inevitably turned awry. - Author: Yukio Mishima
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#27. Yes, this world is truly terrible, which is why the pure and the holy come bravely forward: They have decided to eradicate the sins of the world. They want to standardize people, keep them in order, keep them in place under their own rear ends. They are the reason I have had to die a hundred times. - Author: Zhang Xianliang
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#28. It's obviously a lot harder to try and be a good guy than it is to be a bad guy. The world is a fundamentally evil place, it seems like. So in order to be a good person, you have to fight temptation and vice. - Author: Michael Shannon
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#29. The reality of life is chaos; the fantasy of man is order. (..) The world of art, the world of games, the world of politics, so many worlds men make for themselves, are in a very fundamental way fantastic. - Author: Eric S. Rabkin
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#30. In order to make our gifts perfect, you need to work on yourself but it hurts - Author: Sunday Adelaja
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#31. Apparently Iran thinks that it can continue to deceive the world in order to reach its goals. - Author: Moshe Katsav
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#32. Sometimes we exclude things in ourselves in order to be like everybody else around us-our ethnicity, our social backgrounds, our ideas. What kind of world is it that will not allow me to be myself, and is it really good for me to be there? What part of me will die a slow death if I stay? - Author: Joan D. Chittister
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#33. I love order. It's my dream. A world where all would be silent and still, and each thing in its last place, under the last dust. - Author: Samuel Beckett
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#34. A sixth sense is a miraculous thing, which in itself suggests a supernatural order. The human intellect, however, for all its power and triumphs, is largely formed by this world and is therefore corruptible. - Author: Dean Koontz
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#35. It is tempting to think that in order to change our experience of our world we need to force others to change. Such thinking is an abdication of our power to change ourselves. - Author: Michael Lee
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#36. True, this world of ours is full of hatred and disbelief, but that is no reason why we should not love and why we should not believe. We must love and believe in order to empty the hatred-sea. - Author: Sri Chinmoy
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#37. When we hear phrases like 'New World Order,' we release the safety catches on our revolvers. - Author: Pat Buchanan
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#38. Sometimes you don't want to be a slapstick clown in order to convey a funny perception of the world. - Author: Tina Weymouth
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#39. I've always thought that was the lamest argument - that we need some people to be poor in order to remind the rest of us to be grateful. All that really means is that someone has to suffer poverty so other people can feel better about themselves. What a selfish way to look at the world. - Author: Josephine Angelini
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#40. Rumi and Shams taught us how to see the world with new eyes, how to find our place in the order of things, and how to extricate the true self trapped under layers of noise. - Author: Jamila Hammad
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#41. After fulfilling its destructive urge towards everything that is noble and good on earth, it [naive Religion] sketches, in its opium intoxication, a picture of the future situation, which differs drastically from the order of this world, since everything changes and is renewed. - Author: Bruno Bauer
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#42. About the idea of a clash between cultures, between civilisations, I don't believe in it. It's something some political leaders tried to use, and that the media tried and are still trying to sell us, in order to simplify the world and their work. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#43. Art was, for Poe, the only method by which one could penetrate the shapeless empirical world in the search for order, and - Author: Edgar Allan Poe
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#44. Bodybuilders and fitness people have been using chiropractic very extensively in order to stay healthy and fit. I found it was better to go to a chiropractor before you get injured. We are a perfect team, the world of fitness and the world of chiropractors. - Author: Arnold Schwarzenegger
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#45. I don't think anyone now really understands the planetisation of mankind, really understands the new world order emerging through all this period of strain and pain and contradiction, so more than ever, we need to have an internal sense of navigation. - Author: William Irwin Thompson
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#46. When you read a book [The Hunger Games], you create that tonal bandwidth. You set a tone for yourself, as you're reading it, in which everything exists within the world of your imagination. In the book, it's great when she can push a button and food comes up, as per your order. - Author: Nina Jacobson
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#47. I often find myself grateful for the comfort of strangers; a man who gave up his seat for me on the bus, a woman who helped me out with a heavy shopping bag. Remembering small acts of kindness puts the world in a finer, sweeter order. - Author: Sally Brampton
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#48. I keep order in a world full of chaos. I am perceived as evil, but true evil? The type that people fear - it masquerades as something far more worse than darkness." ~ Luca Nicolosi, Elect by Rachel Van Dyken - Author: Rachel Van Dyken
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#49. In order to exist just once in the world, it is necessary never again to exist. - Author: Albert Camus
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#50. My main concern is with the world order - Author: George Soros
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#51. The Gulag Archipelago, 'he informed an incredulous world that the blood-maddened Jewish terrorists had murdered sixty-six million victims in Russia from 1918 to 1957! Solzhenitsyn cited Cheka Order No. 10, issued on January 8, 1921: 'To intensify the repression of the bourgeoisie.' - Author: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
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#52. Relentlessly feeding on poverty and economic dislocation, a New World Order was taking shape. - Author: Michel Chossudovsky
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#53. I actually see myself in all my characters. In order to imagine what it feels like to be another person I have to use my own experiences and responses to the world. - Author: Elizabeth Strout
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#54. United States is a great Country and has its effective role on the international arena, so we have to boost our relations with it, in order to achieve peace and stability in our region and the world. - Author: Ali Abdullah Saleh
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#55. It is manifest that behind the so-called curtain which is supposed to conceal the inner world, there is nothing to be seen unless we go behind it ourselves, as much in order that we may see, as that there may be something behind there which can be seen. - Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
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#56. It is also said that it takes the shape of a man pointing to both heaven and earth, in order to show that the lower world is the map and mirror of the higher - Author: Jorge Luis Borges
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#57. His unique skill had always been to absorb the talents and knowledge of others, use what he needed and discard the rest. He never allowed anyone to get to close. He kept the world at arm's length in order to look down on it. - Author: Christopher Fowler
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#58. She had an incredible amount of admiration for these talented men who dedicated themselves to training and practicing and honing their skills in order to be part of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. - Author: Laura Griffin
World Order Quotes #131159
#59. Oprah is a wealthy person, pack leader of the human world. So many see her as the dominant one, as the authority figure. The way I view her energy, seeing her on TV, is a very calm, quiet energy. You need, in order to gain control, higher energy than your dog. - Author: Cesar Millan
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#60. I remain detached and distant, but it is under my eyes and my orders that the work of art must create itself. Then, when the creation starts, I stand there, present at the ceremony, immaculate, calm, relaxed ... ready to welcome the work of art that is coming into existence in the tangible world. - Author: Yves Klein
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#61. God has left sin in the world in order that there may be forgiveness: not only the secret forgiveness by which He Himself cleanses our souls, but the manifest forgiveness by which we have mercy on one another and so give expression to the fact that He is living, by His mercy, in our own hearts. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#62. In today's world, marketers reach inside the home and attempt to figure out not what's good for your daughter, because that is not their business, but what deep desires they can manipulate, stimulate and ostensibly satisfy in order to produce cold, hard cash. - Author: Maggie Gallagher
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#63. You write in order to change the world ... if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it. - Author: James Baldwin
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#64. There is nothing in the world that could make me turn from the law. With a clear conscience, I am prepared to answer for each and every one of my political and administrative orders and actions, and to do so before the court of public opinion ... - Author: Djemal Pasha
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#65. My family always comes first. My world revolves around my husband, Peter, our daughter, Victoria, and our son, William, but not necessarily in that order. Then, it's this fascinating world of publishing that devours most of my days and many nights. - Author: Dorothea Benton Frank
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#66. When I cannot bear outer pressures anymore, I begin to put order in my belongings ... As if unable to organize and control my life, I seek to exert this on the world of objects. - Author: Anais Nin
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#67. A lot of my work comes from a place of despair or fear. I often write in order to gain some sort of control over aspects of my life or the world that seem too dark to look at directly. - Author: Lauren Groff
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#68. In effect, none of the most important countries which must build a new world order have had any experience with the multistate system that is emerging. Never before has a new world order had to be assembled from so many different perceptions, or on so global a scale. - Author: Henry Kissinger
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#69. I am a better writer for having fewer demons, and I am more curious about the world and the people in it. So those of you thinking you might need your demons in order to be creative: I beg to differ. - Author: Rick Moody
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#70. Well, what was called the blessed hope of the Bible is that one day Jesus Christ would come back again, start a whole new era, that this world order that we know it would change into something that would be wonderful that we'd call the millennium. - Author: Pat Robertson
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#71. People outside the documentary world don't realize how time-consuming making a documentary film is there is a lot of responsibility, and in order to make something good you need time. - Author: Alex Hammond
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#72. In order to 'hold fast' to something, one must allow oneself to be held to something. That commitment may be one of the hardest things to practice in a world of so much choice. - Author: Sheena Iyengar
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#73. For if we do not know even how we manage to be conscious and intelligent, it is most rash to assume that we know what the role of conscious intelligence will be, and still more that it is competent to order the world. - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#74. Whereas militant Christianity triumphs over all, generative Christianity transforms the world through humble service to all. It is not about victory; it is about following Christ in order to seed human community with grace. - Author: Diana Butler Bass
World Order Quotes #158047
#75. Aren't we grateful for our brains, that can take this electrical impulse that comes from light energy and use it to explore our world? Aren't we grateful that we have hearts that can feel these vibrations, in order for us to allow ourselves to feel the pleasure and beauty of nature? - Author: Louis Schwartzberg
World Order Quotes #163999
#76. The world can absorb only doses of truth," he said; "too much would kill it." One sought education in order to adjust the dose. - Author: Henry Adams
World Order Quotes #164909
#77. How could any Lord have made this world? ... there is no reason, order, justice: but suffering, death, the poor. There was no treachery too base for this world to commit ... No happiness lasted. - Author: Virginia Woolf
World Order Quotes #165350
#78. In order to create an alternative an oppressed group must at once shatter the self-reflecting world which encircles it and, at the same time, project its own image onto history. - Author: Sheila Rowbotham
World Order Quotes #168014
#79. The world is a fascinating, difficult place, and in order to take full advantage of what the planet has to offer, we need to see and hear natural things. - Author: Bill O'Reilly
World Order Quotes #170224
#80. The closet is a powerful thing. It makes you accept things you never thought you would in order to preserve the facade that you present to the outside world. - Author: Sean Kennedy
World Order Quotes #171549
#81. If the library in the morning suggests an echo of the severe and reasonable wishful order of the world, the library at night seems to rejoice in the world's essential, joyful muddle. - Author: Alberto Manguel
World Order Quotes #173580
#82. Flexible supply chains are great for multinationals and consumers. But they erode already thin profit margins in developing-world factories and foster a pell-mell work environment in which getting the order out the door is the only thing that matters. - Author: James Surowiecki
World Order Quotes #175348
#83. The world of immediate experience the world in which we find ourselves living must be comprehended, transformed, even subverted in order to become that which it really is. - Author: Herbert Marcuse
World Order Quotes #175539
#84. A book is like a key that fits into the tumbler of the soul. The two parts have to match in order for each to unlock. Then - click - a world opens. - Author: Brad Kessler
World Order Quotes #175583
#85. Presidents make history. I'm just a tool of history. - Author: Chris Weitz
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#86. When you strive for perfection, you compare different versions of what could be instead of being present with what is. Perfectionism is an attempt to inhabit an imaginary world in order to avoid experiencing the world in which you live. - Author: Gary Zukav
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#87. When there is a world scarcity of any commodity, whether it's food or free speech, then the whole world must go on rations in order that eventually the whole world may have it again in plenty. - Author: Jan Struther
World Order Quotes #177085
#88. No one ever loses anyone. We are all one soul that needs to continue growing and developing in order for the world to carry on and for us all to meet once again. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#89. Because of GLHR's crusades ... we're beginning to learn the awful truth about workers around the world who are slaving away their lives in sweatshops, who are denied the right to join or form a union in order to fight back and provide a better life for their families. - Author: John Sweeney
World Order Quotes #180627
#90. In order to purify yourself, you have to understand yourself, Father Trais went on. Everything out in the world is also in you. Good, bad, evil, perfection, death, everything. So we study our souls. - Author: Louise Erdrich
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#91. The world runs on individuals pursuing their self interests. The great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus. Einstein didn't construct his theory under order from a, from a bureaucrat. Henry Ford didn't revolutionize the automobile industry that way. - Author: Milton Friedman
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#92. Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property ... Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#93. [Marriage] promote[s] the moral order of the world - Edith Wharton "The Eyes - Author: S.T. Joshi
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#94. Although God allows the world to use His great wealth in order that their physical and material needs be met, it is not God's will for the devil's children to control all the money that is in the world. - Author: Paul Silway
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#95. Because no being can live in a perfect world. Life is destined to fight to survive. To thrive. To prosper. To have more than the have-nots. All life destroys in order to live. - Author: Darynda Jones
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#96. On education, in order to ensure that America remains a world leader, we must create an educated, skilled workforce in the vital areas of science, math, engineering and information technology. At the same time, we must give every student access to a college degree. - Author: John F. Tierney
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#97. The developing coherence of Asian regional thinking is reflected in a disposition to consider problems and loyalties in regional terms, and to evolve regional approaches to development needs and to the evolution of a New World Order. - Author: Richard M. Nixon
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#98. I hope that through Fast Forward, we can encourage women everywhere to know their power wherever they find themselves; to find their purpose; and to connect with others in order to create a better world - especially for women and girls. - Author: Melanne Verveer
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#99. Love never comes just a little bit at a time, I thought, as I watched him, absorbed in contemplation of the Virgin. The previous day, the world made sense, even without love's presence. But now we needed each other in order to see the true brilliance of things. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#100. If we are not serving Jesus, and if he is not in our thoughts and hearts, then the things of the world will draw us instead to them! Moreover, the things of the world need not be sinister in order to be diverting and consuming. - Author: Neal A. Maxwell
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